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gobblerton? witches?

Dec 14, 2008
well on colossus boulervard the gobbler king mentioned that his home GOBBLERTON was invaded by witches...... so would one of the worlds be gobblerton which we go to liberate the gobblers after colosuss blvd I picture it in my mind like this.....
MERLE AMBROSE:well after saving the spiral and mastering grizzleheim I think we have an unfolding problem on colossus boulevard..... it holds up most of wizard city and with the gobblers eating so much of it we cant rebuild enough it in time.... will go talk to the gobbelr king on colossus boulevard? see if he can slow down.....
NEW QUEST:the unfolding hunger reward 3000 xp 250 gold NEW CARD!
NEW GOAL:talk to gobbler king.
( run over there :-) )
GOBBLER KING: hey there little wizard! how ya doing?you tel the gobbler king of the problem. well as much as I would lvoe to help you us gobbler have a sense to eat as much as we can for it is how we live if we dont eat for even a day cant survive.... well the only solution me can thinks of is you taking out witches? in our hometown but I donts know where key spiral is....
NEW GOAL:talk to merle ambrose
( run over there or port if ya lazy )
MERLE AMBROSE:this is most troubling indeed..... but I am one of the few who knows where but you must keep it secret! it was split up into 3 pieces all along the spiral. and to add to that worse news the dragon titan was partially summoned although he did awaken the triton dragons and giants.... and well they think they are still in war are taking up the ground of worlds! the first piece of the gobblerton key is in celestia which is being taken up by the ice giants now hurry! defeat them if you must for if wizard city falls so does bartleby and that means the spiral will be thrown into chaos! all by the dragon titan's hand! go to celestia! here is the key!

ok that is my idea so far I have to think of the new cards though lol btu I think celestia and gobblerton are nice options :-D

Mar 08, 2009
Its an OK idea. The first part makes no sense didn't we ALREADY fix the problem of them eating to much on colossus boulevard?.