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funniest, yet most brainless things you did

Sep 22, 2009
garyboy11 wrote:
I went into the Grand Chasm alone because I really wanted to beat Malistare and beat the main story of W101. So obviously I was working miracles and made it to Malistare ( I really can't even remember how i got past the crystal thing ) and so I got like seven people asking me to go back into the chasm and let them port to me and I said to all of them NO. I was such an eager beaver.

So I get a PvP notice so I mark the area and fix my deck because I was fighting a novice and wanted to give him a chance. So anyways my deck is loaded with weak spells and I finish the fight. I go back to Malistare and charge into battle and find my deck without any good spells.

I'm thinking to myself I AM SUCH A FOOL! So the thing is, I fled and went back after getting some friends and still I forget to fix my deck. Me and my friends charge Malistare and I have a horrible deck. We end up beating him while I have hit him with Fire Elf, Storm Bats, and Troll, and I have 4 health left. I am so happy I talk to Merle Ambrose to finish my quest and immediately port back to where i marked Malistare, fix my deck, and go back into battle. Thing is, I haven't healed yet.

i was going to say that a few times i had fixed a good deck after buying it, then forgot to equip it before jumping in a low level battle to make some treasure cards only to discover that all i had were wand blasts and the cards my amulet gives me!....but yours totally takes the taco! i think you win!...rofl!...=

Jul 08, 2009
I have done a few brainless things.

1.Used orthrus on purpose while someone used beuigle on me, killing my friend.

2.when me and my friends were trying to brake a record, we had tons of hex's, curse's, feints etc. My friend was about to attack with wild bolt then i used thunder snake on storm lord before he got a chance to bolt.(it did 350 damage)

3.tried defeating jade oni with just imp and imp treasure cards(died).

4.I tried defeating malistare with dark sprites and ghouls(died).

5.sold my collosus statue by accident in a vendor somewhere.

6.I was going to fight meowiarty with my friends but i forgot to put in my deck so the only cards i had were the lvl 25 MYTH wand spells, dark sprite from my pet and a sandstorm amulet i had.

May 25, 2009
I stitched my commander gear hat to my grand master hat :( so I lost my commander gear hat have to start over to get it again.

May 23, 2009
this one is just wierd...

i beat the frostmancer with some adept friends for a quest in grizzelhiem... and the i had to face an empty dueling field again and again! we have no idea why, thouh.

Sep 18, 2008
OK this is more of a glitch than a brainless mistake, but my netbook has 1GB memory (MEMORY IS DIFFERENT THEN STORAGE SPACE, it is used to run programs, not store them) and i had 4 programs open, the memory was overloaded and my computer froze, i couln't even turn it off! anyway i was talking to my friend on w101 through the phone (I know him in real life) and thats when my netbook froze, and my friend said my character turned white because i unplugged the ethernet cable. about 2 minutes later he said it turned (NO JOKE) PINK!!!! I'm like "How is my character even still there, i have no internet" he said " IDK BUT IT IS!!!"

Adam Pearlgrove
lvl 35

May 05, 2009
Ok I was fighting 2 Crystal Spiders with my friend then I get this headache and doze off for about 10-20 minutes and when I come back I see this: You have been disconnected due to inactivity when I get back on she is SO mad at me I go and hide in a TOWER(To be more specific something like Sylvia Drake's tomb)for like 5 minutes since she can't port to me in there and to pass the time I fight a few enemies when I am drowsy I get reckless so I just charge into battle without using my potion flasks only to get defeated and yelled at again.

Jul 15, 2009
I went into DS. I was doing this REALLY hard quest and I went into battle against a fire boss(rank 6). I needed mionions so I clicked on the shop. I wasn't really paying attention to what I clicked on, so I got my minion and continued the game. I was doing well, not so my minion. I continued to play, noticing that my minions health was low(overall and regular). His attacks were all fire too. That's when I noticed that my minion looked weak... I thought that that was wierd. Then it hit me like a brick(it hurt!!!!). My minion was a lvl 20 fire henchmen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I hope that this don't mean any thing to you lvl 20 fires). Then I died . Oh well... at least I learned my lesson!

May 22, 2009
I was invited to a group by a friend and I forgot. So when I was talking to someone who was not on my list the chat went to the people in the group, some I didn't even know, I didn't have a clue. They were totally confused and I still didn't notice it when my friend kept saying in the group "Who are these people?" because some were my friends and I had no clue what he was talking about so I was just confused. Pretty dumb. Soon everyone just left and it look me like a few minutes after to make it TOTALLY clear. I am dumb! That gingerbread thing sounded really funny!

