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Good Ideas I Thought Of Part 2!

Jan 24, 2009
Part 2
In the DS game of W101 you get to pick a starting outfit not just a color and over wi-fi you can duel other wizards and add them to your list of friends and they can help you... over wi-fi
More worlds Instead of DragonSpyre make it SizeShiftia its a world where in half of it everything is big and the other half is small and the final battle which is main guy is Shifter which is who named the world SizeShiftia He is a Myth creature 12,000 health all myth spells except for only treasure card ones.
WizardCity, Ghoulia, Catsia, Flouria, SizeShiftia
After game completion Yticdraziw Opposite of wizard city
WizardCity in a mirror WizardCity l ytiCdraziW
Ok now on to Wizard101 Online ideas
A boss that is in a secret dungeon hidden in World Tree A storm creature with 150,320 health that if you defeat will give you 120,999 experience
Back to DS W101
now parts 5-6 of past and future
5:Robo-Flame-Thrower 530-550 Anime: A robot appears and shoots fire.
6:Robo-Combo 50+50+20+30+100+100+50+100+50+50+100+100 Anime:A robot appears and punchs the enemy Left,Right Then kicks it up then kicks it down shoots fire from both hands dealing different of damage kicks up shoots fire at when its up and robot is on ground jumps up and punches it twice then slams down then punches it then shoots fire at it

Past:Rnk5: T-Rex 550: A regular sized T-Rex appears and bites the enemy
Rnk6:Caveman Combo (UH OH not this again) 50+50+50+50+100+100+100+200+100 Anime:A Caveman appears and punches four times Left,Right,Left,Right then the caveman takes a club and smacks the opponent with it three times then slams it on the opponent then smacks it with it again
Kinda epic dont you thing The trap is
Past:Neandrothaul Trap
Future:Mecha Trap
Past:Dino Blade
Future:Robo Blade
Dino Shield
Robo shield