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For all wizards to see,new class and features idea

Mar 11, 2017
Hello! I have recently seen a few videos of a idea for a Time wizard school and I love the idea. Please if you are interested or curious, look up on youtube a video called "Wizard101 idea: school of time!" by Blazelifehammer.
he goes into full detail of the idea, and even shows animation and images for this school! It is an amazing idea and I feel many wizards should know and even make their opinion on it!

There is also another video made by him and it's about future possible features like a barbershop to have new faces and hairstyles for wizards and other ideas that do seem possible. This video is called "One of the most requested features for wizard101" also made by Blazelifehammer.
he gives amazing detail on possible things for the game if kings ever added this. If you wanna look at these go ahead. if you don't, you don't got to! I just wanted to share his ideas to more people online who love wizard101.