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Gaming Suggestions

Jan 03, 2013
  1. Add a Star Player of the Month, (Excludes persons already known Wizard101 or Pirate101 affiliates and fan sites.) (Based on Toontown)((Reward if voted by Wizard will be a 500 crowns, non transferable.))
  2. More interaction from ideas on the Forums by staff and employees.
  3. Mobility on Team Up function
  4. Create more games than Shock a lock for Silver Chests.
  5. Allow only the emoticons: :), :(, :D, D:, O:, :O, :P, XD (All other emoticons will turn Red)
  6. Reallow the words: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, FreeKIGames, App, Phone and Google to be used in game.
  7. Allow the Shadow Spell icon to be useable in making Forum posts.
  8. Names apart from the standard game names would turn Red.
  9. Create more Holiday specific quests
  10. Make a new dungeon for the sigils in Avalon and Azteca that had remained unused and allow wizards to explore Barkingham Palace in Marleybone.
  11. Add spells: Obsidian Colossus, Life Banshee, Clanker, and Scrounger to be added to Loremaster drops.
  12. Additionally add a new LoreMaster pet as a drop (Gives one Loremaster at baby, two at Ancient.)
  13. Lessen the ticket amounts for most of the items held by the badger outside the arena.
  14. Create more events pertaining to celebrities, etc.
  15. Create a Lost Pages event character of Balance in Khrysalis, Marleybone, DragonSpyre, or Zafaria.
  16. A new Fans Make, We Create Contest which participants enter their ideas for the game into Wizard101 and compete in a bracket tournament for votes (Tournament is a 16 bracket competition and the 16 are chosen by Wizard101 for fans to decide.), the winner gets 10000 crowns and their idea in game. Second place gets 5000 crowns.
  17. Make YouTube channels a new portion of affiliates, must be non-monetized!
  18. Create a TV animated event that spans five episodes on the adventures of W101 or a one hour movie.
  19. Create a gaming conference table for Wizard101 in all major cities, even meaning allowing current members of certain states to represent. Example: Top Players from Indiana, Hawaii, Wyoming, etc. would be contacted to see about assisting for Wizard.
  20. Cast a Live Announcements video for conferences detailing upcoming content (Similar to gaming broadcasts.)
  21. Change the term, Headmaster's "Pet" to Headmaster's "Apprentice" or "Assistant" to seem less vulgar.

Share ideas and be kind and courteous to comments and ideas. Hopefully one or two of these can be added in the future!
Kane Deathbringer, 95 Sergeant
Joshua Frostthorn, 28 Warlord

Jan 03, 2013
More ideas:
  1. Add gift cards to the stores: Kroger, Aldi's, Border's Bookstore, Half-Price Books (Doesn't mean it is discounted.), and Trader Joes.
  2. Add bundle cards to Meijer and Kroger.
  3. Worldwide PvP Battles, players can battle other wizards from around the world, winning massive prizes and tickets!
  4. Worldwide PvP Tournaments and PvP Special Sponsor Tournaments.
  5. Livefeed PvP for Tournaments and Special Ranked Matches. (Requires a FaceCam.)
  6. Create Infini-Dungeons, an infinitely floored dungeon for gaining loot and such. Every 20 floors a personal bank will be accessable to store items. Once max capacity has been reached you must rid items. Badges: Dungeon Trekker - Obtained via 20 floors, Dark Room Voyager - Via 40 floors, Monster Masher - 60 floors and Add Space Here - 100 floors.
  7. Create more holiday related housing items and pets
  8. Adjust the Skeletal Pirate minion with Lady Blackhope to be the same as all the others
  9. Fix Penny Dreadful so she doesn't appear in the commons once the quest is done.
  10. Adjust the quest "Roving Reporter" to allow you to talk to Malorn Ashthorn, Dworgyn, The Death Tree, Arthur Wethersfield, Niles, and Alhazred to provide an even quest.
  11. Adjust the term, "Commons Smith" in the Zeke quest to "Fairgrounds Smith"
  12. Allow the Team-Up function in Pagoda Gauntlet and Winterbane Gauntlet.
  13. Create an hour long transformation of Ambrose, Diego the Duelmaster, and Krok.
  14. Be allowed to create all 7 classes on one account without the need for making two accounts.
  15. Create a Death Bundle for death students
  16. Create the Piggle Bundle for North American users.

Jan 03, 2013
  1. New Pets: Aegle, Bird from Aquila. No item card, Life pet. White Stag, based off the mount, Gives 1 Deer Knight at baby, two at ancient, Life Pet. Tricero-Tops, based off the mount, Gives one Lord of Night at adult, Death pet. Magic Hat, a hat that looks like Ambrose's Hat, No item card, Myth pet BeepAMeep, a car pet, Gives one Infalliable at baby, two at ancient, Balance Pet.

