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Graduation into the Worlds

Jun 06, 2009
A letter from Merle Ambrose,
Young wizard, I feel that I should not call you by that name any longer. You have saved the spiral from many villains and fought off all evil that has attempted to corrupt our fellow lands. Congratulations, my old student, you are now a graduate at Ravenwood school of magical arts. Meet me in my office as soon as possible.
Merle Ambrose

How do you like that? This is the start to the first wizard101 world expansion bundle! now that you are a graduate you can create 3 characters from each side, dark and light. Stay with Merle Ambrose or commit to evil and Join the society of Shadows.

There are also new worlds that I will reveal in other posts but remember that there will be many asian themed worlds such as Japanese mythology, russian, Mongolian and even India.

In the first world of this new chapter the villain will appear as the unknown in new cut scene features! This world will be a mongolian themed world and be populated with the long lost horses who have only moved to another world, not gone extincted! You will be learning Mind magic classes and a choice to choose from Illusion, Telepathic or even Nerve magic.

Illusion, bring things to life that are not real and will disappear into thin air at the snap of you fingers.

Telepathic, Some say this is the power to control what others think and imagine, even mess with there dreams.

Nerve, the most deadly form of mind magic, signaling there brain to control there body and do anything that you command just by thinking about it.

i hope you enjoyed my ideas, I need to know how to respond to my commenter to please tell me if you know and I will get back to you!
Wolf Emeraldmask
Master Mind