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Feedback Friday 8-25-17

May 26, 2013
I think a good idea for a silly weapon would be an accordion
It would make funny sounds and as a hit, you could appear in the middle, and play it sending a blast of funny music at your opponent, showing musical notes fly at them.
Here are a few reasons:
1. It has been shown in wiz that most people like musical weapons such as the flute, banjo (I think it is a banjo) and the guitar.

2. I think it would also be cool to have another music wand sense sadly there aren't very many
3. It would be a super nice stitch wand and would just be fun to use
4. It could also be a first ever dye wand
These are just some ideas I came up with but I think it would be cool to have another music wand
Dylan Skull 80
David DeathHunter 120
Marcus GhostTheif 25
Blaze Hex 12

Mar 31, 2013
How about...

A party blower (the paper kind that rolls out)
A conductor's baton
Rotten tomato
Extending boxing glove (with the criss cross extenders)
El Kabong guitar
Hot potato

Jan 22, 2012
One suggestion from me would be to make the american flag as a staff for the Fourth of July weekend. I think that would be patriotic and funny at the same time!

Champion Necromancer

Dec 17, 2012
Jul 21, 2017
CUTEHORSEY on Aug 28, 2017 wrote:
A couple of ideas:

1) A water balloon - you throw it at creature and it pops open splashing them with lots of water damage

2) A rubber ball - you throw it at them, it hits them causing damage then bounces back to your hand

3) A kitchen sink. That way you can claim to have thrown everything including the kitchen sink at the monsters.
I like the kitchen sink idea. It might go over a few people's heads though, since "everything but the kitchen sink" isn't a well known idiom anymore.

Feb 02, 2014
How about a quill pen sword with an exploding ink bomb in the other hand? That would be great for a Ravenwood "School setting", just saying

The animation could be to throw the bomb then swipe with the sword, or even to dip the sword in the ink bottle and then cover the enemy with ink. Would make a great April fool's weapon if you used the second idea with the ink painting...
maybe even an ink launching arbalest with white feathers instead of the sideways bow pieces . Would be the best paint ball gun ever in my opinion.

Also an ink bottle and fountain pen baseball bat would be pretty cool... School sports?

Feb 02, 2014
Sep 07, 2011
Oct 28, 2013
i think the funniest wand would be a long finger and when doing a spell,you pull the finger and fart.
well,why not?

These are HILARIOUS, Wizards. I like them all, but for some reason, the TOILET made me laugh out loud. It's gobbler level humor, indeed, but it's perfect for a Friday afternoon.

A new Feedback Friday shall be appearing in mere moments! Stay tuned!

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