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Feedback Friday 7-29-11

Sep 01, 2009

"If i know many things of little things what do i know of many things"

Jan 10, 2011
Nov 14, 2010
Some signs for wiz houses:

All Living and Dead Souls are Welcome

Welcome to the House of Creativity

Never knock at death's door, ring the bell

Welcome to Paradise

Sunshine all the time in the desert

Feb 18, 2010
How about:(most of the funny ones are quotes from other peoples, so I didn't make them up )

Death house
serious: Death is the price everyone pays one day
funny: "Welcome to the Amigone Funeral Home!" :D (I saw this on AFV XD)

Life house
serious: Cherish life, for it is fleeting
funny: (quote from the one and only Jayfeather) "I'm here to heal you. If you want sympathy, go to the nursery!" :x (XD)

Myth house
serious: What do we humans become when we lose our imagination? Let's not find out.
funny: "Remember: stealing from Cyrus is OK!" (XD)

Storm house
serious: Let the power of Storm put a blade in your fist and courage in your soul
funny: WARNING: HIGH VOLTAGE! (there's a hazardous sign under it XD) or: DON'T FEED THE SHARKS! (still a hazardous sign XD)

Fire house
serious: You will have the warmth of fire to cherish your friends and family and the fierceness of fire to defend them (that one's awesome )
funny: Fire is cool 8)

Ice house
serious: The chill of Ice will purge your heart and soul of your fears (something like that XD)
funny: Warning! This house is prone to flying snowballs!

If none of these work, then how about a sign saying: KUNG FU STARING CONTEST! with a pair of big eyes staring at you above the door to the house. XD Hope you like them! :D

Feb 18, 2010
Oh yeah, I forgot the Balance house!

serious: Balance is the uniting force in the universe. (Couldn't think of anything better. i'll edit if i do)
funny: WARNING! You'll get sand in places you don't want them to if you come here XD

And I have no idea where you got these from:
(O: Are you a warriors cats fan from your name?)

Here's mine (bet no one can guess where i got them from) one for every school

By the corpse of my pact, may my Master's perils wither - Death
By my frozen pact, my Master's Perils shall shatter - Ice
These are the flame of my pledge, Burn the karma of my Master - Fire
We're the pledged thunderclap. No disaster will hit our Master - Storm
The vow of my song, light the path of my Master - Life

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaa, I cant think of anything for Balance and Myth. Well i tried at least Anywho, these would be given out with the next school pets. When i think of something for the other two schools ill post it.

Ps.. Notice for the storm saying, i said we *hint hint*

These are great! Our Wizards have so much creativity... thanks for playing, and a new FF will be up momentarily! ::grin::

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)