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Feedback Friday 9-28-12

Mar 16, 2009
I would totally wanna be a nerd!They have awesome hand shakes and are funny (their laughs are awesome too!)! Maybe have a vampire pet or werewolf? That Would be EPIC!!!

Jul 09, 2010
I can't believe I forgot!

Please, please, please give us an alternative to the current girls Halloween hat. I love that hat, but I hate the fake hair. Please give us another one that looks exactly the same - but like other hats - shows the girls real hair.

Also, I wish the girls could also wear the hat part for the boys version. Not the skull face- but that great crooked top hat :-)

I do wish though that the girls that want to could wear the whole boys version of the current Halloween suit. It is a great costume, but only if you have a boy character.

Also could we have a new version of the girls Halloween Dress that isn't tattered, just old styled and witchie looking?

Nov 09, 2010
anyone remember Mortisha from the Adams family her outfit rocked that would be a cool outfit.

even down to the hair with the streak of white through it oh wait was that the lady from the Munsters lol I dont know but cool look.
: :D

Aug 02, 2011
Jul 02, 2012
MellatrixLestrange wrote:
Plus being able to dress in the same outfits as antagonists such as Malistaire and Morganthe would be awesome as costumes too.

Exactly what I was thinking! Love this. I would probably want to wear it all the time. haha

Aug 12, 2011
Jan 31, 2011
Great ideas Wizards!

Fun fact: I tried to be Krokopatra one year for Halloween, but that year, every store was sold out of Croc masks for months! I couldn't find one anywhere!

Another Feedback Friday coming up shortly!

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