  2. Mounts: A Marleybone Car Mount Ocean Wave Mount Fire Cyclone Mount Dinner Fork Mount

  3. Fix issues with logging in on Grub Guardian and complications with its browser.
  4. Create a WizardBlox app for Google Play and Samsung App Store and create Grub Guardian for Samsung Apps.
  5. Create a miniature gardening app for your mobile device called, FeedPlantsW101
  6. Create exclusive emotes only unlockable by speaking text chat to certain NPCs. (A nod for Toontown players.)
  7. Create more pet minigames that consist of Soccer, a hackysack form of game, Table Tennis, and Archery.
  8. Create more mini games for Wizards to gain special prizes for their games.
  9. Allow the Pagoda Gauntlet and Winterbane Gauntlet to be crafted.
  10. Re-Add the spell Dampen Magic back into the game.
  11. Give Diego the Duelmaster more items to sell and also give him more spells to teach you, maybe even Shadow spells.
  12. Create more side quests for Aquila
  13. Create Housing Item Crafts for Aquila and Khrysalis.
  14. Adjust Resist Capabilities for PvP to be a max of only 65 universal.
  15. Adjust Critical Capabilities and Block Capabilities in PvP to 350 and 300 respectively.
  16. Allow players of any rank or level to purchase Warlord items or other rank items but must be of rank and level to use them.

Jan 03, 2013
  1. Create a submit bug or idea button for inside the game, besides of test realm.
  2. Allow the Test Realm client to be downloaded at any time along with Pirate101.
  3. Add more animations for the spell, Dark Sprite
  4. Lessen the difficulty to obtain Hammers, in the Krokotopian quest obtained by the Researcher in the Royal Hall from the Cyclops.
  5. Allow the list on the Rating House list to feature all players and your particular Rating.
  6. Lessen the amount to gain the Flamencoes and Grimhorns by the Toad in the Pet Pavilion
  7. Create the following Tapestries: Pet Pavilion, Aquila, Tanglewood Way, StormRiven, Stone Town, Zamunda, Abbey Road, Twin Giants, Three Points, Cenote, Bastion, Moon Cliffs, Golem Tower, Near Waterworks or Crab Alley, and Dark Cave.
  8. Create spells for availability for the Toad in the Pet Pavilion.
  9. Create an exclusive pet for Tennant apart from Giselle in Wizard City.
  10. Create a quest pertaining to the Bazaar shopkeeper.
  11. Create more gold purchasable items for the Crown Shop.
  12. Allow the items to be made in to gold purchasable: Panther (Permanent), Jaguar (Permanent), and Krokotopian Sphinx housing item
  13. Make furniture packs for Khrysalis, DragonSpyre, Mooshu, Marleybone, Grizzleheim, Wysteria and Wizard City.
  14. Make more options for Special Pet Deals, like example Rescue Rover for crowns or Vampire, etc.
  15. Create cool specified badges for Forum posters.
  16. Get in-the-mail content like cool photos and newsletters. (Another nod to toontown)
  17. Make actual replicas of Magic Cards for purchase.
  18. Allow the Halloween towers placed in Ravenwood to be made into actual quest tasks.
  19. Fix the quests for the locations Kensington Park and Tomb of the Beguiler so if one leaves the dungeon it will still tell you, you haven't completed it.
  20. Allow wizards to see the areas they purchased in game.
  21. Make a feature to do pay-by-crown one area, new! pay-by-crown entire world, or membership.

Jan 03, 2013
  • Add applications to where stitching the Boots of SlipStream or the other boots will add stats to your current boots. Example: Hades Boots plus the Speed Boost from the Boots of Slipstream.
  • Readjust the quoting for, "You must be at least level 15 to get a house and You must be at least level 7 to get a pet." since you can get both of these earlier if you get game cards.
  • Adjust the enemies positions when awaiting attacks for the Ghost-like enemies in Krokotopia, whenever its time to choose an attack on some occasions the ghosts will be standing sideways or completely upside down.
  • Create the menu chat phrase, "I am muted, sorry. But I can still hear what you can say!"
  • Create the following housing items: Tissue Box, Khrysalis Mouse Warrior Statue, Playable Flute, Playable Tuba, Lions Cage, housing sign that points, and a interactable mood rock (like a mood ring but bigger)
  • Add storypages to all housing items the pertain to books so it is more pleasing to have the books.
  • Allow retired enemies to become a one day only enemy, similar to Throwback Thursday concept called, Fighting Fridays.
  • Create a new clothing reward item similar to the Rockin Outfit from Crab Alley.
  • Make the Party Hat, Frontier Dragons, and Dragon Pioneer Statues available as crown items for one day only.
  • Add more game kiosks like Tag and Food Hunt.
  • Add more houses, most preferably something new and unique apart from the story line.
  • Create a plant that gives a pet, similar to Happy Holidaisy and Boon Tree.
  • Add another helpful in game mechanic house besides daily rewards and plant assist like, gold trust house. (Put gold into the house's safe and over time it will grow, sort of like a real bank thing! Other players can not take your gold, only you can take it.)
  • Provide a secondary side world for Wysteria, most likely name preferred "Hamilton" (Badum tssshhhh....)

