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Feedback Friday 9-24-10

Community Leader
Yes, world access should remain as it is.

Some players enjoy taking a break from the linear transition of Start to Finish. Most of us enjoy the challenge of using our Level 20 Wizards in Dragonspyre, especially when the difficulty has been tweaked as of late. When we've mastered a lot of the game concepts and tricks to the point where questing from 1 to 50 is a breeze, the indirect difficulty increase feeds players' needs for something "different" than the game's storyline. In a way, it gives a feel that we've entered a "new world" when we don't have every available spell to defeat high ranked monsters.

Feb 08, 2009
I think you should make like a special version for them that has the right levels so they have better chances of winning and losing so like a 50-50 chance so in Dragonspyre say a level 10 wizard wants to go make some monsters like around their area so they can have fun to so not everyone is asking people "Can you take me to Mooshu" or "Can you take me to Dragonspyre and help me with my quests since i'm to low of a level?"

Dec 24, 2009
doesnt matter if they go or not. if they are not ready they will eventually see it. and if they wanna stay i think is beacuse their strategy is good. if they wanna go or not will be up to the wizard decision. i think sometimes we need help in places that our friends havent been and they could help, if you block them then they will not be able to help. blocking will do more damage than good. because this game is about helping we wizards helping each other this will deffinetly affect that in a big way. but again is your game.

Nov 15, 2009
I am against a world lock. I think players should be to play wherever they feel comfortable and productive.

Some "older" players say "younger" characters are rude, insensitive and impulsive. However, many higher level players and characters are perceived in the same way. Social awareness, common courtesy and impulse control are not necessarily acquired as characters Level Up. It isn't the animated character that is rude - it is the player behind the character. A rude or impulsive player will be rude and impulsive at Level 50, as well as at Level 5. A world lock wouldn't prevent rude or insensitive behavior - it would just stratify it by level. You might as well segregate characters by hair color or pet choice - it would be as just as effective at improving the behavior of the players behind them.

Porting into a higher world allows players to experiment with new spells or techniques. Many spells are received before they are needed, and before the wizard character is strong enough to use them effectively. Porting into a higher level world with a supportive and accommodating friend can provide an opportunity to stretch some new muscles, or try out new strategies.

Porting younger players into an instance also allows solo players to play the game.

The majority of the game is designed to be successfully played by a solo wizard. Prior to the very end of Dragon Spyre and Grizzleheim, there are only 2 or 3 optional instances that can't be defeated by a solo wizard at the appropriate level. (Sunken City, Grumash Greataxe, Kensington Station usually can't be defeated by a solo wizard at the time they first encounter them. Exceptions occur, but are rare.)

This pattern of challenging and nurturing solo game play suddenly changes in the last level of Dragon Spyre and Grizzleheim. Malistaire's Lair in the last level of Dragon Spyre, and the Raven Fortress in the last level of Grizzleheim typically can not be completed by a solo wizard.

The requirements for a successful helper in these instances is not high. The helper needs to be able to occupy a slot on the battle sigil. His or her role here is primarily to draw fire for a few rounds, so that four large enemies do not concentrate all their attacks on the first battle position. If the helper can assist to any extent with boosts, shields or attacks, that is a bonus, but is not required. Basically, all you need is a warm body. (A Level 20 Henchman works fine for these instances, but somehow that feels like cheating.)

In Malistaire's Lair, the helper must also occupy a physical position to provide a port destination for the main player. Once again, you need a warm body. A Henchman can not do this.

Without this work-around, it is not possible to complete the game as a solo player.

Brisk Breeze Tower and the Warehouse, the latest towers added in Wizard City and Marleybone, can not be completed by a solo player. However, as these are both optional towers (at this point), I am guessing that KI expects solo players to level up a bit and then come back, just as they do now for Sunken City, Grumash Greataxe, and Kensington Station.

However, if KI continues to create Towers that require at least one additional "warm body" to complete, they should also allow younger players to port in to fill this need. Solo players would otherwise be excluded from continuing the storyline.

Jun 20, 2009
I think you should lock the worlds, but leave the dungeons open for boosting newbie chars.

Mar 19, 2009
I think things are fine as is, and if you dont want people porting to you during questing, just lock your ports. After all, there are some people who have beat the game numerous of times and just wanna try different schools, but have a hard time when they are lvl five so they train with friends in areas such as Mooshu.

