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Feedback Friday 7-22-11

Jun 04, 2009
yodajedi wrote:
Maybe you should get rid of "Can i craft something for you?" or something like that (i forgot) because no one uses it. :) :-) :-o :D

legendary pyromancer

Lol i'm back with anther idea. Which is, first of all you should get rid of one of the "I like your pet" and ether "LOL" or "**laugh**" because their both the same thing mostly.

Legendary Pyromancer, Dylan FireGem

May 23, 2009
I think you should get Rid of The Pet Chat Not the I like your pet But the Good Girl Good Boy stuff nobody Really uses it and you should add Chat about Where did you get it and what type of egg is it things like that.

:DMindy DreamSpear

Feb 25, 2011
pokemon5299 wrote:
Well, this isnt really removing something, but when i try to tell a menu chat person (i have text) what quest i need help with, the list of areas go WAY off the top of my screen. I think you need to condense them by world, so i dont have that problem. I only get areas that start with like S and below.

I entirely agree. It's annoying and utterly pointless.

Jan 05, 2010
Under battle orders you can tell someone to cast balance shield lol.. Pretty funny if you've kept an eye on pvp topics but completely useless because of course there is no balance shield.

I often Use this function to get a laugh out of my pvp opponent but it serves no function and therefor should technically be removed.

Jun 11, 2011
i think we should get rid of the wait button because there isn't anything to wait for and what if they just ditch you and don't say anything about coming back? :P

Good ideas Wizards. There are some redundant ones, aren't there... We'll keep these in mind when we make room for new chat. A new Feedback Friday coming up here shortly! Thanks for participating!

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