Jan 03, 2013
  • Lessen difficulty for obtaining Leaves from the Green Men in Tanglewood way to restore the piggle fountain.
  • Allow purchases for bundles to be made in crowns (Similar to UK)((North American prices would be higher than the UK standard price for all bundles, including if added Piggle Bundle))
  • Enable all NPCS to say our Wizards name, ex: Abagail or Joshua.
  • Make spells: (Death) Storm Lord, Death Treant, Death Satyr, Dark Colossus, and Mythical Efreet.
  • New spells for loremaster to drop: Boss Toad, Gibson O'Leary, Yellow Fire Elf, and Gobbler.
  • Make new badges: Olympian Strongman, Defeat Zeus in Mount Olympus or Tartarus in one hit Atlantean Supreme, Defeat Poseidon in Atlantea or Tartarus in one hit To Tartarus And Back, Defeat Hades in Tartarus in one hit Xibalban Sightseer, Locate the extra UFO in a secret location in Xibalba, Azteca. For The Ramparts We Watched, Defeat 500 Deer creatures.________ Guest Attendee, (Reserved for when a celebrity like Selena Gomez or Jonas appears) Stinger of the Storm, obtained by (if one is made) defeating the Balance boss for the Lost Pages events. (Those who completed the events before will not lose their final badge but it will count as the quest not being completed.) Jar Breaker, fail the challenge and defeat Stheno in Tartarus 5 times.

Jan 03, 2013
  • More Badges:
  1. Lone Rangler, find the hidden Cow in the Pagoda Gauntlet
  2. BeeLow Zero, find the hidden Frozen Bee in the Winterbane Gauntlet
  3. Defender of All Causes, put up to 50 shields at one time.
  4. Offensive to All Mankind, put up to 50 blades at one time.
  5. Kaizoku Thrill Smasher, defeat Kaizoku in one hit with the cheat shield on him.
  6. Eirikur Flame Extinguisher, put 15 Fire dispels on Eirikur.
  • Make additional loading screens when progressing through levels
  • Update the quest Meet The Teachers, for when Malorn Ashthorn mentions how the Death School somehow vanished the quote afterwards would be, "And now something else has taken this empty place..." to help younger and newer wizards know that the Halloween Towers are now situated there.
  • Create more items to be available in the crowns shop in the Grub Guardian app:
  • Eyemythicall (Myth), EyeAyAy (Fire), Eyechilly (Ice), Eyezappa (Storm), Wand of the Grub (Stitching wand), Ambrose Transformation (1 Hour), Diego the Duelmaster (1 Hour), and Hatching Elixirs, Energy Elixirs, and Purreau Potion #9 Elixir.
  • Create a new crowns shop for the games: WizardBlox and Dueling Diego (Features both Wizard101 and Pirate101 items)
  • Create special in-game henchman by typing in a code on the Wizard101 website. (These henchman last for 24 hours and 48 hours and enter each battle with you, the highest level of them all is 50.)
  • Create more variety in decorations and furniture in game, also offer some in Grub Guardian, WizardBlox, and Dueling Diego.

Jan 03, 2013
  • Make a new news feed for breaking news announcements to scroll on the bottom of the screen towards the potions.
  • Update the tutorial to have Ambrose say that the spells used in the tutorial will not be the same when you enter the game.
  • Class Furniture with hidden surprises!, (must be Level 95 and obtained all spells prior including Lore Drops for your respective class, also you must have beaten Wysteria, Grizzleheim/Wintertusk and at least! Mount Olympus and Atlantea)
  1. Falmea Statue, Fire only (Gives Fire TC, reagents, gold and Fiery Boom Shroom chances once a day.)
  2. GreyRose Statue, Ice only (Gives Ice TC, reagents, gold and Green Snow Apples chances once a day.)
  3. Balestrom Statue, Storm only (Gives Storm TC, reagents, gold and Fish on a Vine chances once a day.)
  4. Cyrus Statue, Myth Only (Gives Myth TC, reagents, gold and Silver Trumpet Vine chances once a day.)
  5. Wu Statue, Life Only (Gives Life TC, reagents, gold, and Clockwork Flower plus Moon Flower chances once a day.)
  6. Dworgyn Statue, Death Only (Gives Death TC, reagents, gold and Dead Beets plus Deadly Helephant Ears chances once a day.)
  7. Alhazred Statue, Balance Only (Gives Balance TC, reagents, gold and Saw Palmetto chance once a day.)
  • Add new class trees for the side classes: Star, Moon, Sun, and Shadow.
  • Create a new Khrysalis themed PvP Arena
  • Create a new Retro Wizard101 themed PvP Arena
  • Create a new High-Tech Cyber themed PvP Arena
  • Create the arena based off the arena in Avalon, near the deers.
  • Create new merchandise: Backpacks, Writing material, Plastic Wands, Ambrose's Hat Replica, Bobbleheads, and Figurines.

