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gift codes

Sep 07, 2010
more than once, I have wanted to gift a one month membership to another player, but without his email, password, login name, or a way to send him the code, assuming that he doesn't have open text chat, is almost impossible. We all know (after we've been around a few years) that there are ways to circumvent the text filters, but that is not what I wish to do. I wish to be able to send a gift to a friend. Can we not add a function of some type to send a code to a friend online without having that person have to divulge email or facebook or yahoo IM information etc? Just a function in the crown shop to send a code which can be bought on the site, or in the crown shop, to give a player a free month?

I've been wrestling with this for years, and it means more money in KI pockets if it's made available.

Happy Holidays and Bless one and all!