~Samantha Shadowstalker

Aug 06, 2009
Actually, I Think Both Would NOT Work. I Think Level Restrictions Should Be Added. Here Are The Restrictions:

Wizard City= Everyone
Krokotopia= Level 7 and up
Grizzleheim=Level 17 and up
Marleybone= Level 20 and up
Mooshu= Level 30 and up
Dragonspyre= Level 30 and up
Celestia= Level 30 and up


Jun 20, 2010
The first clue you are off is "should wizards be able", because that implies limitations on gamers and this is a game. This is also a self policing issue as wizards who jump forward to worlds they don't have access to can't get all the quests.

The discussion should therefore be "why aren't wizards able" because any subscribed wizard should be able to go anywhere. Let them be limited by their ability not arbitrary rules.

Jul 26, 2009
I personally say a big NO. I earned the right to be there and should not be bothered with wizards who have not.

If you dont restrict it at least let the person who start the battles decide on a level cap of players allowed into the fight with them. You could also give a wizard the option of allowing no one or just friends to join their battles.

Aug 25, 2010
All wizards should go by the story line !! No porting allowed to levels they have not reached in the storyline!!!! :)

James Soulhunter
Level 49

Apr 21, 2010
I learned a lot about strategy by farming with wizards many levels higher.
I also learned which spells would be helpful in a group.
Most of the time, the battle ended before I could launch a decent attack anyway.

'Porting is all about timing.
I've had wizards close in level to me 'port in and then flee - as well as low level wizards.
I think the issue is more about proper etiquette than level of the wizard.

Getting early glimpses of higher level worlds is fun.
It's not like we can get very far anyway.
Most areas of each world are locked away by quest pre-requisites.
And the areas that aren't are quite dangerous - which gives a bit of a thrill as we explore, but there isn't much benefit beyond that, so no reason to stick around long.

It's working fine as is for me.

Nov 21, 2009
May 16, 2010
angelbright wrote:
Well Professor Falmea,

I wont mind if low level Wizards can port to Celestia just to have a look on what they will expect to fight after they unlock it but only in case of not being able to enter into battles, only just to watch (something like locking their battle abilities in Celestia world if they are under Level 50 or 48 ) :D . If this cant happen then I am somehow against it as after entering the battlefield they will bring extra monsters which they will not be able to help fight them . So it is a big NO in that case. :?
Now in case of a Level 48 Wizards, they may come in handy as they may help the Wizards who fight in Celestia World as they have their full Spells.

All the best and may our wands never fizzle.

I completely agree! You took the words out of my mouth, in fact. :-) I think its alright if the ll only have access to like shops because some school quest have to be put off a long time. But disable them from fighting or entering a fight.

Jun 09, 2010
Depends here is a suggestion to clear this up.
Here is what i think if you put in an acceptance system where if you are a lower level (by at most 10) than who your teleporting to then it sends a request to the teleportie saying "will you allow .... level ... to teleport to you?" if yes than they teleport if no a message comes back to the teleporter saying "sorry your friend dosent want you to teleport to him/her please try again later." and if you do it more than 5 times in 2 min it will disable teleport to some one for whatever time.

Jun 01, 2010
Hello Everyone,
I thought that I would put in my two cents worth lol.
Personally, I feel that if one has earned the right to go into that world, porting to that world, or anywhere in that world should be allowed. However; if one has not completed a quest to enter a world, example one is a level five, and wants to go to dragonspyre, then I believe that they should not be allowed to port. It is for this reason that I do not have that many friends on my buddy list. I feel cheated when others port in on my high level when they are a low level, and have not earned the right to be there.

Mar 13, 2009
Cosino wrote:
well what you should do is when the try to teleport give us a box thats says:
Do you want "Name of character" level "whatever" to teleport to you?
that is a great response i think :D

I think this is the simplest and most effective idea. My similar idea is to only allow teleports that are invited by the higher level player. I was invited to Wizard101 by a friend who took me to worlds as he achieved them. Seeing these worlds is the reason I became a member. Now I have 2 Grandmasters and three up and coming younger ones. I have in turn invited several friends to come and join our play.

Taryn Trollwalker

Nov 09, 2009

I have two accounts, with four wizards on each, six of them Grandmasters. It really helps a great deal in the beginning, when I create a new wizard, to level up quickly by going into Dragonspyre with one of my grand wizards to fight in a few dungeons. I would really hate to see that opportunity taken away.

