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Fire School needs more advantages.

Dec 20, 2008
The fire school is considered the second strongest by most. But, It doesn't seem like then when Fire from Above only hits one person and typically kills them but, Stormbug squall isn't op, when its SPAMMED in pvp instantly killing anyone 20 levels lower then its user.

Not to mention other schools have spells that do Global damage, overtime and taunts, or weaknesses, and whats fire get?

Just a useless 3 round overtime damage that doesn't do anything. And the only way to actually get something good out of our school is make a suit based off of critical entirely or, farm some annoying dungeon Twenty Million times.

So, this is just a few ideas on how FIRE SCHOOL could get some actual advantages that aren't completely obliterated by STORM ICE, AND EVERY OTHER SCHOOL IN THE GAME.

Better Overtime-Overtime damage would be permanent UNLESS a spell such as TRIAGE, or MASS TRIAGE was used. damage from the overtime would be half that of the original damage If not that, then at least make it higher damage then it is now.

Better Resistance-From my experience, Fire has terrible resistance, unless i go farm Waterworks (the worst dungeon and gear in the entire game) 50000 times, or Tartarus (a fun dungeon where terrible players leave in the middle because they want to help their other friend.) And the drop rates are annoyingly low.

Slight damage increase-Just a slight damage increase would be helpful for people who try to solo as a fire wizard (I've heard its hard) And this would also make more sense, considering ICE has the highest RESISTANCE, but its opposite has SECOND highest damage? That does not make sense. Its opposite should at least have the HIGHEST damage.

I doubt this has convinced anyone that the fire school needs SOME sort of advantage, since most people will probably reply "But the game is meant to be balanced." Anyway, if you see ANYTHING in the fire school that could be improved upon to make it more fair for players who DO NOT farm, or SOLO, or just something to improve the school IN GENERAL, please, leave a comment. Or, if you know a way to become stronger IN the fire school without having to farm, let me know.

(P.S I am almost level one hundred, and I still have trouble with monsters in Zafaria)

Jan 27, 2012
You really like caps, dont you?
You clearly have only one wizard because every other school has to farm for the best gear or craft the second best.
Fire isnt alone there.
Now, did you just say the WW gear is the worst gear in the game? It can easily last someone through Azteca (3 whole worlds if theyre leveling ~10 levels per world) and if you're like me and dont like Tartarus, you can do most of Khrysalis with it.

Fire has pretty good resist, damage, critical, and health. What is lacks in is critical block and accuracy. But you cant have everything, so deal with it.

You complain about fires new shadow spell not being AoE, but myth had to use their level 22 or 42 spell up until level 100 while every other school got a new one. So again, dont complain. You still have meteor, fire dragon, rain of fire, and sun serpent. All of which are more than capable of big damage.

Fire also gets a lovely trap called Backdraft. Take out all your pips and put on this super trap that causes everything to die in one round.

In pvp, storm may spam bugs. (I dont understand how when shadow pips are pretty hard to get), but you can always use that maxed out annoying heckhound that will take out anything in its path.

So please, stop complaining that fire doesnt have enough. Its one of the best schools if someone knows how to properly use it.

Nov 24, 2014
I agree. The fire school should have some advantages.
Over time attacks are OK, but what if the enemy kills you
while you waiting for the overtime to work? And don't forget
the accuracy of fire. It also not just fire. Storm accuracy is
just as bad as fire. Other schools have better accuracy and
they still rarely fizzle. And yes, Fire resistance is terrible.
While the enemies in the game have amazing Fire resistance,
Wizards who are fire have barely any fire resistance.

Dec 22, 2012
I don't want to be rude but this is completely ridiculous. Overtime buff does not need to be added. Fire dragon,rain of fire, and heck hound do really good damage and triage is just something any other school with over times have to deal with. Damage increase? You said it yourself; Fire is the second strongest school. That's all that needs to be said. Wait wait wait, don't let me get started on the part about resist buff. If fire gets a resist buff then every school in the game should get a resist buff which they already did. Please stop complaining about farming for gear. IF you don't work for something, you should not be able to get it. Be lucky that the fire malistair gear is actually fair compared to the ice gear. Soloing as a fire is easy. With a such high balance of every stat in the game, you should be able too get through it easy ( unless you are just completely incompetent at fighting a boss fight on your own ). Fire has a big advantage. They can keep good health with amazing damage and critical unlike any other school in the game.

