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Friends Only Dungeon

Mar 29, 2012
I wanted to talk about the new Spiral Cup Gauntlet and the fact that it is limited to the direct friends of the wizard that owns it only. I own Winterbane and Pagoda and I love inviting friends to my house to play with them. I enjoy telling them to invite their own friends to run it with them when i personally don't want to go through for the millionth time. I absolutely love going to my castle and finding it full of wizards that i don't even know. It makes me really happy to know that I am sharing a little piece of the spiral with them that they may not yet be able to see. I have most definitely inspired many a wizard to take up balance school, get membership, learn about hatching and gardening and just be more exited about the game. I also have given them a safe place to hang out because while i can't keep the entire commons free from bullies and bad language at all times i can most assuredly keep my home free of such things. Everyone knows Amber is a mom and that stuff isn't cool. I love sharing my home and my dungeons and I was exited to add a new one to the playground. Until. Until I learned that only my direct friends could benefit. I am a max level wizard and my friends list is always always always full. It is a constant juggling act to keep some high level wizards on there for me to quest with while keeping some wizards of every level so I can help them. This is a complication that means there is no way I am going to purchase the new gauntlet. No joy of sharing equals no joy. Other friends of mine in the spiral feel the same way, what do you guys think?


Oct 05, 2012
Well said, Amber. I am disappointed in this limitation as well and thankful I have not spent real money on it. I know a lot of players wanted me to add Spiral Cup to my homes, but the limit placed on it means the majority of players who visit my homes will not benefit from the addition.

Stephen LionStalker