May 22, 2009
Heres another. I'm doing Big Ben right, me and my friend get far like to Crusher or farther. Then we have to wait almost like a half hour. So while I wait I go in and wait. He says he will come so I'm asuming that is soon. So I start a battle, he doesn't come. Then I realize he's offline, I fled and tried to come back with like no health. Then I have to log off cause I was going somewhere. I almost died, all my work was for nothing and it took forever to get back to that dungeon and actually complete it. It also took another depresssing loss when me and my friend did the final battle and had to get defeated, flee then come back and all for nothing. Once one left and came back the other was already close to dead. It was horrible. I don't get why it didn't occur to me for the first battle to just get a few potions then log on to my other computer and I would still have time and invite a new friend, that was the brainless part. One time I was in a really immportant battle right? So I go all crazy with my mouse because I am bored and it comes over the X and some how I accidentally clicked. I logged right back on and I was dead. Sometimes I also shout pointless letters or words from sentences that I didn't mean to say. I sometimes also go back to change something in my wording in a whisper and erase a name, so I end up shouting it out into the blank. I have said stuff that was even really really weird to anyone who didn't know what the conversation thing was, like you and the gingerbread. Stupid things out of the website that I have done is pretty dumb, I have eiether posted stuff twice posted it on the wrong thread or I have wrotten stuff really long like this and accidentally exited out.

Jun 06, 2009
lessee here..
probably the dumbest things i did are:
1: use stormshark on a storm boss in MB thinking "it wont resist THAT much will it?" anyway the spell an equip card so it do 425-495 dmg but against this guy it did under 200. and what REALLY burns is that i could have used a less powerful spell and he would of died but NOOOOOO i had 2 go all out and i had low health then anyway so i died :P but then i potioned, went right back and POWNED the sorry heap of sentient scrap metal (the boss was the HydePark Gearhead) so a happy ending after all :D

2: ALMOST accidentally sold my crown boots to a regular vendor. but luckily crowns only kicked in and saved my boots of the watchtower

3: boost and save up pips on a judgement cuz its my best spell and my fave spell 2. but then the blasted thing goes and fizzles which was real bad b/c i had just let myself take a bunch of damage so i could pass a bunch of times, plus it was one of the few times i didnt HAVE backup plans because i was so sure the spell would work. but i won anyway :P :D btw ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP PLAN IN CASE OF FIZZLE THAT THE MORAL OF THE STORY

4: i have a habit of making puns whaen i cast a spell. like if i cast judgement, i sometimes say "it judgement day" or "the trial will begin soon. i say guilty. and all rise for the honor able judge judgement". well a couple times i did that with other ppl in the battle and i made a quip and the spell fizzled and the other guy beat me to "not".

Mar 15, 2009
here is the most brainless thing i ever did: one time i was helping a lvl 15 friend of mine on manu nirini so i put in all my weak cards and gear. Then when my other friend needs help right after i finish i port right away. Then i found out the boss was malistare and i have weak death spells and weak gear so i was TOTALLY WORTHLESS. and then i killed him with a 3 pointer ghoul ROTFL!!!

Dec 14, 2009
superluther wrote:
There has been a lot of complaints lately so to lighten the mood, thought of having people post some of their funniest mistakes. Hey, we could all use a good laugh.

We all make mistakes. Some more than others. Here a few things I did that had me rofl along with a few others with me.

Used fire elf on a fire boss in DS. First off, why did i even use such a weak spell? That poor little elf worked hard yet only managed to pull off 2 points of damage each round.

Used a 5 or 6 power pip judgement against a balance boss. It did a total of 189 points of damage. What a loss of hard earned power pips! That had my friend with me rofl and asking what was I thinking.

And what i believe is the best one yet...

A friend whispered to me about being so far behind and that he would have a lot of catching up to do. My reply which was meant to be a whisper was shouted out above my head..."You can't catch me. I am the gingerbread man." That got me a lot of rofl.
in pvp i had a bugle on me ...i forgot it and used a storm lord treashure card and ent up killing my teammates and i had 367 health... it was a 4v4. SUICIDE!

May 09, 2009
I have a starter deck and a dragonfire deck, so at the end of a place with three rooms each have 2 enemies and I am right at the last one with only 1030 health. I set my starter deck with treasure cards and buffs to take them both out in one hit (they were fire and I am ice) before I get killed. So I charge into battle, forgeting to equip my deck. :( but I still won! :) :-) :) :-) :D

Nov 08, 2009
Attempted Javascript Attack With COLOR Victoria DeathGrove

Jan 06, 2009
How about this..staring at the shared bank option for weeks (possibly months) and not realising that instead of selling decent gear,could've passed it on to my other wizards.