Dec 16, 2009
Rofl I had to laugh when reading this. Among serious PvPers Fire is considered the top tier 1v1 PvP school while Storm is bottom tier. Your problems with Fire sem from your unwillingness to farm for the best gear. Go farm for the best gear-train a good pet and utilize jewels and violia all of Fire's perceived problems disappear.

Jan 11, 2012
personally, the ONLY thing I think fire could use, is another single hit AoE spell. The last one we got was Meteor. I don't count sun serpent because it's primary function is to damage one with a massive attack, while hitting dishing out smaller AoE damage. Your opinion of SS of course, may vary.

Sep 07, 2014
Not to be rude, but I have to agree with Eric Stormbringer and Angelis Ashrider.

It is kind of ridiculous.

I used to play on Cori ShadowDust, a now level 63 fire wizard, and I'm able to last in a Winterbane Dungeon (tier 5) all alone with level 25 gear, a horrible pet, and no good stuff in my deck or good stats in my gear just fine.

The damage overtime that fire has is good enough. Its so powerful even with my level 25 gear O.o Critical isn't needed to make overtime damage useful... just get a little bit of fire damage and you'll do fine :D Damage overtime can help you remove unwanted fire shields so that you can cast powerful fire spells, get the opponent's health down a little so that in the next round you can kill them immediately, etc.

Fire can do weaknesses too; just add a few weakness treasure cards in your deck and use an Efreet. Global damage is also included (I think global damage is all-enemy attacks... right?? :P Sorry if I'm wrong D:) because we have Meteor Strike, Fire Dragon, Sun Serpent... there's lots more :O

Yes, 3-round overtime damage does something. Its actually pretty good :O In my balance wizard, I summoned a fire elemental minion once while battling a boss with 8320 health. While I was gone to eat, I came back and the minion made the boss' health go all the way down to 4320.

Isn't that amazing??? :DD

Although fire does have terrible resistance, we do have gems for a reason :3 But it would be nice if fire wizards' universal resistance did increase a little... but not necessary :3

I just got one thing to say to you:
Look at things from a different angle! Be creative with your school;
With persistence comes victory - Greyrose

Correct me if I'm wrong with anything; I lost my intelligence for W101 a little after not playing it for a year >.<

** sorry if there's any grammatical or spelling mistakes D:
~~ wave your wand with confidence. cast your spell with hope. ~~ - Kelly (Balance wizard)

Jun 22, 2010
He's right, Fire needs more advantages. Can we please have more health points and attack points? I never won a PVP ever, and I'm lvl 45.

Jul 26, 2011
Fire is mostly fine as is. The only thing I'd want changed is a slight damage increase (we're talking about 3-4% more damage on gear), a solid AOE hit (like Meteor Strike), and a proper heal because lets face it, Link and Power Link only give back 200-600 health and isn't worth the waste of pips.

Feb 24, 2009
I had trouble taking this seriously.

Fire is great at questing.
Fire is great in stats.
Fire is great in damage AND resist (they sit similar in resist and among the top in damage).
Fire is great in PvP.

Where's the problem? No school other than ice has good stats from normal gear. Every school gets good gear from either crafting or farming (or serious luck).

DoTs are super scary. And if they aren't, you have great tools: Krampus, Brimstone, meteor, sun serpent, FFA, Efreet, King Artorius, and soon-to-be Burning Rampage are all insanely strong spells and scale well in PvP and in terms of damage and questing.

Game balance is super important: if fire had the highest damage, storm would be even worse than it already is (it's pretty bad already).

If you're having trouble with Zafarian mobs at 100, then it's not gear, that's just a gameplay and mechanics issue. You don't understand the fire school is Zafaria gives you issues. I have zero trouble with Khrysalis bosses and mobs unless there are cheats. Yes, I have good gear, but that's because you have to invest time in the game as any school. Also, I sure hope you have the sun school damage enchantments (e.g. Giant, Monstrous, Gargantuan, Colossal, etc...), otherwise no wonder you're having trouble.

@Megan Link and Power Link are amazing in PvP. Shield breakers and heal saves you pips from healing and using a fire elf. Power link can critical and the health back is awesome considering you're hitting about 1000 (assuming you have enchantments)