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funniest, yet most brainless things you did

May 22, 2009
There has been a lot of complaints lately so to lighten the mood, thought of having people post some of their funniest mistakes. Hey, we could all use a good laugh.

We all make mistakes. Some more than others. Here a few things I did that had me rofl along with a few others with me.

Used fire elf on a fire boss in DS. First off, why did i even use such a weak spell? That poor little elf worked hard yet only managed to pull off 2 points of damage each round.

Used a 5 or 6 power pip judgement against a balance boss. It did a total of 189 points of damage. What a loss of hard earned power pips! That had my friend with me rofl and asking what was I thinking.

And what i believe is the best one yet...

A friend whispered to me about being so far behind and that he would have a lot of catching up to do. My reply which was meant to be a whisper was shouted out above my head..."You can't catch me. I am the gingerbread man." That got me a lot of rofl.

Sep 15, 2009
This is going to be one neat thread to read!

My friend and I, both adults, both with children who play Wizard, both with more than one account each and both reasonably sane and competent decided to go to the bazaar - because we had just got four new spells each and couldn't find a bigger deck we decided that we would 'shop' and see if we could make our equipment any better. Well, we chat live at the same time as we are playing and she heard my scream of delight, 'oh yes, we HAVE to have THAT!' - taking into account we are both balance whatever one finds is good for the other.

Grief, says I, it's 15 000 gold! But I'm buying it anyway, and there's only two of them so you'd best wiggle and get the other one.

Anyway it took her a good ten minutes to find what I had just bought - the price had gone up - she had to pay just over 17 000 gold. All this for a hat, mind - and not a particularly nice looking hat, so we knew we'd be off to the seamstress AGAIN.

While I was looking through the robes a rather serious voice was heard from my speakers, 'oh my' she said. I looked up, the look on her face was one of disbelief - 'that hat', she said, 'it's ICE school only!'

She really believed that she had spent the last of her gold (she'd just bought a house) on a hat that she couldn't wear.

Love this game and all it's little extras.

Crafting - I think everyone, at some point, has sold something they have had to craft for a task - frustrating at the time but funny to look back on.

I dyed new boots today - then dyed them again, because I'd forgotten to click on the right colour trim I wanted. :P I blame age - and over-excitement!

Apr 02, 2009
I went into the Grand Chasm alone because I really wanted to beat Malistare and beat the main story of W101. So obviously I was working miracles and made it to Malistare ( I really can't even remember how i got past the crystal thing ) and so I got like seven people asking me to go back into the chasm and let them port to me and I said to all of them NO. I was such an eager beaver.

So I get a PvP notice so I mark the area and fix my deck because I was fighting a novice and wanted to give him a chance. So anyways my deck is loaded with weak spells and I finish the fight. I go back to Malistare and charge into battle and find my deck without any good spells.

I'm thinking to myself I AM SUCH A FOOL! So the thing is, I fled and went back after getting some friends and still I forget to fix my deck. Me and my friends charge Malistare and I have a horrible deck. We end up beating him while I have hit him with Fire Elf, Storm Bats, and Troll, and I have 4 health left. I am so happy I talk to Merle Ambrose to finish my quest and immediately port back to where i marked Malistare, fix my deck, and go back into battle. Thing is, I haven't healed yet.

Dec 21, 2008
Accidently texted my friend only saying, "theurgist". And ALOT of things!

Jul 17, 2009
well i ma going through all my cloths and remember that i have a vest that gives me over 200 health points plus. but i thought that the vest was very ugly so i tryed to switch it with prospector Zeke.after that it turns out that i messed up and it destroyed my good vests stats and put the ugly coat to have new stats. then also destroyed the nice looking vest. at first i was like :( :( :( :( REALLY MAD! but hen looked back on it as how retarded i was that day cause one word made that whole thing happen.. i did not read the INSTRUCTIONS! :( that made me ROFL a lot! :)

Mar 02, 2009
I would say sending a text chat message to the wrong friend. Jumping and pressing every hot key while i think i am typing a message. And useing a sword spell on a feint.

