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Feedback Friday 9-24-10

Feb 19, 2010
No, I do not believe wizards should be able to enter areea's they do not have access to. In accordance to this I also do not believe wizards should be given quests to areas they are unable to get to at the time they are given the quests. If wizards are given quests to areas they Can't get to I firmly believe they should be allowed access to the area to do "said quest" and only that quest.
As it stands right now, there are alot of people who do NOT complete Colossus Boulevard because they are sent to Krokotopia before they enter
Colossus Boulevard. This area truly is a "vital" area in the game because if it is not completed wizards are unable to complete the other quest they are sent bback there to do later on in the game.

Aug 28, 2010
I think that people should be able to port to places they don't have yet because they paid to get it. If the person they port to doesn't want anyone to port to them they could just turn their port off so people can't port to them.

Nov 15, 2009
I think they should have to earn the way to the other worlds. the XP granted in places like MB and MS are huge to a young player and they just level too quickly. No pain no gain is what this wizard says.

Aug 11, 2009
Jan 23, 2010
If a person pays for the game, who cares? They are with their friends and nine times out of ten they already have other wizards that are higher levels or grands! For lords sake, how many more restrictions do you want. It supposed to be a family game. If you are higher level than you kid and they want to see how you play to get through a level, then sooooooooooooooo WHAT? That is all part of skill building. And while we are talking about it, give back the ability to trade made cards. You guys are making a killing off having to buy cards and costing 2500 and way upward for the better cards from the bazaar. You make it hard to craft as well when we are in need of cards that are not from our school, but hardly ever found at the bazaar, like helephant and others that cant just be bought at random from the library. Change the crafting or limit the PVP to only bought cards. Everyone should not have to suffer due to a pack of idiots trying to get over!

See you in the Sprial ~~~~ IRIDIAN LEGENDHUNTER

May 15, 2009
Yes Wizards should be able to port to worlds they havn't. I personally do so it would be a bummer for me and others like me. :D :-) :) :-) :D

Jul 18, 2010
You have all kinds of "do not" chat safeguards, build in a Do Not Disturb that Wizards can activate or deactivate as they choose when they are in a high end battle if they do not wish to have lower level friends teleport to them. The lock out could block specific levels at each stage of the storyline or could block out others to the fight altogether should they choose not to be bothered. I rather think it defeats the idea.

So, first, it is not a totally free service. We pay for the privilege of access to these areas, whether we choose to be surprised and move along by way of the storyline or jump ahead it should be the players choice. If you block completely jumping around, you will lose a substantial number of subscribers.

Second, these rapid risers sometimes have a legitimate reason for doing so. Many parents are on here ,both to interact with and, to protect their children. If they choose to level up faster so they can assist their children and keep all members involved, I for one, am all for it.

Third, again, it comes around to money. These players who are on adrenaline highs will spend money on equipment, mounts and accessories. They won't if their play areas are restricted. Loss of this potential income through loss of subscriptions could result in either the site closing or higher subscription rates to compensate for those that remain because of this loss .

Fourth, I did some of this Spiral World jumping at the invitation of friends. I started out as a free player and if I had had to stay withing the storyline progression I would still be a free access player. But because the worlds they were in were paid areas I spent crowns to be able to go with them on the adventures. It was eye-opening and after several of these area purchases, I subscribed. Because I did, two of my children are subscribers and now I have 5 grandchildren, 2 great nephews and 2 friends who are on and subscribe.

If this becomes mandatorily restricted in advancement by storyline, I will be cancelling my subscription, and imagine that I will be followed by most of those who joined from my family, at the very least, because of the current freedom and challenges.

May 09, 2010
I have weighed both sides of the story and as a grandmaster with five other characters leveling up, I'm leaning more towards not allowing anyone in unless they are at least ten levels near the level of the higher level world. I mean they need to earn it. I know I've been in a few jams, but died because I kept my port closed worrying that someone would port uninvited. It is extremely annoying when someone ports in on a battle in a higher lvl world. It is for this reason that I have not added any lower level friends lately (unfortunate) and if I do (rarely) I tell them before-hand not to port EVER without asking or "delete." On a sidenote, if they keep things the way they are it would be wonderful if the creators of wizard101 could somehow figure out a way that you could close or open your port DURING a battle.

Dec 21, 2008
I think lower level wizards should be able to teleport to higher level areas because I need my brother's help a lot in Krokotopia and Grizzleheim even though he isn't a high enough level because he's a life wizard and knows many healing spells, unlike me, who's only healing spell is a pixie.

Jun 03, 2009
WHAT! NO! heres what i think!

Ok So There Are Restrictions NOT locks

Krokatopia: Level 1 - 7 Not Allowed
Grizzleheim: Level 1 - 16 Not Allowed
Marlybone: 1 - 20 Not Allowed
Mooshu: 1 -30 Not Allowed
Dragonspire: 1 - 35 Not Allowed
Celestia: 1 - 45 Not Allowed

Anyone over 45 is allowed ANYWHERE!

Thanks! Please Take My Advice.

Jun 06, 2010
without the quest, I also think security settings should be tweeked to not allow ports until you chat with someone first.

