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Game Improvement Ideas

Jun 29, 2011
I could seriously write a book on how many ideas I have for this game here are a few.

1.) Improved Auras, In game instead of making all the auras look like domes you could make the +Damage% one have transparent swords float around your wizard
and for fortify you could have a similar animation to a stun block exept it continually pulsates and is blue
for the accuracy one you could have a Crosshair float in front of your wizard that continously adjust its self.
for conviction i suggest it stay the same cause atm it looks like a all around barrier.
and the pip one could have a pip-like wisp float around your wizard constantly
and last for the critical one you could have it look like your building energy somehow.

2.) another Privacy option. you could add a option in the privacy tab that will make it so When someone trys to teleport to you it will have something pop up on your screen saying something along the lines of " ________ level ___ is trying to teleport to you. Allow?" and have a yes and no button."
I came up with this idea when i was in the great spire and we need help. I asked someone for help and then right before they tried porting a level 3 wizard ported to me and make the dungeon a Full Dungeon.

These are only a couple of the Ideas i have I might Post more later.

Sep 23, 2010
sorry I dont really like your ideas on the aura spells

BUT, i love your teleporting option idea, to allow a person to teleport or not would be a great addition to the game, and would make gameplay so much easier, esspecially in a dungeon, or if you are fighting and you cast a spell on the last enemy just as a person ports and drags another enemy in as the last one is dying, that sort of angers me, and its a bit much cause you could die when you would have won the battle and lived, so i agree with the porting allow or do not allow option

and on the other end of that to tweak your idea a little...i would add a please wait while you obtain permission to port to this wizard disclaimer, for the wizard who wants to port to you.

Jun 29, 2011
Yeah I am starting to dislike my own aura Idea. But i think the auras do look a little too similar. I usually cant tell the difference between conviction and vengeance.

And having a message on the person who is porting is essential. But have their message have a cancel button in case they try to port to a AFK person they wont be stuck with a message on their screen for too long.

Sep 23, 2010
for sure, thats actually a quite genius idea, i am sure they must have thought about it before...probably just took too much time to code

Jun 10, 2009
I like your idea for number 1.
for number 2, its a good idea, but i've heard it before. Many people have posted that idea in the Grandmasters vs Novices message board war. (boy am i glad thats over) So, to recap, I like your ideas and i hope KI installs them.
William Crowthistle Legendary Pyromancer