Jan 03, 2013
  • Enable TC limit to be unlimited and for each card be able to hold 999.
  • Pet Talents that do not manifest by the time your pet reaches Mega will be grayed and be visible to see what the rest of the talents would have been.
  • Create housing items that supply certain gardening spells for all plants: (Water Hose for watering, Bright Lamp for sun, etc.)
  • Create new attack may casts:
  1. May Cast Dark Sprite
  2. May Cast Thunder Snake
  3. May Cast Leprechaun
  4. May Cast Pyro Cat (Enchanted Fire Cat)
  5. May Cast Troll
  • Be able to create your own hotkeys by modifying them on Wizard101.com under Accounts.
  • Make facial animations for all wizards (To be more active than still-frame face)
  • Create a new concept of NPC chattering, that when you stand near a NPC they may randomly talk to themselves about the game, what you are questing, and other things. (Nod to ToonTown)
  • On occasions, make the Prepaid Cards give more membership time for a limited time to 3 months and 5 months respectively on price.
  • Have Farley live in a house in Wizard City near Golem Court, or build one behind Farley.
  • Have the ability to explore the mansion behind Nosferabbit during the Halloween quest, doing so will encounter a special boss which players might enjoy from facing him once before in Sunken City.
  • Be able to explore the tower near the musical instruments and the King of Crab alley, inside would be a secret boss and the badge: Splashing Fish
  • Enable Mana orbs and Health orbs to float around your house with the purchase of a one time housing item called Orb Machine (Would not be visible anywhere in the house, it also wouldn't waste housing space.)

Jun 24, 2009
Wow man you've got a lot of suggestions. A lot of them are good as well. However a few things that should be mentioned:
1. Unfortunately, with the social media sites being re-entered into the database comes more opportunities for people to spill their personal info. That's always gonna be against the rules
2. The bookstore, Borders, has gone out of business from what I've heard... Pity, I loved that place.
3. If I remember right, I think they stated that fan-made items won't be put into the game. I believe it is mainly due to the fact that they don't want inappropriate items in-game and feel that keeping fan-made stuff out is the best course.
4. I'd like to hear my wizard's name as well. However that would cost a ton of money in getting all the voice actors to record their lines again as many times as there are names.

All in all, some good stuff here, albeit I would also say that there should be a lower limit for each TC card but I like the total limit that you set. Mind you some Anti-TC pvpers won't but eh, everyone's different.

Jan 03, 2013
Create new CPU opponents for if a queue wait time has lasted for more than 15 minutes to help progress through ranks. (This would only be applied in Pet Derbies.)

Create the new Menu chat phrases: "Wow!", "Cool!", "Can you cast that, _______ on me?" (Blades, shields, etc.), "Don't do that! This boss uses a cheat!", and "Do you want to go in with me?"

Create a new in-game reality time clock on the bottom of the screen near where the quest finder and such are located.

Create a new mechanic for making the sky day or night, depending on what time it is in your area. (Only you will be able to see this, others will see their respective skies and such.)(Also manipulating of time can not happen since once the time is set, it can not be changed. Also, the time must be at least within a 1 day period of US CST to be valid and useable. If one wishes not to use it, the game will portray being sunny by default and can be changed at any time.)

Create certain scenery events for the above: New Years: During darker hours all areas will have fireworks in the sky, Valentines: Special Hearts will float around the sun or moon, St Patricks: Gold will spew out of the sun or moon, 4th of July: Fireworks again, Summer: The Sun will swirl around during daytime hours, Halloween: The moon will become crescent and will have no stars around it, on occasions when staring at it a witch will fly by, Thanksgiving: The moon will swirl during night time, Christmas: The moon will swirl again, also stars will be varied in shape but one will be bigger and shine brighter.

Jan 03, 2013
@Joshua, True some things are not made for inappropriate designs but however, items and special things in game have been created before based on the fans such as certain events like Throwback Thursdays and certain NPCs, and gears (not exactly looking like what they drew but still more or less the same.) So that statement actually is not correct.
Also too, I put this for people to add ideas that already haven't been listed.
For social media things, that's the point of making certain words appear Red. The context I was using it for was to help Wizard101 be able to promote their Facebook pages, Twitter pages, etc a bit easier. I didn't say this would allow personal information.
Borders is closed and I realized that the day after I posted so I suggested with my friends the alternative would be: Barnes And Nobles
For names wise, most of the actors love the job they do and if being that they make names for the game, they would. Also it doesn't cost them much more to pay the actors for them but to more change the mechanics from todays stand point is lesser expensive than say 10 years ago.

I am open for most opinions about the ideas, but I will correct some based on my knowledge, my friends', and a real good buddy of mine who actually has worked for Toontown and now works at Blizzard Entertainment. I more want to see people post their ideas, ridiculous or not. (Mine would be more reasonable though from a gaming perspective.)