Aug 26, 2009
I used a POSIN on a lvl 10 DEATH BOSS !!!
it only wasted 4 pips and it did 0 damege
then I got a lollypop wand :D
luke rider

Feb 01, 2009
Funny? Maybe not, Brainless? perhaps... stupid human trick? YA!

the most brainless, and pitiful thing has just happened...
I just listed some funny stuff...took me a long time.... then... closed the page to google something.....

*hangs head*



ANNNNND now I'm over it! ....kinda...

Mar 10, 2009
Here's a good one for ya ... i get to the next to last room of one of the dreaded long towers in DS. The Secure House. had to go afk for a few so i did the spin move so as not to get disconnected. YEP you guessed it ... came back, stopped my spin and instead of going to the last room i exited the darn tower. AAAAAGGGGGHHHH LOL

Connor Mooncatcher
Grandmaster Life/Master Artisan

Jun 11, 2009
I have dozens of brainless moments in the game. Like the time I bought a new deck took everything out of my old deck and put it in my new deck, but forgot to equip the new deck. Then I sold the deck that wasn't equipped for about half of what I paid for it. Not realizing that I had no cards in my deck and that I had just sold the new deck I charged off into combat with only my wand and jewelery spells. That did not go well!

Then there was the time before I was a member and buy sections with crowns. I just made it to Krokatopia and went through the shops and found some nice shoes, but I didn't notice the crown symbol and sent enough crowns on them that I didn't have enough for the next area. DOH!

or the time I fought two gearheads and it took everything I had to beat them. Just because of silly things like fizzles or not getting the right cards when I needed them and that sort of thing. So the last one fades and I'm left with 7 hit points. I turned and went the wrong way and ran right into another gearhead next stop Reagent Square. There are many more fun times like this, but these are all I can think of at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed these.

Dec 17, 2008
A friend asked me for some help while I was doing PvP. So, after the match I port straight to my friend. Thing is, I'm still wearing my PvP gear! I had no Mana! So, I was completely useless in that battle. Most I could do was cast some balance blades on my friend, and a hex or 2. Thing is, my friend is a Pyromancer, and he is fighting 2 fire guys, and he has no prisms. So, it took a while, but we finally beat them lol.

Good times.....

May 28, 2009
me and my uncle thought this was funny but i dont know if you will

well, me and my uncle were taking screen shots at my house my house is krok house so sandstorms come and stuff so he asked me if we should wait for sandstorm and i said it would take to long so then he takes picture BUT! right then a sandstorm came and got in the picture


Jul 17, 2009
The one that comes to mind right off hand was when I was still in MarleyBone. I was doing the Ironworks dungeon, and I cast Frost Touch on Pops O'Leary. As you all know, Pops is of the Ice element, plus he had a shield on him and an Ice Trap, so the initial attack did 10 damage and the subsequent three did about 22 each. And, Frost Touch is a level 5 spell, so I wasted my pips and took unneccessary damage waiting for the pips. Hahaha, whoops!

May 21, 2009
The funniest thing I could think of that I did was when I was typing all this private stuff to a friend and I was in battle so when I finished typing i accidentally forget to put it in friend chat and said it out loud. Also this may or may not be funny to you but it was to me, my friend asked for my help and I said one minute i went half an hour not helping them and forgot about them when they texted me again i didnt know what he was talking about for a while.

Tyler Thunderblade
Adept Diviner

Dec 01, 2009
Hmmm the funniest thing I've ever done is one time in I was doing a 4v4 with my death. All of my friends are dead(failed to put up storm shields) I am facing their life guy and I can tell he is about to use rebirth. However it fizzled. I had full power pips and I had finally found my wraith, however I wasn't really paying attention and I hit the animate spell. Since it was 4v4 there was no spot for a minion and I had wasted all of my pips(My team was so mad at me). Also the life guy used rebirth and we lost the match.

