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Feedback Friday 8-12-11

Jul 26, 2011
Hello there! :D I think a reward for a GOLD chest would be a chance to get a new hair style/ edit our wizards! It's a good idea because what if you had a wizard and didnt like their hairstyle, and you can't make a new one because of all the crowns you spent on that character? This is just an idea of mine, but maybe it could change Wizard 101! :-)

Feb 18, 2010
lol, it's nice to reply back on these forums, I've been on Central too long xD. I think I'd want to see a new and different kind of minigame that's tough, but worth the effort, maybe dropping mega snacks, and on occassion, the whole mega snack pack. A Hand of Doom pack or a few treasure cards from there would be awesome too! Either that or up to 50-100 crowns.

May 12, 2011
furngirl wrote:
A solo battle against your teacher. If you win you spin a wheel for a prize like mega snacks, or unique house item, gold, unique school sword, etc
i like furngirls idea -James

Dec 11, 2008
well you are riding your mount you have one equiped if non then randomly they'll seleckt one for you and you have 2 fo through a course a mount has advantages and disadvantages it depends on what mount and what course your manuvering! well thats my idea its up to ki to accepts it.

lvl 58. necromancer

R. . N. A. N.

Nov 06, 2010
I have been waiting so long for a message like this to appear, And now it has and i have nothing to say, Well let me think about it, Hmmm...., Oh yeah! I think In some towns, (That require Membership.),should give a strange amulet that gives a quest, You take it to Head Master Ambrose And he identified it, Knowing that it Belongs To Alhazard, But Alhazard takes it Studys it with a confusing face, He Gives it back and tells you it belongs too His win brother Who is guarded by a Tough Rank 8 Boss, You give it to His twin and You Gain 975 Gold, And 1,450 Exp.

Thank you for taking your Time to read this :)

Love these ideas for sure, especially the trivia one. I do have a soft spot for trivia... ::grin::

New post coming up shortly! Thanks for participating!

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