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Formal Complaint-Crafted Spells

Sep 30, 2018
So from time to time when a new spell gets release via pack wise. People who can afford it tend to get the spell within certain amount of tries. I for one was very fortunate to get pigsie and ninja piglets within 5 packs(superlucky) some would say. However it bothers me for those players who worked hard on trying to craft the spell are left stuck because the amber requirement of these spells are 25. Bear in mind amber is very rare and valuable it is also non-actionable reagent. The only way of getting amber is by either farming mount Olympus or harvesting king parsley plants. Most of the old required lore spells highest bar was set at 12 so am not sure whats the reason behind doubling the amount. Am just saying this when future spells gets release for crafting example the grizzle heim lore spells that the amber cost don't end up being 50.

Feb 28, 2014
I feel the same way about this. Because of my medical problems, I can't works. How can i afford sum thousands of crowns to buy packs just for 10 Pigsy tcs to get Pigsy spell or any other new crafting spells. Add that to other personal issues in the family reducing my game time even more, How can I have time to farm rare reagents such as Amber or garden them. How is that fair when I want to quest and level up when I don't have the spells I need to improve my wizard for harder batties I bet I'm one of the many who has this problem. KI please make crafted spells easier to get.