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Game could be better

May 31, 2009
I started out 12 wizards on two accounts all of them have quested together and are at the same levels, same clothes, same spells. As i level them up it is amazing at the good Clothing they get but it can only be sold cause it can not be traded. Shame here because it makes a player miss out of the enjoyment of playing with good clothing. I can only figure as my storm gets fire clothing that can not be traded that is is actually meant to be sold for a good price and not really worn by the wizard its to benefit. So wizards or players miss out on another section of the game that probably would make the game more enjoyable to them. All my wizards have gotten the best fire hats, but not fire, evidently it was not intended for him to get or wear the hat.

Sep 19, 2013
"evidently it was not intended for him to get or wear the hat"
Or maybe you're just unlucky. To my knowledge, there's no evil troll in charge of drops who always gives you stuff of the wrong school. The fact that it's no trade means you aren't meant to go through six wizards and see if you get it questing, but actually make an effort to farm for it.
Also, try looking at the Bazaar for that no trade gear. You can even sell it there yourself, and then hopefully buy it on your fire wizard if you're fast enough.