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Flying in the game?

Mar 11, 2017
Hello! i am new to forms but I wanted to ask anyone or let the wizard101 team know this is a big want of almost everyone. Me and alot of other wizards I have talked to of all levels believe that flying mounts, like any winged mount or broom, should be able to fly around. I think the ability to fly around will make alot of players happy and it can be exciting!. Do you agree? does the whole game team agree?

Apr 10, 2013
What exactly does "flying around" entail to the user. I mean as it is you are literally flying around, but I guess you meant something else. If you meant like actually flying above other players who may have land mounts, seems a little difficult to pull off for Kingsisle. They would have to change so many things to accommodate players who are flying only a little bit higher, plus this would probably discourage the purchase of land mounts.

Dec 18, 2011
Nice but would never happen as KI would need to change the program and maps around to fit this in and its more work then they would like.

May 16, 2009
While it would be fun, the way the game and its maps are planned out, it wouldn't work as well as you might think it would. Flying mounts work best in a very large, open world type of game, but Wizard101 is not really an open world. The maps generally are small to medium sized, and there are a lot of enclosed areas for us to explore in where flying mounts would probably be disabled. Also, flying mounts would render a lot of the challenge and risk of traversing areas with enemies absolutely trivial, leading to another can of worms that might have to be addressed.

Perhaps an option for mounts that hover off the ground that lets them adjust their height would be better instead of cloud touching mounts.

Aug 03, 2016
If you take a flying mount to Mooshu it can 'coast' on its wings.

Mooshu has large open spaces.