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Feedback Friday 7-8-16

Aug 25, 2013
dayerider on Jul 8, 2016 wrote:
I would LOVE to see a Farming Mode option, where we can skip all the dialog, dungeon warnings and just do what we want to. Sure, we can toggle dungeon warnings, but can we toggle Darkmoor's Malistaire text and cut screens? Nope, and after the first time, at least for me, I dont care what it says; Ive already seen/read it. This should ONLY be available after your first time thru any specific dungeon. Think of how much faster Aquila, Helephant Tower, Waterworks, Darkmoor, The Galleries, Morganthe, The Rat, and tons of other farming sigils would be with this one option that wouldnt affect the fight length or drop rate at all
YES! Yes! A Million Times Yes!

Aug 25, 2013
Suzne on Jul 8, 2016 wrote:
I am severely visually impaired. That means I have to play by myself. I cannot play or fight with others (and they frequently mistake it for rudeness) because I cannot see the CHAT messages. I frequently end up pulling the wrong spell or doing something that gets me killed. I can't change that (and I doubt you can either), but it would be nice to be able to talk to others.

PLEASE increase the size of that chat box! Make it optional so that players who need to can enlarge it and enlarge the font used. You have more visually impaired players than you think!

I agree here with the font sizing.

Even if you just go Small Medium and Large.

I can do all sorts of fun things with the actual chat box, but it doesn't do much good if I can't increase the font size.

I play on a 65" screen usually and I am unable to use my highest quality resolutions because the dang font is too small to read in the chat box.


Aug 25, 2013
Sneezypants05 on Jul 9, 2016 wrote:
Another idea: quests should have background shades that differentiate between side quests and the main questline.

Last night, I joined up with a couple of wizards in pitch black lake in azteca, for an instance battle that we all thought was on the main questline. At the end, we went to the NPC, he said thanks, and that was it. We were all surprised.

It was rather confusing for me since, among my open quests prior to that battle I had FIVE that were basically "Enter this cave", three in the lake, two in tierra. It's no wonder we lost track.
This is a great idea. I'm always having to pull the quest trees off of google to make sure that I'm on the main quest line.

Aug 25, 2013
miachdr07 on Jul 9, 2016 wrote:
I would like to make a suggestion about a follow option. It would get placed in the character menu options where add to friend, go to location, chats, trade, hatch, ignore, report, add to group options are.

With the follow option basically you can click on the character and select follow and then follow that character around automatically when that character moves.

I think this would be good for a variety of situations, for example on boxes that do that "tardiness" cheat, if you're all set to follow the leader in the ring you're group makes it in to avoid that cheat. Another situation would be say you're questing with someone and suddenly you or that person has to go afk for a few seconds and neither characters leave their teleport option on. The one having to go afk for a moment could set to follow and by the time they get back they would have kept up.

Mounted players could keep up with those on foot or on mounts. Those on foot could keep up with others on foot but could not keep up with those on mounts.

I would love this option. I hope others see the benefits in having it. Please consider making this a new option available to all wizards. Thanks!
This would certainly help when I'm running 2 or 3 accounts at once on split screen.

Aug 25, 2013
DanielTrollBlood on Jul 9, 2016 wrote:
I don't think I have anything that I feel is necessary to change, but what about adding a stats page? For example, how many mobs you have killed in your wizard career. How much gold you have acquired throughout the game. I know under the fishing page you can see how many fish you have caught total, so it would be interesting to see other stats young wizards have accomplished throughout their time playing the game. It would also be interesting to have more badges for killing mobs in general, or some of these other stats. Such as Gold Digger badge. Sorry for the little tanget about another topic, but I still think it can partially relate with the UI under the Badges or now a Statistics Tab.
Yup. I would love to have an accurate count as to how many times I have killed Morganthe, Halffang, Hades, etc...

Aug 25, 2013
Wesa727 on Jul 9, 2016 wrote:
I'd like to see a "select all" feature, kind of like what's already used in the quicksell function, but for feeding things to pets, trashing items, and selling things in the bazaar. That would save so much clicking!
So much yes!

Nov 28, 2010
I would really like to see the "Remove" friend button much much farther away from the "Go To Location" button. Maybe place it between Ignore and Report so that it's sorted in with all of the buttons you'd probably never use on a good friend instead of it being directly above a button you're probably using quite frequently.

