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Feedback Friday 7-29-16

Feb 12, 2014
School Suggestions

-Medusa : The spell just isn't menacing, plus the 'hiss' is very.. cheesy?
I think King Artorious personally needs a second sound rehaul.

-Leprechaun : Everything. All of it. Make it have an Irish Folklore song in the background to spice it up.
-Forest Lord : The roar is not in sync with the spell, and sounds also a bit lackluster to the giant beast.
-Seraph : Like leprechaun, the sounds don't make sense. Please add some valorous dialogue before she smites.

-Dark Sprite : The sound effects should be changed around a little bit, make her sound more demonic.
-Lord of Night : Another one of the spells that make no sense audio-wise. Make it have more an Aztecan sound.

-Rain of Fire : Aside from my personal feeling that this spell needs a buff, I feel it should sound more cataclysmic.
-Sun Serpent : It's so plain! Give it Aztecan music or some type of deathly sound when it appears!

-Snow Angel : Please, this spell is irritating to listen to. The overtimers if anything, need a noise change.
-Snow Wyvern : (This may require changing the spell) It needs to be less HIGH Pitch. It is irritating!
-Lord of Winter : (Same concept as other Aztecan spells.)

-Tempest : Give it more.. Mmmphh!
-Sirens : The sound is atrocious, make it sound.. beautiful!
-Stormzilla (Along with any variants) The stomping sounds need to be changed to real stomping, Godzilla-like sound effects.

I'd hate to be so vague, so if you'd like more detail feel free to ask.

- Michael Myth 110
- Michael Strider 110

These are great suggestions, folks! I'll discuss them with our audio Wizards. A new topic shall be appearing shortly, stay tuned!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)