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Gear given spells: remove and enter into deck

Apr 27, 2010
I've noticed that a lot of the time, I have gear that gives me useless or unwanted cards. It shows you at the bottom of the deck portion of your backpack what cards come from gear wands etc. I was wondering if maybe you could add an improvement where if you click one of the gear-given spells, it kind of fades (but can still be seen in same spot) and will not appear in battle anymore. If you want it back you simply press it again and it pops right back in at full detail, just like the normal spells in decks! (kind of) would love to see this added, thanks

Feb 24, 2012
There has been a few people on here asking to be able to remove cards from gear an pets. I support this idea 110%. We need this ability.

Jul 23, 2012
i would like that. I have a storm dragon card from my shoes that always pops up and i cant use it(i am not storm)

Feb 29, 2012
This would be perfect for me. I carry a Triage amulet, which I don't use for Balance or Storm mobs, so it clogs up deck space when I'm fighting them

Also, wands get seriously annoying sometimes.

May 10, 2010
Actually, this is a wonderful Idea.

Thanks for posting this!

Feb 19, 2010
Yes i agree we could really use this option. I have posted on a few threads with this idea and i would really like to see it happen. To many times you get a card that is unable to be used and even though you can discard it, it still makes deck clutter. And dont get me started on pets that give a card that you already have or that is not useful at all.

Nov 22, 2008
I would be delighted if this idea came to be.