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Gift Cards a little solution!

Apr 26, 2009
Yeah well i am a member because i buy gift cards. I have a little borther and an older sister who play to and sometimes buy gift cards. I say its kind of bad! We spend $30 for all of us to play only 1 month( and pets :D). i think KI should sell a gift card for $15 for family account and wont include pet so be fair. I mean most of dont have CREDIT CARDS! its a great idea. My parnets dont want to put this on their credit they rather pay in cash.

Jason ThunderShield
Level 42 Fire

Mar 22, 2009
parents rather pay cash then put on credit card (dont blame them)... how about a debet card. like a credit card but taken from checking account of their bank. same as cash and dont have to write a check or put on credit card and pay more in long run with % rate. hope that helps.