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Furniture Suggestion

Sep 22, 2012
Hi, KI/Wiz101,

First, keep up the good work! I'm never bored with Wizard101--there's always something new to keep me interested!

My favorite thing to do is collect and furnish castles (The new Zafarian furniture is great, by the way!) So I'd humbly like to request you make the red and black zebra-striped settee and white polka-dot rug from Azteca available to us for our castles, and the purple zebra-stripe hanging rugs would be great as a floor-style decoration, too!

Eric Darkforge.

Jun 25, 2013
Same, I love love love the new furniture in Zafari!

Besides the striped zebra settee and the Azteca rug, I maybe they could make all the furniture that you see in the different worlds available to buy/craft, there's a lot of furniture I see all over the spiral that I wish we could get somewhere. And the plants too, the trees in Khryslais are sooo pretty after we restore everything. I'd love to own some of those big orange trees in Last Wood and the pink ones in Silent Market. (those trees might be in other parts of Khrysalis as well, but those are the ones I remember specifically...

Mar 30, 2013
I totally agree, there's lots of cool furniture in some of the places that would make great furniture for our houses. Like, the red couch in the wizard101 house tour place in wizard city, the book shelves and benches in Rozimund's house in Sardonyx in Khrysalis, and the little cups, plates and bowls in the tent where Chaze the Terriblemind (the pet snack trader in Sardonyx) stands. That's just to name a few of the things that would be really great if we could have them to decorate.