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Oct 14, 2008
I am so excited that everyone liked this idea and i hope wizard implements this into their new world expansion or updates! I know this would be a big hit and everyone would find a common ground with this activity. There are so many different ways you can spin this activity which is great for wizard!

here is some more fish name ideas

ice shark
Fire Fin
Moodring Fish
Star Bright Fish
Evergreen Eel

Keep adding your ideas , and the more input wizard will have to imput this activity hopfully in the future into wizard.

Jun 22, 2009
Definitely a good idea ~ But it would depend on how they develop it, though I'd definitely love to be able to go fishing, maybe even be able to fish out a pet or two c:

Would be awesome to see this in the Spiral XD

Dec 08, 2011
This would be amazing! You could keep the fish as pets or house decorations, make them snacks for your pet or sell them! With them maybe you could catch other things like Treasure cards, snacks, coins, reagents, or maybe even boots and jewelry.
A few ideas for types of fish:
Balance Betta
Blizzard Blowfish
Frost Fin
Doom Dace
Terrible Trout
Burning Bass
Ember Eel
Mysterious Mackerel
Fairy Fin (or Fairy Fish)
Healing Herring
Stormy Shark

Mar 02, 2010
I think this is a great idea as well, and I also really like the bait idea for catching various fishes.

Jan 27, 2010
May 11, 2012
I absolutely LOVE the idea of adding fishing to Wizard101. I really hope they do this. And, I love all the ideas you guys are putting out there on how they can do it. Keep up the good work fellow wizards!

Nov 14, 2010
snacks! lol and make it in commons but only members can catch mega snacks that give more than 10 xp

Jan 28, 2012
I thought of a great new aspect that can be added to the game - Fishing!

Please post here if you like this idea and want to see this idea in the game!


Why Fishing
Fishing can give you a lot of rewards based on your level and how much effort you put into it.
Possible rewards:
Pet Snacks
House Trophies!
New Gear Items!

How will this new system work
First of all you need to start a quest in Celestia where you need to catch a rare fish. At the end of it you will get a new fisherman rank and badge that you can start fishing with.
Every new realm you will find a new fishing master NPC that wil give you quests to move up the ranks ladder. (Everything until now is similar to crafting except you start at Celestia)
So how do you fish?
First you will need to find Treasure Cards used to catch fish. They can be obtained from shops, drops and crafting. each card will have a rank and will cost Energy to use. higher rank cards will cost more energy, have a lower success rate and require higher fisherman rank BUT can yield better rewards. also the higher rank the card, the harder it will be to obtain.

There Should be two types of fishing in my opinion, each yields different kind of rewards:
Underwater Fishing:
You find a randomly generated fish to catch when going underwater (for example in Celestia) and use your Spells to try and catch it.
Reward types:
House Trophies:
- Fish that you hang on your house walls to show your skill or exchange unique fish for a fishing trophy.
- Catch live fish for a unique aquarium in your house. (craft an aquarium matching the fish type you caught)

River/Lake Fishing:
You find a randomly generated fish spots in river and lake and use your spells to try and catch something out of the spot.
Reward types:
Reagents - Mist Wood up to Ultra-rare Amber!
Pet Snacks - Up to rank 8 snacks!
New Gear Items - Decorative new fisherman outfit up Energy boosting items and rare unique wands

So there you have it. I think this could had a lot to wizard101. Please feel welcome to post any comments or ideas here. If you support this and like to see fishing in the game please post it so this Idea will stay live.

Jun 22, 2013
I would like to know where the DEVs stand on Fishing?

With the end of Morganthe coming very soon and the end of the second story arc, I would just love to have another Profession. Now Gardening, Crafting and even Pet Training are all wonderful things in there own right, there is just something about Fishing that would do awesome in this game.

Now here are some ideas you can play with:
Have a Shark NPC (From Celestia) open a Fishing Shack across from the Library (just remove the building)
His Quest to start us on our Fishing Journey would entail us to catch some fish from all over Wizard City for a out of his world Lunch. He would then give us a Celestia Fishing Rod
(First New Type of Equipment since Launch) that would have the skill to catch any Basic Fish in the Spiral and then hand a list of Fish he would want from areas around Wizard City.
Each areas would have its own Fish: Type Fish in the Commons, Type Fish in Unicorn Way, Type Fish in Colossus Boulevard, Type Fish in Olde Town, Type Fish in Cyclops Lane, Type Fish in Triton Avenue, Type Fish In Firecat Alley (Would need to add a source of Water somewhere within the Alley), / Type Fish could be underwater fish and be found in Crab Alley, and now I wouldn't call this area part of Wizard City but you could add Type Fish to the Garden of Hesperides in Aquila.

At the end of the quest we would return his Fishing Rod and his requested fish and he would reward us with a Basic Wizard Fishing Rod, Our First Fishing Badge and a Wizard City Fish Sandwich Pet Snack (Free Mega Snack).

He then would go about telling us that there is a secret underground Fishing Club through out all the worlds of the Spiral and would give his Fishing Club Licence to let us Fish throughout the worlds because he was ready to retire.

That would let us meet and have Fishing type PvP (Fishing Competition) throughout ever single world! Think Big or Go Home!