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Feedback Friday 9-22-17

Jul 27, 2010
Freshta on Sep 23, 2017 wrote:
My longest night on Wizard101 started around six pm. I took my level 20 or so Myth wizard into Tomb of the Beguiler, solo, not realizing what I'd started. This was August 2009, so no mounts. No henchmen. No dungeon recall. There were more levels to it then than there are now. Also, I didn't know I could set my wizard to "spin" to keep the connection open. Once I started something I thought I had to finish it.

I was new to the game and had no crowns gear, just whatever dropped. I also don't like giving up or, apparently, swallowing my pride long enough to ask for help. It was a perfect storm of ignorance, poverty and grit.

So I soloed Tomb of the Beguiler with my level 20-something Myth wizard. My basic strategy then was kill a mob, be killed myself, run all the way back to hop on the sigil (hoping no one else would go in and reset the instance) and then run all the way back to the battle I'd just lost where I would face one less enemy. Repeat. Repeat. Until I got through that battle and moved on to the next one. Repeat. Repeat.

Most of the time there was four against one, so each battle took upwards of an hour to get through.

As the hour approached midnight I was so deeply invested that, despite the exhausting grind, I kept going - one painful loss then recovery at a time.

I finished around 5am.

Times have changed and I can't do stuff like that anymore. No more 12 hour marathons for me.

(In case you're wondering, it was YEARS before I ever ventured into the Tomb of the Beguiler again! )

Alia Misthaven
Miranda Willowglen - never surrender!
GEEZ, you soloed the Tomb of the Beguiler at level 20? For like 12 hours? BACK IN 2009? That deserves serious respect, I applaud you for that.

Nov 27, 2009
I slept two hours a night because I physically needed to, but I've gone eight days with half an hour a day break for bathroom, eating, etc. I played Wizard101, and I got my balance all the way to level 70, where he still sits now. Ironically, that was a year ago (I've always been a storm personally.)

Oct 29, 2010
ive played it for over 24 hours in a few a lot of times I got disconnected but I would log back on just to level up, either on character or leveling my friends or pets

Aug 19, 2011
It seems like that I need to step my game up. The longest was probably 2 or 3 hours. My optimal one will be doing monstrology, farming, and collecting reagents.

Aug 18, 2011
When Darkmoor was first on test, several of us marathon cheat tested for 3 days, almost continuously. Binged pretty hard for some other new content, and at least one all-night session of farming gear / tower runs when my son and I both hit level 60. Unfortunately now I rarely get more than an hour uninterrupted.

Wow, we have some incredibly dedicated Wizards! You amaze me! ::grin::

New topic coming your way this afternoon!

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