Jan 03, 2013
  • Create new 8 player sigil dungeons! Allow up to 8 players to undertake a dungeon at a single time, this would be implemented in Xibalba making Malistaire the Undying no longer immune and the bosses in it tougher. (Nod to Toontown)
  • Create a new mascot for Wizard101 that may be separated from the game itself. (Nod To FreeRealms)
  • Better enhance the quality of customer support assistance.
  • Create better ways to handle the situations of "Exploitations of Free In-Game grabs" or "Mainpulation of boss appearances"
  • Create a new side quest for Sunken City
  • Fix the housing signs to read for specific houses: Amber Estate, Pyramid of the Lost Horizon, and Wizard's Watchtower.
  • Fix the bug for the spell Wildfire Treant, for it stealing both negative and positive charms.
  • Fix a glitch to where players can appear behind certain wall barriers in the shopping district near the Robes shop and on top of the gate to the Shopping District.
  • Also fix a certain patch of wall in Dragonspyre that enables you to hide behind a wall. (Specific location I can not remember)
  • Create another, "Find a Reagent/Pet snack and Return it to the Quest Giver" Quest.
  • Make a new Crafting Training point quest similar to Celestia.
  • Make henchman adapt to certain Menu chat commands, such as target ______, and I need healing, or I need shields.
  • Have another magazine company provide more special codes to redeem in game.
  • Give friendly reminders on the bottom of the screen for all players to "Take a break if you feel tired or weak." to provide a healthier gaming experience.
  • Create a house with more interaction surprises.
  • Create a housekeeper NPC for houses.
  • Re-add the wand "Celestian Sword" to the Crown Shop as a normal item. (Since being there are two wands for level 45 users and they are both technically the same thing, stats and such.)

Jan 03, 2013
  • Allow Wizards to become level 101 for Khrysalis part 2.
  • Wizards can gain their new spells from their teachers at level 100, they will receive new class specified Shadow Spells, they will also receive a new pet that is along the lines of the Azteca and Khrysalis storyline spells.
  • Allow all bundles to have level 100 gear, and for a limited time return all bundles that are retired so players can have a chance to grab the level 100 gear before it becomes retired again.
  • Create new Wonder Hatching, you step in a sigil with your adult level pet solo and you can have the ability to hatch with anyone else who is also using the Wonder Hatcher to hatch a new pet without knowing who they were or what they used! This will separately count from the one hatch a day timer, meaning you can now hatch once normally and hatch once with the Wonder Hatcher! (This is more ideal for players who get turned away a lot from people who are too picky about pet stats and for those who just want the pets as a house roaming thing.) (Nod to Pokémon's Wonder Trade)
  • Allow Simplify and Elucidate cards to become much easier to obtain, whether its a boss drop or craft.
  • Create a new and separate version of Loremaster in the Avalon sigil, near where Death students get their Avenging Fossil spell. (It would have all of what I added for Spell Drops and include the Loremaster pet.)
  • Make Reshuffle TC now limit 1 per battle, to provide a fix to unfair exploitations of the original rule.
  • Re-add more Hall monitors to keep the commons and pvp arenas, user friendly.
  • Have Cronus in Tartarus drop a pet to be similar to the Gladiator and Squid, most preferred pet: Bronze Eagle.
  • Create more saluting to _____ promo items, ex: Martin Luther King Day, Labor Day, etc.

Jan 03, 2013
  • Create a website that lists all the current drops in Grub Guardian.
  • Create a counter of how many times you have played currently on freekigames to help know how many free chances of codes you have left.
  • Wizards level 100+ will receive a new commons located in the world after Khrysalis and would no longer be tought by Ambrose but a new headmaster.
  • PvP for this would be adjusted to levels 1-100 PvP arena and 100-??? Arena
  • Create drop locations for The new Khrysalis swords.
  • Create a new craft for the amulet, Amulet of Divine Influence or decrease the difficulty in obtaining the amulet.
  • Once the Pagoda Gauntlet and Winterbane retire, put both the gauntlets as a crafting item.
  • Create enhanced Hades gear for crafters, along with Atlantea Poseidon gear and Mount Olympus Zeus gear.
  • Create a new side world for the Morganthe Saga, mostly preferred: "Autobon City", a mechanical world full of mysteries to unravel!
  • Allow players to spectate Pet Derby matches.
  • Acknowledge adult gamers with something adults might enjoy.
  • Make a mini game that's based on trivia questions
  • Create a separate spell similar to Shadow Shrike, called Shadow Divide. (Sacrifice -10 Damage, -5 resist, and -5 Incoming and Outgoing Health to provide all allies +15 Damage, +8 Incoming and Outgoing Heal)
  • Allow players to explore an odd and somewhat out of placed island on Krokotopia's commons. Directly located near the Storms location.
  • Bring back the spell of Life Troll on the life troll pet
  • Hold tournaments that not only hold arena tickets but actual prizes sent to you by mail!