I'd also like to see the dialogue box for removing a friend changed to have capitalized and bold red text so that the warning really catches your attention in the event you clicked it in error.

I'd also like to see garden spells sort in order. They always used to until Khrysalis. All of the spells I've trained from there have been in a different order on all of my wizards. I'd like to see the 48 hour needs spells sort in order directly behind the other 3 spells that take care of that need. I'd like to see the pest spells sort in order of the pest ranks they cover, sorting the 1 shot and 48 hour spells sort the same way as the needs spells. Plot spells stay at the front, the rest of the utility spells that aren't need or pest related move to the end.

Dec 26, 2012
Quest Log
It would be great if there were a way to tell which quests are sidequests and which are main story line quests once you accept them into your quest log.

It would be great to have a craft all button added to the crafting UI. This would be great for when you need to craft multiple reagents at once.

Mar 05, 2012
please please have Main Quests in the log highlighted somehow so that we know which are sides and which are main?

Nov 14, 2015
Most definitely modify the quest log book. Most players just grab tons and tons of quests and get confused due to the unorganizability. I'm thinking tabs would be a much needed way to organize, maybe sort them by world, or do it like in the badges page. This way we can sort it by areas such as avalon and all that. Also maybe we could add a page onto the bazaar for pets again, a long time ago there was a page for pets, these would just be the basic pets but stuff like the krokomummy pet and heckhound would be found there, without talents of course. Also this isn't really related but what about a new version of deck, perhaps something with 70 slots instead of 64, other than that i think the UI is pretty good except when i have lag :P all in all i think the game is set up well, just a few minor additions would take it FAR such as being able to organize the quest log and such.

Apr 07, 2011
How about a new way to sort you're quests, or even get rid of side quests.

Jun 06, 2009
I think that one of the most useful features that still hasn't been added is a refresh button to realms, so you won't have to relog to find out which realms are full. Also, some sort of indicator for if an area is full would be useful, because joining an already full area will just put the 1 minute timer on cooldown, which is very irritating. In general, realms could use a lot of fixes.

May 15, 2010
Along the same lines as an earlier suggestion, the fact that while viewing another wizard, the "add to group" button is so close to the show stats arrow (and the show stats arrow is so small!) means I'm constantly adding people to groups on accident. At the very least, I would love a yes/no option before adding someone to a group.

For me, however, the absolutely must painful part of the UI is the treasure cards section. To reach balance dispels or my auras takes at least fifteen clicks of the right arrow, often while I'm in the confirmation period for a pvp duel and can't afford to scroll through endless pages of treasure cards. I've noticed that the wiz UI in general doesn't often use drop down menus, but giving us a drop-down that enables us to directly click on our treasure cards for one school would be incredibly valuable.

Apr 24, 2014
The only thing I would like is an indicator of whether or not you have a blade/trap applied already or not. I usually hold 2 or 3 of each blade or trap in my inventory, and I sometimes forget which ones I have used, and which ones I have yet to use.

Dec 27, 2014

I'd really like to be able to hide, or atleast scale the UI to my liking. This game honestly has some very beautiful areas and I'd love to take some screen shots for desktops or profile decoration on social media. (Also the option to zoom in to first person, also for screenshots :3)

Jun 19, 2010
Badge Tracker that shows every possible badge in the game; greyed out if you haven't earned it yet, and highlighted or lit up after you earn it.

Also, same for Quests. I'd love to be able to see every possible quest, greyed out, if its not been done, highlighted when finished, and when I mouse over it, simple directions telling who to speak to, or where to go, perhaps even a separate arrow for each quest.

Community Leader
I frequently change around my friends list. It's a really huge pain to delete people from my list because whenever you re-open the list, it moves back to the top. Here are the suggestions I'd make:

  • When re-opening the friends list, have it save your spot instead of jumping to the top. To compensate for this, add a "Go to Top" button as well.
  • Add a button to "Delete All Non-True/Best Friends". Text prompts might be necessary to confirm it.

This last part is for Pirate101, and is mostly for consistency's sake. In Pirate101, you cannot copy and paste TFCs into the game. You can do this in Wizard101, so the feature should be implemented into Pirate101 too! :)

DuelCircle Organizer. The Slowpoke Sloth is the best.
Mar 31, 2013
I agee with the differentiation between main and side quests.

