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Gauntel Tower

Aug 04, 2009
Hello I'm still new since this is still within my first month. I'm a power gamer and really would like to see a challenge to the game. I soloed to lvl 50 and only fight I've actually had to group for was the final in Ravenscar. Although I'm right around the corner from defeating malistar so far I haven't noticed to much of a challege for people over 18. I'm suggesting this for those people that want a good challege that really isn't for the kids but everyone is welcome to try.

First off this tower I'd like to be somewhat similar to the golems tower you see in wizard city. I'd place this tower in Wizard city somewhere. The starting quest for this quest should be giving by the headmaster after defeating Meoweritary in Marlybone Questline. The setup would be as theres a mysterious every growing tower that has be made to search for new worlds in spiral and he sent students to investigate and they haven't returned and he wants you to find the students.

Now that the base quest is done we goto the tower. Now just for starters this tower is recommended for 4 people. There is no teleport in or out. I would like with our current world setup to have 75 rooms "AKA floors just walk in room will be some mobs and then the stairs to move upwards". Now I would like the students placed on floors 25, 50 and 75. Rewards for saving each student on that floor and then they may return to the headmaster for thier Reward. Floor 25 R: 1 Training point, 50 R: 1 Potion Bottle, 75 R: A Class pet that resembles the Trees of there class where you buy the card recipes from. Theres Pets also have the 7 pip card and +7% Pip on them also. I'll explain later whey these pets. Every 25 floors there should also be a bank chest and after the child is saved is now flagged as a vendor. So you can clear your inventory to sell etc.

For the setup of the towers mobs. Floor 1 - 15 will have 2 mobs, 16 - 40 will be 3 mobs afterwards 4. Upto floor 25 will be a revist of all mobs from Marlybone and lower. So in other words nothing will be over Rank 4. With Meowiearty holding the kid of ranson and wanting some revenge on floor 25.
Once defeating him and saving the child you find out that the tower is a distortion in space and time and you need to tell the headmaster. Go back tell him and he says he'll send someone to investigate but your priority still is finding out what Malistar is doing {In other words just continuing the storyline where you were at anyways; This is also just optional to do the tower though this is just a investigation quest that he gives you along with sending you to Mooshu}.

Now after completing the Main Storyline quest with Defeating Malistar. Headmaster states that nows the time we should continue this tower of distortion and that he sent another student there and he hasn't returned yet. So we head back and yes you have to go through all the floors again.
Now Floors 26 to 49 will be a revisit of creatures and bosses again wanting revenge and talking trash for defeating them. Floor 50 Malistar with his Wife alive. Him stating you may have defeated his body in DS but his spirit lives on in this tower of distortion and with him reunited with his wife. He has found a way to to return with the sacrificing of another powerful wizard "AKA the student hes holding". Defeat them and freeing the student you uncover a bigger plot that the tower is actually another world tree. Unlike the tree we all know that has been the focus of wizard city's foundation. This one is the complete opposite and focuses on spirits and unlife. It is a seedling from our world tree that has sprouting out of sight and was found by the Grobblers. Them wanting a new home big enough for there king they decided to build on the outside in the shape of a tower while like termites eatting there way upto the higher levels of the tree.

Now for the remaining levels 51 - 74; The mobs we face will be Grobblers and Seedlings of this world tree in the form of each class trees we have in wizard city as bosses on different floors. Ranks will now extend 14 with exception of floor 75 which will be Rank 15. Floor 75 Bosses will be A Mystierous Undead Carrier, Grobbler King, Grobbler Jester and a Grobbler Hign Council Member. After defeating this floor the Gobbler king states that they weren't actually fleeing from there world as you remember from your first earlier quest levels but they were actually sent as a first wave invasion of slaves to test out wizard city's defences. He then asks you to head back to the headmaster with this seed as a token of friendship. Going back to the headmaster he identifies the seed as 1 of the missing that was stolden years ago when wizard city was first founded and was to be your school tree. He then sends you to the world tree and he advices you how to carefully plant the seed and as it sprouts you are going to be its teacher in the ways of your school. Although the sprout has knowledge of years in his shell he now uproots itself and states he wants to travel with you and that he was in 1 place for far to long. Ending the questline you now have a new companion a Class tree pet.

Also I to tie in some balance I forgot to state earlier is every 3 floors there will be only 2 Red and 2 Blue orbs that do not respawn. With expection of floors 24, 49 and 74. There will be a flourish amount with respawns so you can have full health and mana when fighting the bosses of the pivotal points in the tower. Also the child saved will have the option for you to refill your potions to like the potions vendor.

Anyways good luck to all you inspiring wizards and cyas around

PS. This can also lead the story into a new world where the gobblers comes from.

lvl 50 Pyromancer

May 02, 2009
Interesting, I like it.

I think that there should be like save points along the way, like certain teleporter pads that, when touched, allow you to return to that floor whenever you need to, for outside the teleporter would be placed in the Dragon's Mouth Cave, behind the dragon statue.

When you enter the portal, you will see a menu of all the save points in Gantel Tower, but you can only teleport to floors that are green, and also, the monsters do not respawn when you port to the floor, but you must have defeated them in order for that one teleporter to be active.

Also, three mana and health whips will show up when you enter the floor again.

Good luck to all who enter.

P.S. Great idea. 8)

Mar 21, 2009
um no offense but that was an extreamly long post......ok i like the idea but i would make it after Mooshu and to only be able to receive the really good drops only once so people don't do getting several, it would be very difficult, and i love the idea but just those drawbacks that i found oh and it can be a good thing to do as a sidequest not main storyline

Dec 23, 2008
ok this is a good idea,but could use some touchups. first, the floors should spawn wisps after every battle, two or three. second make it for grandmaster wizards who have done every quest they can, for more experience. third, tone down the floors, 75 is too much,unless there are save points like flash33 said. and last but not least, let's have this tower show up once every two months, for two weeks. ok that was my first post :? see you wizard city ROBERT WINDBREEZE level 50 ice