Jan 03, 2013
  • Add a duplicate wand for the new Mighty Steed April Fools mount that is indeed of coconuts.
  • Allow a new side quest for a boss battle in the Tower of the Helephant.
  • Create wands that have Shadow Pip advantages.
  • Fix inanimate objects like walls, fences and such to when one gets near the very corner of it, they don't become "rubber-banded"
  • Create a sort of new feature pertaining to "Scan Items"
  • Negotiate with Selena Gomez to brink back the Portrait of Selena Gomez and Selena Gomez statue as a Throwback Thursday item.
  • Include also new items with negotiation for: Nick Jonas Orchestrated Statue, Nick Jonas Guitar Solo Statue, and Signed Nick Jonas Guitar housing item.
  • Create more attacks that have creative 3D angles and perplexities.
  • Create a new spell pertaining to both Grizzleheim and Wysteria
  • Allow to gain a spell from the Teachers in Wysteria.
  • Bring the Avery's Court Cam from Pirate101 to Wizard101 under the name Artorius's Commons Cam.
  • Create more separated locations for Loremaster spell drops like Deer Knight, Winter Moon, etc.
  • Explain to new wizards who do the first Diego tutorial or thereafter, that the spells do not represent their actual damage or pip cost in the game and are only used to teach them how to battle.
  • Provide a loyalty program.
  • Create an extremely rare drop rate for the pet: Friendly Dragon, Pioneer Dragon, Boar Knight, Buddy Dragon, ShardTail Dragon, Summer Dragon, and Yellow Fire Elf among bosses of the Spiral. Most likely all would be obtainable by the last boss of each world. (Example: Mooshu would be Jade Oni, Dragonspyre is Malistaire, etc.)

Jan 03, 2013
  • Create more housing instance dungeons.
  • During the 4th of July celebrations, provide new housing furnitures that pertain to fireworks.
  • Create new tournaments pertaining to: Fast Time Trial, Pre-Celestian Spells Only Tourney, and a No athame or ring tourney.
  • Providing a new discovered housing item exclusively available in Grizzleheim, only available when you provide Baldur Goldpaws word of new trade partners and go to his land. Would be an Ancient Bear Warrior Statue
  • Allow players to go to Grizzleheim from Olde Town on Baldur's ship.
  • Make a new concept of Stellar Pets! These pets would be exceptionally rare for their different colors from normal. All Stellar pets gain an additional talent of 5% Power pip chance automatically. You can hatch with any Stellar pet that is able to be hatchable. The sheep pet has no stellar coloring. (Nod to Pokémon series, Shinies.)
  • Provide Blad Raveneye, on Triton Avenue with 1 permanent voice instead of 3-4.
  • Adjust all voices that are related to Boris from the library, to be on all his voiced characters. Even specifically, the kid from Unicorn Way.
  • Fix the system to when a player has left the game or has not returned from being away, it will alert all people within the area to prevent arguments about his or hers whereabouts.
  • Create a new concept of SecretQuests! These would be exclusive dungeons available for 1 day up to 1 month for all players that include special prizes and cool bosses. (Could be used as a potential for future bosses.)
  • Create new a live feed for the Wizard101 office that sees new developing content being done right then and there!
  • Create a reverse concept event that includes similarities to the event held on Wizards 5th birthday to allow newer players the better prizes and the older the lesser valued prizes. (Prevents further arguments about that event and provides even fairness for the unfairness of prizes delivered that day.)

Jan 03, 2013
  • Make new pets based off every mount currently in game.
  • Allow new spells to be made for all classes to obtain via Niles the Balance Tree in Krokotopia:
  • Ele Shield- Elemental Shield with a 50 percent protection shield for Fire, Storm and Ice classes.
  • Spr Shield- Spirit Shield with a 50 percent protection shield for Myth, Life, and Death classes.
  • Also with the above, Balances version of both shields numbers would be raised to 60.
  • Allow new Damage boosting auras for Balance and Death to become a trained spell.
  • Allow Diego to carry the spells: Infection, Colossal, Extraordinary, and Polymorph Mander.
  • Correct the Mighty Steed's pan camera for when you view it from the Crowns Shop or Bag to not be so up close.
  • Create new single player mini games to do with Pool, Shooting Hoops, Mount Races, and Weightlifting
  • Allow the spell drop, Krampus, to be able to be received easier on the 4th of July and Christmas seasons.
  • Also allow the spell, Gobbler to become an official drop by loremaster and be obtained easier on Thanksgiving seasons.
  • Allow the Banshee spells added for Loremaster to be obtained easier on Halloween seasons.
  • Give the creature Kraken on Triton Avenue a new exclusive drop pet, most preferred Rain Demon
  • Create a new ultra rare drop for both Zeus and Poseidon in Olympus and Atlantea, respectively. The items would be:
  • Olympus: Zeus's ThunderShocker Amulet, 200 Health Boost, 1 Damage Boost, 5 Incoming and Outgoing Heal and gives the card HypoWild Bolt (Does 25, 250 or 2500 Damage, and this spell is a Myth Spell)
  • Atlantea: Depths of No Regard Amulet, 285 Health Boost, 8 Incoming Heal, 15 Critical and Block and gives the card SwampBlind (In the form of Tempest that causes 100 Damage per pip and afterwards causes 50 percent accuracy loss. Storm spell.)