Jan 11, 2010
I was killing some guy in Cyclops Lane and my sister was helping me. Some person I didn't know fought with us. He kept saying "Hi" So I asked my sister "Why is this guy talking to me?" But I forgot to whisper (or whatever it is) it to her! He said "i have ears you know" . I was so embarrassed. My sister was laughing so hard at me.

Dec 19, 2008
Well, one time in DS in the dungeon where you go back in time I had some trouble in. Since I was a storm wizard, my health was low, so I needed help with general firetusk. His helper was ice, I believe, so I used a fire wizard henchman to attack that one. After about five turns, I realized that it was attacking the general, not the ice. I eventually died after killing the ice, and it was between firetusk and the fire wizard henchman. The henchman had taken a whole lot of health from firetusk, so I started thinking that I might ahd a chance. But, the fire henchman died just after I thought that xD

Oct 26, 2009
the most idotic thing i have done is once when i was in wizard city i changed out my deck i went in a battle and i noticed that i was only getting my wand attack i killed the person with my wand attack and i went to my deck and i saw i never put cards in my deck.

Also once i was in a dunegon and i hit the 1 button which makes you go to the main place in that world and i hit 1 luckly i was not in a full dunegon.

Mar 01, 2009
I had one of these moments last week...I placed a feint on an enemy with 5 hit points, and it was a power pip that I used

Mar 19, 2009
this one is a glitch too i did a ds quest in wc no not the obsidian chests!

Mar 27, 2009
The most brainless, clusmiest and careless things I do most of the time.

1. I sometimes can't see a feint, bladestorm, balance blade, hex or curse. So I use a wand spell, wasting them!
2. When I'm busy talking to my friends in battle, I often lose the turn.
3. I often get drowsy cause of occainsional boredoms that result in half the time off of each turn trying NOT to close my eyes.

May 22, 2009
Well once I thought I was whispering my friend saying Well I will dress up as a pig and put ninja costume on the pig costume on wizard101.forgot to put on whisper.loads of rofl and rofl I am cryings. I got humilliated :p

Mar 14, 2009
i was fighting a fire boss (ice minion) the ice cast tower shield on the boss the boss casts weakness on me (next turn, they go first) i use a fire dragon treasure card on boss but then the ice guy casts fire shield on boss so i hit like five damage and the dot (damage over time) hits like 10 and i have a dot (from dragon) that hits like 100 damage for me

May 29, 2009
1. I wanted to see how much damage my minotaur could possibly do on a neutral enemy without dying so I fill my deck with one of each: spirit and myth blade, time of legend, spirit and myth trap, the minotaur and then I unequip my amulet card and wand. Then I decide I'll kill Rattlebones so I am not killed and I do that. On the minotaur's first part of the attack it did 176 dmg, and that was that. Then I didn't have anything in my deck to kill the dark fairy.
2. I do Big Ben, and I notice Meowiarty is a Myth boss ( Another minotaur story) so I pile on a bunch of powerups and a myth prism, BUT I FORGOT TO PUT ON 2!!! AAAH! First it did about 206 dmg, then 88 dmg.
3. I teleported to my friend in Kishibe village, and I ask him to help me beat the War Oni, and he says yeah. So I tell him to meet me at Jade Palace, and he says yeah. Then I am attacked by diseased water spirits. I didn't want to go through with that, so I fled. Now I obviously had no mana, so I pick up 2 wisps and then we do the Crimson Fields. We finish off Warlord Katsumori and he turns into the oni. I have about 15 mana and I charge into battle. When I'm down to 9 mana I decide I'll use centaur then cyclops then my wand card. But they BOTH FIZZLE EXCEPT FOR THE WAND CARD! I had to pass until my friend finished off the oni, but it was hard on him cuz he was a pyromancer
4. I become master, and I'm like yay I shall treat myself. When I turned level 40 I had about 2,040 health. So I go to the Bazaar and I buy the stuff I want. My old robe had a 220 health boost to it so i wanted a bigger boost. I look at a bunch of robes and then I see a stylish one with good shield, accuracy, damage stats and I thought this is the one. It was close to 10,000 gold, but I buy it anyway. Didn't notice it only gave 160 health. But then I think how come now I have 1,977 health? Had to sell my old robe, new robe, some furniture, my treasure cards, and the reagents I was saving for the Marleybone crafting quest! ugh :(