Perhaps an idea to remedy the problems this creates in other situations, would be for a lower level wizard (one which has not EARNED the right to be there yet), to be prevented from jumping into a fight UNLESS someone on his friend list is in that battle. I believe this would solve most of the problems.

Trevor SparkleStone

Nov 07, 2009
I have another thought about the limitations for the lower level wizards. How about if they are somehow linked to their friend they ported to in the higher level worlds. They can only join in fights that their friends are in and have to leave that world if their friend leaves. That way they will not be "bothering" others who have earned the right to be there, but can still play with their friends/family.

Jun 19, 2010
Well no because they are not ready for the world yet.Dont spoil the game just have fun when you unlock it you unlock it.

Aug 27, 2009
i think that it should be ok to teleport to friends in worlds you don`t have access to, but it should not be any quests for you there.

Nov 26, 2008
As a GRAND BALANCE AND LIFE!!! Yes I think they should be able to but I think they should have to ask before porting but thats why we have the option to turn the port on or off so if you dont want a lower lvl porting to you you should turn off your port option I think its awesome cause some people love to see the other worlds and the more they see and like it they want to stay with the game and reach that part and also me and my friends anytime we make new wizards we take each other to lvl up so we can do the first quests without help!!! All the people saying no well thats your opnion but I think we should keep it just like it is!!!!! Who knows one day you may need that lower lvl to port to you to help heal you or anything when your in a battle and no one else is on to help!!!!

Aug 14, 2009
I say yes :D I honestly would really like to see Celestia.. but i haven't yet.. Also i'd like to see ds, i already have seen it by porting to my friends, but still... Anyway I think its a great idea for them to explore other worlds, but how about they pay gold for it? Not too much though.. I don't have very much gold, so. Yes they need to be higher then level 5.. I just want to go see Celestia.

Jul 03, 2009

Your kids, grand kids, parents and grand parents should be able to teleport to you anywhere in the game at any level.

If you don't want someone porting to you then delete them or turn port off. Problem solved.

Silly Question

Grandmaster Storm Boris
Grandmaster Death Angus
Grandmaster Life Gabriel etc

May 16, 2010
OK Here goes another post. I have read page after page after page of reasons why or why not porting should be allowed. I know I will offend alot of people here but I have to say this. I see alot of whining about leveling up quickly by porting to other worlds. Come on people, the game has a story line for a reason!!!! It has side quests FOR A REASON!!!! I'm tired of people always wanting the easy way out, and porting to higher levels "to level up quickly" is just plain LAZY!!!! As I have said before, I have to sons that also play the game and they have had to EARN every level, as I have. Myself, I am only a level 37 at this point, and I love going through ALL the quests no matter how long, boring or frustrating they may be.

Also, everyone keeps talking about having someone port to you or a request being sent to port to you. Have you really thought how annoying and distracting this could be, especially in a high level battle. But as I suggested before, instead of having people trying to port to you and then you have to decide to allow them or not, why not have it so you can invite someone to port to you! You should know the abilities of your friends and therefore know who would be best suited to help you. If you invite them and lose the battle then you can blame yourself and not someone else for doing so.

I will say this one more time, people are being LAZY by trying to level up faster than the storyline allows!!! What is the point of the story line if all people are going to do is bypass it.

Jul 12, 2010
I'm not worried about friends randomly porting in to me when I'm in a fight because I'm very selective in who I friend (usually people I've fought a few battles with and get a vibe for). The problem is people who ported through someone else finding their way to you.

While I appreciate wanting to level your character up quickly or getting some cool gear to either sell or set aside for later, I wish people were more respectful. My 43rd level death guy is taking a risk when he casts a feint. The fifth level guy who wastes it with a wand spell isn't.

If possible, I think people should only be allowed to port in to higher levels if they're there to help a true friend. I've occasionally asked a friend who's got a storm guy in MB for help in DS. He's great and we've learned how to work together so we don't take one another's traps. When I was in MB, I used to port into Mooshoo to help a friend there. I love that aspect of the game, that we can help out one another.

However, I know both of these people in real life. We've talked strategies together. If I knew I could rely on people who were 30 levels below me to respect my feints and not kill them with an imp, I wouldn't dread them jumping into my battles.