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Furniture, Potions, and Feeds

Nov 22, 2015
I have some suggestions for KingsIsle.

1) For me and my fellow housing enthusiasts - please KI add more furniture, furniture vendors, and furniture sets. We have a vast array of houses to choose from, but not enough furniture to match it. Reusing the same furniture is dull and boring, but I don't like having empty houses. What's the point of having an empty house? I'd also like to suggest adding furniture sets to housing bundles. Bundle houses are especially large and fit a lot more furniture so this would be great. I also think it would increase bundle sales if KI did this. Personally I'm not super motivated to buy housing bundles, despite some of the awesome houses they have, because I know it'll probably just be another empty house so it feels like a waste of money. I also don't think it's a bad idea to retroactively add furniture sets to existing and retired bundles, and players who have bought these bundles could be rewarded with this new furniture, though I understand if this last suggestion isn't feasible.

2) Please add potion vendors to every world. We've all been there where we have to flee from a dungeon or boss fight, restore our health and mana, and return, but having to go to Wizard City or the Arcanum every single time to do this creates an irritating delay. It may not seem like much but every minute counts in a dungeon/boss fight, and people can be pretty impatient sometimes and I sometimes worry they'll kill the enemies while I'm gone. I am aware that it's been changed so you still get credit for a battle even when you're dead (a big thank you to KI for that btw, the stress level in dungeons/boss fights is much lower now) but I don't think that's enough because it's pretty rude to sit there as a dead person not helping your teammates, unless the battle is almost over. So yeah, if potion vendors could be added to every world, in the commons area, that would be great.

3) I think it would be great if RSS feeds could be set up for Ravenwood News and the Wizard101 Update Notes. This would be useful for things like having Wizard101 updates get automatically posted in a Discord server, for example. I know Wizard101's Twitter account could be used for this, but the problem with doing that is you'll also get a number of tweets unrelated to updates.