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Feedback Friday 7-28-17

Mar 10, 2014
These should be trainable!
Shadow shield -60% next incoming shadow spell
Shadow blade +40% next out going shadow spell
Shadow trap +25% percent next shadow damage spell to enemy

Shadow spear? I dont know if anyone would really have any use for training it so maybe skip it.
Donate shadow pip: costs to shadow pips donate one shadow pip to target (This spell may be overpowered in pvp due to jade players)

Jun 04, 2014
This one is an unusual request:

You know how we have spirit blades and elemental blade spells which put up a triple blade.

Add an enhancement so that the spirit blades can be converted to the Moon Blade spell, and the Elemental blades can be converted to the Sun Blade spell. These blades would stack with the element and spirit blades - adding another set of usable blades.

This could be done in a couple of ways:

1) Have an enhancement card (called Blade convert for example). When applied to a spirit blade spell, it takes a shadow pip for the conversion, but there is no other cost to cast the spell (no additional pip other than the shadow pip is used). When applied to an element blade spell, it takes a gold pip (not a white pip). I realize that losing a shadow pip or a gold pip is a pretty big hit. So to make it more palatable, perhaps the triple blades could also be converted to 50% blades for attack purposes - so in essence, your 35% blades now are 50% blades.

2) Or just make it a castable spell. When you cast it, you get a dialog window where you have to choose whether you are casting the Moon Blade or the Sun Blade spell. Once chosen, the appropriate pip (shadow or gold) is removed, and the 50% triple blade is cast.

If in the future, sun blade and moon blade become individual spells that can be trained for, they can still be treated as castable spells using a single white pip, but they would be the typical 35% tri-blades, so they can exist as separate spells on their own.

Sep 17, 2011
Well, so you took the "trick" spell out of my deck. But in the process you nerfed my deck, now there are empty spaces that cannot be filled in my deck, and you did not refund the training point. Please fix this when you can.

Dec 31, 2009
One WEEK later and this spell is still in people's decks!!!! Get rid of it now please!

Jun 26, 2009
The release of the Shadow Trickster was an accident, but I think you should do more things like this deliberately. That is release content secretly and let the players stumble upon it by accident or through curiosity. Doesn't have to be major, just a nice surprise added with no advanced warning. Only when it seems like it is fairly well known do you acknowledge it's existence. If no one comes across it for a while then sure post it in the release notes.

Jul 14, 2012
Since the last real dungeon was at level 110 and it would be nice to have a 120 Dungeon, we can add a little challenge to getting the spells. Many Powerful Enemies from around the spiral have banded together to seek revenge on the wizard and regain power over the spiral however, in their absence, they had time to learn the ways of shadow magic to destroy the wizard once and for all. Malistaire, who has given up his wicked ways, comes back to help the wizard find who is leading the team of vengeful enemies along with the ravenwood teachers there to lend a hand.

The Dungeon can have trials/stages with each stage specializing in a different field of magic (Ice Trial, Fire Trial, Myth Trial, etc.) so that everyone has a chance to boost, or work around resist. However, for more of a challenge, the wizard can face trials of a school and the school's weakness (Fire-Ice Trial, Storm-Myth Trial, Life-Death Trial) leading up to a powerful balance enemy. Since a new max dungeon will attract the attention of max wizards still playing, and those who have stopped, the enemies can be vengeful bosses from previous worlds reflecting how far we've come like a fire boss from Dragonspyre, Life boss from Mooshu, etc. The wizard, reaching the end of the dungeon, unaware, comes face-to-face with SHADOW MORGANTHE. Who has come back from the dead with the ultimate goal of destroying the wizard and reclaiming her gain over the spiral. In the end, while everyone celebrates their victory, the ravenwood teachers grant the wizards the ability to summon them in the heat of battle.

Fire: Falmea with Another "Attack All Enemies" spell with a DoT
Storm: Balstrom with powerful hit that has the chance to add a 45% blade to self, or 60% trap to opponent
Ice: Lydia who does an AOE and 90% shield to self
Life: Wu with a new grand healing spell
Myth: Drake with a powerful single hit, and earthquake effect
Balance: Alharzed with AOE and all school dispels
Death: A Health Swap with MALISTAIRE

Mar 31, 2009
SrEdu on Jul 29, 2017 wrote:
I would like to see new utility spells that use both regular & shadow pips, like:

Balance: 2 pips PLUS 1 shadow pip
Charity - donate 1 power pip to each ally

Storm: 2 pips PLUS 1 shadow pip
Mass Cleanse - remove all negative charms

Fire: 2 pips PLUS 1 shadow pip
Silence - make the enemies unable to cast one charm

Ice: 2 pips PLUS 1 shadow pip
Exemption - make friends immune up to 1000 damage during one round

Myth: 2 pips PLUS 1 shadow pip
Reciprocation - trade 1 allies' negative effect with enemies (like a mass dimension, but weaker)

Death: 2 pips PLUS 1 shadow pip
Usurper - makes the next drain heal allies by 25% of its damage

Life: 2 pips & 1 shadow pip
Reverse Flow - switch the initial planning phase (can only be used once)
Some of these are really good. Though there are others I'd change.

Mar 31, 2009
Jasmine3429 on Jul 28, 2017 wrote:
When you say "what else would you like us to add to Shadow magic?", I hope that does not mean that this trick spell is how it is actually going to be released, its seems pretty broken!

While you are busy figuring out what actions to take you should also consider that although some people just went to get the spell to see what it was, others were actually using it to try to gain an unfair advantage against their opponents in PVP
I would recommend not using this in PVP until it is officially released. Now you have an opportunity to adjust your PVP strategy.

Mar 31, 2009
Dworgynfan17 on Jul 29, 2017 wrote:
I would love a dark empower which cost 2 pips and 0 shadow pips which gives you a shadow pip.

Champion Necromancer
A reverse of the current Dark Empower? http://www.wizard101central.com/wiki/ItemCard:Dark_Empower#axzz4onrfnTGe

I wish it was trainable too

ZenDragonMark on Aug 3, 2017 wrote:
Well, so you took the "trick" spell out of my deck. But in the process you nerfed my deck, now there are empty spaces that cannot be filled in my deck, and you did not refund the training point. Please fix this when you can.
Heya folks! If you're still having trouble after the last update, please contact Customer Support and they will get you fixed right up.

These suggestions are really great! I'll pass them along to our spell Wizards and we'll keep them in mind for the future. Also, please note that TRICK was just that - not how we want the new shadow spell to function. We'll have that fixed up for the update it was *supposed* to be in at a later date.

Thanks for your patience, and a new Feedback Friday will be appearing shortly.

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