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fire house

Sep 02, 2009
The fire house, no offense, but it is not that good. You should make a better one. If you compare it to the other houses, it is NOTHING. Please make it better. Tell me if you will K.I!

Thanks, Even Redblood Lv.56 Fire

Feb 14, 2010
Agreed, although the initial view is awesome, it is not a very good layout for a castle. It feels cramped and barren.
My Fire went with a Grizzleheim house.

Sep 02, 2009
I don't even think the outdoors is good! Well, I think it is ok, but it is awful if you pay 100,000 gold or 10,000 crowns. In fact, I think the 50,000 gold grand fortress is better even if it coated 100,000 gold! I should've bought the grand fortress when I had 120,000 gold.( Not to brag or anything)

Apr 11, 2011
There is really too much left to be desired with the Fire House. I bought one and it filled quickly! I was not gardening, at the time, but I can just imagine the pain that would have been! Also, the re-sale value is adding "insult to injury" so I kept it - it is a warehouse for the junk we accumulate on our quests :) The castle I got after the fire house is also full Ugh! - maybe we should have an opportunity to purchase "additions" to the castle(s) we already have :)