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Going Forward: Future Spells Suggestions

Sep 04, 2008
Hey KI,
Just some things to think about in terms of spells

1) What I like and dislike.
With the Mirage test-realm update came new lvl 118 shadow enhanced spells. ALL of the spells are really creative and the animations are topnotch, but the new ice spell, Climaclysm, was the most appealing to me. I really appreciated that it focused on the capabilities/powers of the ice school and wasn't another creature based spell, which leads into my "complaint"? Most spells in game are creature based, and while they're cool and have great animations, I'd like to see spells like blizzard and frostbite, scald and immolate, and the bolts from storm which don't summon creatures make a comeback. Our wizards don't really do anything magical aside from summoning creatures via magical playing cards, and it seems like even thats pretty easy to pick up. (e.g most monsters we fight aren't even wizards)

2) Hopes and Suggestions
My hope and suggestion for you fine folk is that you continue with the release of spells that focus on the capabilities/powers that each school and each wizard possesses. I'd love to see spells that "summon" our wizard into the dueling circle and allow us to do battle against foes ourselves! Basically, I'd like to see my wizard get his hands dirty fighting once in a while, meaning I'd like to see my fire wizard shoot flames out of my wand/staff like a flamethrower, or my myth wizard shooting mythic energy from my wand/staff in order to damage my opponent ( I understand that the spirit schools, due to the lack of a physical element, will be harder to come up with ideas for and I don't mind the continued summing of monsters in their case). Some people might consider what I've suggested to be the current wand hits in game. Hopefully I can clarify down below and explain how I'd like to see these ideas executed.

3) Ideas
Dueling Diego! His name says it all. I'd love to see Diego become the primary teacher for "dueling" spells which involves summoning our avatar into the dueling circle. The spells would typically have some sort of after effect and would function as lower lvl (2-5 pips) mid-damage utility spells (much like the loremaster spells and some popular lower lvl tc cards). To keep these spells from being too OP we could treat them as item cards. Being items cards, these spells can't be enchanted like normal spell cards, and, like items cards, are randomly drawn during the duel along with your other spells. Spells learned from Diego would go into your item-card side deck. (This might require an interface change in the spell deck so that the side deck could act like another main deck, but for "dueling" spells. It would keep its smaller spell limit). These dueling spells have unique animations based on the type of wand/staff and spell being used (like Pirate101 has for their weapons and powers). I hope you guys will considers these ideas! Either way, great work with the new spells and on Mirage!

Your loyal Fan, Thunder054