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Feedback Friday 9-15-17

Aug 03, 2016
What is a 'CCG pack?'

Just assuming that means 'pack' of some sort -- definitely, gear I can't get any other way, and mounts. Unusual pets too.

Please make the gear higher stat than what we could win at our level in battles. Please give the gear an awesome card. Same with the pet.

Would love to see it easier to win the entire outfit! How many times have I kept buying and still not gotten that missing hat or boot.

On the common things, please include more of them so I don't keep winning the same towel rack.

Thanks for everything.

Aug 03, 2016
Since my last post requested "please make more (variety) of the common items," I thought it proper that I try to be helpful and add some ideas for that. Others are welcome to also.

It could be really simple things like a texture change on existing items. After a while all my interiors look the same.

Rugs: Different textures, colors, sizes and shapes of rugs.
Plants: Different textures on the plant pot or plant stand.

Trees: All seasons and colors of leaves or blossoms on the trees.

Furniture: You can have the same furniture but please make it dyeable or include different colors or textures in that chair or sofa or desk, in the packs. The same red sofa in all houses, or the same blue set of furniture, gets boring after a while and it's embarrassing because my interior is just like everyone else's as well as my own other houses.

Paintings: Same thing although it's more complex to make a bunch of new paintings, I understand. How about more peaceful subjects since so many are dark or terror topic type of paintings. Something bucolic. More portraits too, but not in garish colors. Need more 'normal' types too. Paintings to fit different types of castles also.

Surfaces! I have things that either are too big for surfaces that exist (the punch bowl and the wooden desk clock are huge, and take up the entire table), or the surfaces do not allow anything to be put on or in them.

So, more shelves, tables, etc., that we can use.

Is it too gauche to ask for a toilet? There is a sink and a tub -- I understand if not.

I love the Tents also and the Caravans. Make great outdoor decorations especially on huge estates.

Basically even if you retexture or recolor or make dyeable some existing 'common items,' it would be GREAT, because that gives us a lot more to work with! Thanks.

Aug 03, 2016
So many great ideas in this topic.
This is in response to Captain Aureus' suggestion "the mount could even be a mini sub."

I got a mental image of another type of mount, meant for underwater -- flippers! Those flippers you wear on your feet when you are a deep sea diver?

Underwater the flippers would make the person 'swim' gracefully along and at a faster speed than without.

Out of water, the person would walk just like a person does in flippers poolside -- kind of awkwardly -- only faster because it's a mount. So it would still get them along at 40 or 50 percent faster rate, just, kind of walking like a duck on land.

It would encourage people to use them for underwater battles of course, unless the person had a sense of humor about the game. They'd still work on land.

A modern type of outfit to go with it, maybe a wetsuit and goggles, or whatever, might be nice also. Dyeable and with stats and/or card.

There are a lot of fish pets -- is there a starfish pet or an octopus or a seahorse pet? How about an octopus mount as well, come to think of it.


A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
I agree with Cemirror, and also with those who asked not to have so many 'ordinary' items mixed into Hoard and Lore packs. I never buy Lore packs with the intention of getting a spell - that way madness lies. If there's nothing but junk and a 'chance' at a spell ... I'll pass.

What I want in a Crowns pack is unique stuff that I can't get anywhere else. (That doesn't mean it has to be 'no bazaar,' just that the original source is a Crowns pack purchase that someone made.)

With the recent Wysteria pack, I was really looking forward to new Wysterian themed furniture, for example. Imagine my disappointment when everything ended up being the basic furniture we can buy in the Wysterian furniture shop already. Even more weird was having the crowns-pack furniture like the Wysterian kitchen cupboards and towel rack added, yet not the kitchen sink that goes with them...? I mean, that's taking "everything but the kitchen sink" too far, don't ya think?

With the Professor's Hoard, we got really unique housing items like the caged fish - loved that! And what you did so wonderfully well was make the gear drop frequently enough that we didn't have to spend a fortune trying to get all the pieces. And the stats were actually amazing for PVE. I mean, really really good! Good enough that Darkmoor grinding finally became "optional" again!

And the Gloomthorn furniture was just gorgeous. One of my wizards collected enough that she could mix it with some Ghulture and Death school furniture items, and now she has a cute little Halloween-themed Wooded Cottage.

So yeah, for me the best packs have amazing and unique furniture that I can't get anywhere else, and/or gear with well-thought out stats designed to help my wizard thrive during tough PVE battles.

Alia Misthaven

Jul 21, 2017
Packs that exclusively give one type of item seem like a good idea. Like how the Remarkable Reagent pack only gives reagents.

You could have a pack that gives only equipment, and it draws from all the other packs at random. So you can get a piece of equipment from the Professor's Hoard, Wyvern's Hoard, Knight's Lore, etc.

In addition, you can have a pack that exclusively gives spells, like the new Pigswick Academy spells or the Loremaster spells. Of course, given the rarity of spells as drops, the pack could be more expensive and only give one spell the Wizard doesn't already have at random.

Same concept for a Mount pack, or a Furniture pack, etc. and you can even narrow it down further to a wand pack, a shoes pack, an outdoor furniture pack, a musical scrolls pack and so on.

Feb 16, 2010
I would like the hoard packs to be more reasonable. Mounts, Gear, and housing items you cant buy at bazaar. I would spend more money if the packs didn't have so much stuff like pets snacks, reagents and items that can be bought at the bazaar.

This is great feedback... and I'm glad to see many of you liked the Professor's Hoard pack (we enjoyed coming up with that one!). A new topic shall be appearing soon, stay tuned!

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