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Gardening: making advanced plots (e.g., rows)

Aug 20, 2011
Two new garden spells:
"Plot Garden Row," 4 energy: long plot for up to 4 Large Soil, 5 Medium Soil, or 6 Small Soil seeds.
"Plot Enchanted Garden Row," 10 energy: same, but allows for enchanted soil seeds.

These plots should be rotatable by 90-degrees before digging. This addition would make the gardening surface look more garden-like, it would save valuable energy (if you have enchanted soil seeds), and would be non-exploitable.


Jun 01, 2009
would be better than placing all those little plots ...

-Jasmine Owltalon, level 95 myth

Dec 06, 2011
Great idea! But I would hope for a circle shaped plot instead of a row, or it would soon become very tedious for maintenance, unless you planted multiple rows to form a square

Jan 11, 2012
We actually already have rows. In the Red Barn Farm, there are plots of dirt that are in rows. New spells would need to be created to cover full rows.

Requirements for these spells is that you could only do row gardening in the Red Barn Farm, you would need to have learned every rank 3 gardening spell your plants need

Minor Soil – would make one row in the red barn farm ready to plant, 150,000 gold, 15 Energy
Medium Soil – would make two rows in the red barn farm ready to plant, 200,000 gold, 20 Energy
Major Soil – would make three rows in the red barn farm ready to plant, 250,000 gold, 25 Energy

Minor Tend – would see to all plants’ needs in one row, 250,000 gold, 50 Energy
Medium Tend – would see to all plants’ needs in two rows, 275,000 gold, 75 Energy
Major Tend – would see to all plants’ needs in three rows, 300,000 gold, 90 Energy


A circle would follow the current established pattern. Some new spells could be:

1) Medium is just smaller than the Rank 2 gardening spells
2) Large is just smaller than the Rank 3 gardening spells

1) Medium Regular Plot – 200,000 gold, 15 Energy
2) Large Regular Plot – 250,000 gold, 20 Energy
3) Medium Enchanted Plot – 225,000 gold, 20 Energy
4) Large Enchanted Plot – 275,000gold, 25 Energy

Quantity of seeds planted: Would of course vary by the size of the plant, but I'm thinking that you could plant as many seeds as possible, provided that when fully grown, no plant touches another one