Jul 03, 2009
i casted an earthquake and it took away not only the sheilds but the traps to. so then me and my friend had to put all thoose traps back on.o well you live and learn

Dec 13, 2008
I dont know if these are brainless or plain out cool.my friend needed help inmarlybone and i was in moo shu.So i set a marker and ported.After we were done whith the battle i ported back to my marker..... BUT just the a o'leary ran into me just as i left. SO then i'm in moo shu thinking i'm safe when all of a suden (NO JOKE) I fly UNDERGROUND from moo shu to all the way from moo shu to Mairlybone in a battle!!!!!

Jun 11, 2009
i had just made it to lvl 30! Hooray! new spell time :D ! so i decide that i want to learn spiritual blade. i go on over to niles,the balance tree. while i`m doing this,my mother starts yelling at me that I need to take the garbage out.
:? :? :( :( UUUUGH!!!!!!
"One second,mom!" i say. in a rush and without thinking, i click on a spell,and run down the stairs.when i come back up a little bit later and i start making my deck, i notice that the spell is not the right color . i look a little closer, and i realize that it is elemetal blade! :x :x . it took me a second to digest what happened. I CLICKED ON THE WRONG BLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a death type,and my secondary is balance so its completely useless! :? :? :P oh well...over it now ...sort of...*sniff*.

i think we can all learn a lesson from this though. when your mother says to take out the garbage out DROP EVERYTHING AND DO SO!!!!!!!

Feb 16, 2009
My mother told me to get off the computer, and I teleported to a friend randomly. The friend just started Kensington Park, the three hour dungon in MB.

And once I was in Big Ben with two friends, and it took so long I had to eat dinner half an hour than I was supposed to.

Jul 12, 2009
i was doing golem tower with my new character and i had just defeated the second to last lvl when i got distracted and ran to the next lvl, the boss. i came back and realized i had exited the tower! :)

Dec 19, 2009
The most brainless thing I ever did was

I used an ice spell against an Evil Snowman and you all know that Evil
Snowmen are ice type I DON'T KNOW WHAT MADE ME DO THAT! :|

Feb 16, 2009
on golem tower, i went and killed the boss

then i got the quest to kill him

then, when ready to fight jade oni, i forgot my treasure cards were all life

Mar 30, 2009
Hi megan here i don't know if these are funny or brainless but to me most of them were just painful.

Ok so i'm in Moo shu right and i Just got there so i get all my new clothes my new spells you know things you do when you get to a new world. Ok then i think to myself well i should sell everything from MB Right? so anyway i go to one of the shops ( not the bazar were they ask you are you sure you want to sell this and you can't sell it if it's crowns ) Well anyway i had asked and beged my mom to get me crowns so i sell EVERYTHING but the Crown clothes from MB!!!!! that was on of the wrost things ever! ( and my mom made me wait 2 more months before getting crowns for Moo shu!!!! )

Ok so i'm at the bazar and i get the neckless that gives me blissard So I buy it for $9,000 or close to it right so i buy it as fast as i can then don't put it on go to sell my old one and guess what I sell the new one!!!! and for only $500! 500 or 9,000 Hmm let me think i payed WAYYYY to much!! ugh why me!!!

ok this last one was One is the worst.
so i'm with my mother in real life in Ds and she likes fighting fast and right the first time ( and i do to ) anyway we have more hexes then you can count on this boss and guess what i through a ZAP!! ( not CENTAR!!!!!!!!! ) So being my mother gives her the right to be mad because well she is my mother!!!! Anyway i can't count how many times i've done that.

Megan Grand life Most of the time Wu relam if not Uh if i make a post tell me you wanna hang out and add each other!!! :D 8) :) :-) :D :( :-o :P

Aug 09, 2009
Some times we make mistakes lets just hope that they forgive us XD

Feb 27, 2009
Pikachu107 wrote:
The most brainless thing I ever did was

I used an ice spell against an Evil Snowman and you all know that Evil
Snowmen are ice type I DON'T KNOW WHAT MADE ME DO THAT! :|

I always do that! I NEVER pay attention!