Jan 03, 2013
But to add more to this, this is what needs to be Manditory!!!! (Exclamation since Capitalizing is against their rules) for the next update.
  • Team Up function having mobility
  • Penny Dreadful becoming fixed
  • Fix creatures from appearing side ways or upside down in battles.
  • Rubber-Banding to inanimate objects
  • Enhancing of customer support quality
  • Fixing certain wall barriers to prevent wizards from going behind them and not playing the game normally.
  • Grub Guardian Browser issues
  • Limit all PvP Wizards to have only 65 universal resist and 350 and 300 critical and critical block respectively in order to participate in Rank pvp or tournaments
  • Allow all players regardless of rank to purchase rank gear with tickets but must be required level and rank to use them.

Other than these avoided issues this update for April 2014 seem awesome. More ideas soon.

Jan 03, 2013
  • Co-Op with the a major game company to allow certain game characters from Wizard101 to appear in other major games. My vote: King Artorius or Malistaire for Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo systems.
  • For the newest global spells, create a more "visible" difference when using the different spells. Most likely to change are Death, Life, Myth, Storm, etc. Ice was mostly one of the best ones.
  • Fix enemy spawn positions in Fort Rachias so they do not attack towards the walls.
  • Fix the coloring for the Tapestry: Ambrose's House.
  • Create more benefits for players not under affiliations with Wizard101 that affiliates may not! have. This provides a fair quality to those who dont have these special priveleges.
  • Provide more sponsors and affiliates, to then create a new webpage based on all the fansites.
  • Have developers make videos on how they play the game themselves on their spare time that doesnt involve them working on the game.
  • Honor players of Special Forces and other military forces and reallow players to sell the Red Poppy Wreath, Valor Sword Wand and Commemorative Statues so players who did not receive these can be able to and show respect to all the men and women who served. This would be the only!!! item to be allowed as an exception to no auction items and gaming structure beliefs because of this item going and serving to a better cause.
  • Also with this since one of my suggestions has been added it no longer applies to be added:
  • Make the Shadow Spell Icon become a part of the forums.

Jan 03, 2013
  • For the next April Fools event, when players log on to the Forums to post, change the term n00b to something less offensive. This can make people seem offended like i had when i logged on. The proper term for a company to name these players is newbie.
  • Create a sub-brand game for Wizard101 and Pirate101 on a good gaming system. (Nod to Club Penguin.)
  • Allow the Friends List count to be unlimited for members and a maximum of 150 players for free to play and pay by crown players.
  • For the new May Cast Weapons, allow a rule for No PvP on the weapons for it being to OP for the wand that provides May Cast Rebirth or make it fixed to having the wand cast it only once per duel in PvP.
  • Create more charity events similar to the Christmas mounts that would become a rare, retireable item.
  • Allow Throwback Thursday events to feature gears from days past.
  • Also add a new returning favor feature for Throwback Thursdays that rewards players for if they have purchased at least one item from all previous Throwbacks with a nice surprise! It can also continue per Throwback purchase from then on. It will also increase over time, the maximum reward being 2500 crowns and an ultra rare housing item of Wizard101 Logo Poster
  • Allow certain bundle gears to become available drops during events.
  • For the update pertaining to making certain gears from packs and bundles lvl 100, return the bundles and packs that are retired so players who could not get them can get them before it becomes retired once more.
  • Allow the Warlord pet, Crimson Spectre to come gifted with a card of BrimStone Revenant at Baby.
  • Create more hybrid pets like Pet Egg, that pertains to class pets and other worldly pets.
  • Create more hybrid pets among general pets of Wizard101.
  • Create a sort of Buffoloon pet from Pirate101 into Wizard.
  • Create special offers that allows players to use a Free Purchase Digital Coupon towards game areas.

Jan 03, 2013
Fix all spawn points for enemies in Tomb of the Beguiler and Kensington Park to not roam freely causing unwanted battle starts.
Also for this, during the made event Fighter Fridays, return the cut bosses from Kensington Park in a new location on the course so players can battle them again. With this they'd also receive a new drops list.
Adjust the Referral Crown prize to be greater per person who joins under your account. (Example: 1 person - 500 crowns to both players, 2 persons - 1000 to you and 500 to them, 3 persons 1500 to you and 500 to them, etc.)
For the pet Blue Spider, allow it to have a manifestable talent of Chilled SpidySenses, which gives it 1 Crystal Spider card.
Have a new policy that pertains to 10 year mutings that if a player changes their attitude and has played the game in a proper manner to decrease the sentence to 3 years. For those currently past 3 years mute and have done this, they will be unmuted. This would be monitored once a month via a moderator who is alerted you are muted. Also for ones who rebreak the rules, it wont any longer leave you back to muting but instead leave you banned. (This is since i am muted... ((For something i dont feel as severe and how i got in trouble was how i acted in the social norm)) and have proven to just stay away from others in WC and just play the game solo.)
Reallow players who have purchased memberships before and switched to Pay By Crown to use the Report feature. (This to me, although some may see it as not, is unfair and what i feel is priveleged discrimination. If we see something bad and we dont have that button how are we supposed to tell Wizard besides email?)(Some say its a privelege but i call it a safety measure for all, does one wish to have a safe environment or a place where 75% of things get allowed...)
For the pet, Crystal Spider in Dragonspyre allow it to have Crystal Spider at Ancient.

