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Feedback Friday 7-20-18

Mar 28, 2013
My favorite things about this update are:

1. the Wizard City revamp
2. the Magic Mirror-now if we could just get an option for a name change.
3. Azteca fishing. The fish and descriptions are so creative (so are the pet snacks)!

Mar 31, 2009
hawkej5123 on Jul 24, 2018 wrote:
I too would like to way in on the graphics. They are great, I actually walk through Wiz City now instead of run though on the mount, kind of smell the roses now.

I have one pressing issue, though that should be addressed and I haven't seen it posted anywhere yet.
The Game has Seven schools of magic, SEVEN, yet there are only six chairs int he school room when you enter the character selection screen. I really think that you could use atleast two more chairs, just to keep the balance in the room. I would not want to be in the spot of where I must delete a player so that I can explore the other school.

Just my humble opinion, although I have seen this mentioned on several of the FAN SITES....
This has been requested by MULTIPLE people for MULTIPLE years... maybe one day....

*gazes upwards with tears of hope as music plays and camera follows gaze*

Thanks for the feedback everyone! We're glad you're loving the new Summer Update and we'll keep your suggestions in mind for future updates. A new topic shall be coming up shortly!

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