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Friends Messaging Idea

Sep 27, 2012
Hey everyone, I think this will apply to a lot of you other wizards out there, there are several friends that I have made in the game that I sometimes don't run into for months, so I think there should be a messaging option to leave a little message for a friend next time they long on, just one so not to spam your friend when they log back in, but just so you can check up on them or either try to setup a schedule to play together. What do you guys think?

Sep 07, 2010
May 11, 2011
I like this idea, mostly because I play multiple wizards. There are a few that I get into a routine with that I can travel through a few areas over several days or weeks. Maybe the setup would not go from character to character, but let there be some way you can be notified of a waiting message in the Character Select screen?

A+ Student
Jan 11, 2012
while this is a good idea on paper, I dont think it would ever be introduced due to server demands.