Jan 03, 2013
Allow new enhanced interactions with housing furniture by allowing to sit, lay down, or stand on them.
Add a new crowns like hairstyle not fair hair but... your face! You can change it to a monstrous like face, sparkling pretty face, rough and tough face, or other faces Wizard can offer. For these it'd also come with an ability to move it's eyes, mouth, and more!
Lessen the strict like qualities of using open chat by allowing all numbers to be useable.
Create a new menu chat phrase of, "Aw! I lost!"
"Let's go do the Pagoda Gauntlet!"
"Let's go do the Winterbane Gauntlet!"
"Does this robe make me look big?"
"We did it guys!"
"Return to me."
Remove all features of the addition to fan sites of Token Stores. Fan sites are not meant to hold stores with prizes the game offers, Kingsisle has this authority. Fan sites are only supposed to provide giveaways. Also too lessen the difficulty of all contest requirements for Wizards prizes on all their fansites. (It isn't competition but equality.)
Create a quest for the NPC Mildred Farseer in Colossus Boulevard.
Provide new Wizard101 Scholarships to High school seniors to help them progress in college.
Add new crown bundle deals to resemble the UK $100 dollar bundle. The US amount would be 100000 crowns. Also for the first year this is active players who buy it will be able to get a limited time Wizard101 W logo Statue! After the year is over it becomes retired! Limit 10 per account.
Remove the Crown Window for PVP rank and activate it only when one goes into queue.

Jan 03, 2013
  • Add a new housing item to allow Dueling Sigils to be placable anywhere on a big terrain in a home. This would not be allowed for houses already containing such sigil. Max 3 sigils.
  • Correct the status windows for such things as "Sorry your friend is busy." to not appear when certain things not pertaining to them is being done such as Shopping, Questing in Team Up!, and other things.
  • Also with this, correct the status of "Sorry this is sold out" when players with a lower speed connection are selling items and click the sell button more times than they have the item. This should be properly said as, "This item is no longer in the pack."
  • Create a new quest pertaining to Unicorn Way as a side quest to give players the experience more of the areas in it people tend to generally skip. (Example: Unicorn Statue where Goji berries are, etc.)
  • Also with this add them to:
  1. Barkingham Palace
  2. Three Points, Azteca
  3. Bastion, Khrysalis
  4. Unused Avalon Sigil near Avenging Fossil area, Avalon
  5. Stone Town, Zafaria
  6. Stormriven, Celestia
  7. Floating Land. Celestia
  8. Grizzleheim
  • Add the pet talent "Spell Defense" to all pets but with this! all pets regardless of training will train as Spell Defy and Proof, or Spell Defy and Defense meaning universal resist will become unable to happen. Meaning only 2 of the 3 talents can manifest at any time. If universal resist is accomplished with "Defense", you become unable to enter PvP until it meets under 75 universal resist. (The Talent will manifest a total of 5 Resist up to 21 Resist.)
  • Once resists can reach universal resist, a new portion of PvP would be added. Example: 1-100 PvP and 100-??? PvP. Players can not join the other's PvP and must stick to their respective leveled PvP.

Jan 03, 2013
Have PvP Resets for Ranks happen at a 3-years time period. Allowing players to have 1000+ days to receive any and all rank gear while in that certain age.
With this also allow ALL players who reached a certain rank in their previous ages to be allowed to gain their respective gears from Diego, etc. without having the new age title. This means a 1st age Warlord would always gain access to Warlord and under gears only on that character.
With this as well, allow a new notification system to alert players in a 3-4 month time period that ranks would be reset soon so that players dont quit the game in frustration or lose hundreds of dollars putting effort into the Arena.
(On the flip side of this spectrum) Have the sections of PvP for both Wizard101 and Pirate101 and also Pet Derby from both games become their own seperate game. (As a discussion I have had with about 30 people, it seems rather... "odd" that a game marketed for kids has such a aggressive natured, highly competitive, and also tendant button mash-like feature. These types of features should be marketed to an older age group. So with this all current items belonging to them on the current game that involves the arena would be moved to the new sub-game. Also as well, your combatants stats would be carried from the live game of Wizard101 or Pirate101 along with the pet statistics and can be fixed and what not via the live games. (Somewhat like crowns and Grub Guardian) This provides a much more user like environment for kids than the older audience members. This would also eliminate 65% of the report sanctions made in both games. (Smart right? I know *Pats self on back*))