I also like the idea of having some type of system to indicate which blades have already been put up so stacking is easier (I, too, always forgot what blade I've used on myself or on others).

Also, we used to be able to friend people with our different wizards by keep their wizard name card up and switching and now it's more difficult, requiring a meeting place for both alternate wizards - any way to make that easier (other than true friend codes)?

Also, when battling bosses with particular cheats it is very, very difficult to support a player who has menu chat. I always want to include menu chat players but it makes it very difficult to not be able to say "don't blade" or "no tower shields or universal traps." The go to is always "no" but the timing of all players putting up their spells doesn't always make that work out. It would make battles and inclusion of all players in tricky battles so much more doable.


Aug 25, 2013
grey097 on Jul 10, 2016 wrote:

I'd really like to be able to hide, or atleast scale the UI to my liking. This game honestly has some very beautiful areas and I'd love to take some screen shots for desktops or profile decoration on social media. (Also the option to zoom in to first person, also for screenshots :3)
Ctrl + G for screen shots and vids

Nov 22, 2010
Professor Falmea on Jul 8, 2016 wrote:
Happy Friday, Wizards! It's time for another topic, so let's get to it, shall we?

Today, I'd like to talk about what helps us navigate our way around the Spiral - our user interface (all the buttons, chat boxes, spell book, pop up screens - anything you click on to interact with the game). If you could change ONE THING about the UI in Wizard, what would it be? Would you change the colors? Get rid of or add some buttons? Let us know!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!
I'd make the entire thing user configurable. I'd like to be able to move all the windows, buttons and so on, around the screen and place them where I want them, not just the chat window. And I'd like to be able to make them the size I want, not just be stuck with the size that development thought was best.

May 12, 2012
Tylerwildpants on Jul 9, 2016 wrote:
Here are some buttons and features that can be added, disabled, or removed to enhance game play

Disable the Number 1 & 7 Keys on the Number Pad
- Sometimes in battle, or in the middle of a quest, these buttons accidentally get pressed, sending wizards to other than intended locations.

Add Away From Keyboard (AFK) Button/Icon

Sometimes a player is AFK, but no one in the game knows or remembers this. Add a button, or automating having an AFK Icon appear over the wizard's head would address and correct this issue.

Add Daily Assignment Arrow or Pop-Up Reminder

Allows an arrow or pop-up to appear on the screen to show or state where a wizard has to go to access or complete assignment.

Create a better spell access UI Interface panel

Instead of having six random spells appear in battles, have designated spells slots wizards select that force which force spells shall appear. I.e. Have 2 Attack Spell Slots, 2 Heal Spell Slots, 2 Support Spell slots, etc... These designated spell slots can either be defaulted as above, or the Wizard is allowed to define what each spell slot shall be. This shall allow the most commonly used spells by the wizard to appear faster, and what specific order they become available.
- WHAT - have a powerful wizard have better command of all their spells when and where they want to use them; that's crazy talk!
Love the first two!!

Jun 05, 2009
I would like the ability to manage the friends list more easily. After playing this game for 7 years, I have seen many friends come and go. If someone on my list has stopped playing for so long that their picture does not even appear when I click on them, I generally decide it's time to remove them from the list. It is a tedious process to go down the list one by one and check who is still playing. After selecting a friend from the list and then returning to the list, the display reverts back to the top of the list, sometimes requiring me to click 10 or 12 times to page down to the part of the list I was reviewing. The inability to easily manage this list results in my putting off this task and letting my list get cluttered.

Mar 31, 2013
One more thing...

I sure would be nice if there were a way that we would be able to label our original pets (vs. the multiple hatched ones).


Nov 19, 2009
I thought of something else that I would like to see since we're all wishing. It would probably be a massive undertaking but I'd like to see a list of all the quests a wizard has completed. Perhaps that could be added in another tab in the Spell Book where the tabs are for stats, badges, etc.
Thank you for letting us wish and make our suggestions.

Jan 11, 2012
buzz123432 on Jul 9, 2016 wrote:
How about a new way to sort you're quests, or even get rid of side quests.
they've stated many times that they will never allow deletion of quests