May 10, 2010
I think they should:

1- if they didn't get a spiral key to there, an extra monster should not join

2-if somebody joins a battle, the person who joined the earliest in the battle that is still there, should get an invite asking if they want them in the fight or not

3-instead of drops from that world, the lower lvls should get gear that is around thier lvl. it can get real annoying when a lvl five can make a better profit than you with Celestia gear

4- if they get in a fight, then only let one monster come in, and give them a 10% boost to every attack on the monster so that it could make it easy for people without the spiral key

ps: when is the new lvl cap happening? I am stuck on 50 and I want to get higher. I also saw things about a new life spell called "Poison Ivy" and I really want to get it

Trevor Goldenstaff, lvl 50 life

Feb 28, 2010
Professor Falmea wrote:
Hi folks! It's that time again...

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!

This week, we'd like to get your opinion on lower level wizards teleporting to friends in higher level areas. On one hand, it's a nice way to let those who are not as far along in the game get a peek-see at new sights, and even get an extra jump on earning experience. However, it does take it's toll when a level 5 Wizard jumps into a fight with you in, say, Dragonspyre, which is obviously over their heads and bring extra monsters to the fight and leaves you with the mess to clean up. Not fun.

So, please weigh in. Should wizards be able to teleport into world that they haven't earned access to through the storyline?

No I do Not think lower level Wiz's should be allowed into an area they have not earned their way into. I worked my way through each level and learned and earned as I went. It is frustrating to be fighting in any of the higher level realms and have a level 10 or 15 run into the fight and then want you to heal them :(
I agree everyone should have fun with the game but that also applies to the ones who have worked their way up realm by realm. But lol having a Much lower level come in with only wands and 1 or 2 pip spells does takes the fun out of it for us :)
Or maybe as an alternative allow only one realm up ie: in WC allow MB but allow No marking to return alone.
Thank you for allowing us our opinions and input :)

Scarlet - Grandmaster Fire
Alexandria - Grandmaster Ice
Amber - Grandmaster Life
Esmee - Grandmaster Death
Cheyenne - Grandmaster Balance
Sierra - New Grandmaster Myth :)

Aug 13, 2010
Yes I don't think wizards should be allowed to teleport to worlds they have not earned. That's part of the fun of the game, new world.

Apr 15, 2010
i hate how people ejust port to you without asking and i think newbies under level 45 are not aloud to port to worlds they havent unlocked yet. I HATE PEOPLE COMING AND GOING AS THEY PLEASE!!!!! a guy almost got me banned because he teleported to me in grand chasm, labyrinth, great spyre, and plaza of conquests.

Mar 07, 2009
This is a questing game that follows a storyline...do the quests, follow the story...level up and move to the next area. I have two accounts(nine characters) that I use. I have not once jumped ahead of the quests.
I love the game...enjoy!!

Jan 24, 2010
I'm really sick of random level fives popping in on me, while i am in DragonSpyre. They are way over their heads and make me do all the work. Plus my brother has a character who pretty much only does quests from different worlds. It's how he gets stuck with one main quest and nothing to do.

Jan 31, 2009
yah they should because if they have earned lvl 50 friends they they should be allowed to. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

May 01, 2009
I think any wizard should be able to port into worlds they havent earned, for one reason, you might earn things easier for other characters on your list, also if one character has more gold then each other person you have you can go to the world that you need a robe, hat, boots and more. Thanks :) *Willam Shadowbreaker*

Oct 10, 2008
tme101 wrote:
Let them. It isnt fair when someone wants to go somewhere and cant. THINK IF THAT WAS YOU PEOPLE! Just think about it. Anyone should be allowed at kt gh mb ds ca and mu. And dont make people pay to play please? :D

I think you're wrong. I did think if it was me, i would want to go to all the other worlds, but the whole point of the game is to train a wizard until its a grandmaster. I wouldn't want low level wizards annoying me when im trying to do quests. And plus, whenever i go to wizard city, i get like 3,000,000,000,000 friend requests from people i dont know that wanna be friends with me just because im high level. Its really annoying.

Kestrel Icedust ~ Lvl 40 Ice/Fire/Balance/Death

Apr 15, 2010
I think the game is brilliant as it is. It's an occasional problem that isn't worth changing the game over. I have two grand wizards and two lower level who all share friends and all have benefited from access through friend porting. Besides, you have the option of turning off friend porting in your settings if you want.

Sep 05, 2008
i dont think lower level people should be able to go to worlds they havent accessed. but like if they have a friend in dragonspyre, i think there should be some thing preventing them from leaving friends in battle with 3 or 4 enemies to clean up.

Dec 25, 2009
No I do not believe that they should be allowed to those of us who have earned the right have fought hard to get there :(

Apr 30, 2010
Dear Falmea,

I think that wizards should be able to go to worlds they have yet not unlocked but they must be a certain lvl. Going to different worlds and exploring with friends are what make Wizard101, well Wizard101. Ever since my brother showed me this website i have been in love with it, but i also love giving a helping hand to friends that need help, but i can't do that if one of my friends are in the next world. I love exploring dragonspyre but i haven't unlocked it yet but i do love it there. Please let wizards go to worlds they haven't unlocked because it is such an awesome experince.

Thank you! :D

Feb 23, 2009
No, I do not think players should be allowed to teleport to their friends that are in worlds they have not been given access to yet. Players should work through the game to get to these worlds. I have done this once and realized that I really should not be here yet. (but it is not bothersome)