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Game ideas

Mar 02, 2014
One of my ideas deals with the hatchery. So many people use it to find pets of all kinds that they could own/hatch. More people would hatch if it was easier and quicker to get the pet that they wanted. The idea that I have in mind is kind of like ‘direct hatching’, so to say. In the hatchery, Dr.Purreau just stands there on his platform and you can not even talk to him. If you were to use the idea that I have in mind all wizards who would like to hatch would talk to Dr.Purreau and you would put your pet up for hatching. For example, one of the pets that I have been trying to get is the toaddle. The only problem is that I can never find it. It would be so much easier for many wizards if there were a list of people’s pets and who had them. You could just type in the pet that you want, like for me it would be the toaddle, and it would give me a list of possible hatching partners. The idea would also work vice versa. If I wanted to see what people wanted to hatch for (say, my trojan horse) I would put my trojan horse onto the list and anybody who wanted it would click on it and offer to hatch. You could also put up recommended pets. Say, if I put up my trojan horse as an available hatching partner, I would also be able to enter pets that I would want, just in case other people might have them.
My second idea has to do with the bazaar. The bazaar is one of the most beloved places in the Spiral. Continuing on my theme of pets, the idea is to be able to sell pets on the bazaar. The reason is that sometimes many of us will get more then one of the same pet or pets that we do not really want or get a pet that we don’t really want. Just because you don’t want it doesn’t mean somebody else doesn’t. On my main character, I love getting all the pets I could possibly have and attempting to get pets that give really cool cards (or if I like their appearance). Whenever I play with my friends or not, I always see their pets and say “Oh thats so cool” and they say that they would give them to me if they could. This idea would get so many more people buying and it would be better then just trashing pets and a person who really wants it not being able to get it.
The third and final idea I have is about mounts and is continuing on the pet theme. So many high level people have mounts and they usually have pets that everyone else wants but when you see them you don't even know if they have a pet equipped. I’m not saying get rid of mounts so everyone can see their pets because nobody would like that. The idea is to have a mini-mount for pets. There are a variety of mounts from wings to carts to horses and even treants. The idea of the mini-mount is to see the pet while you are on a mount by giving them their own. Like I said before, there is a wide array of mounts and there are different ways to incorporate pets into all of them. For wings, they could have their own, and for others it can be like a sidecar for a motorcycle where your pet can sit.