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Feedback Friday 7-15-16

May 02, 2009
Astrals Only: The Celestians have decreed that Astral magic is true magic. Each player is given special Astral decks containing only Astral spells (i.e. spell from the Sun, Moon and Star schools). Can you master the Astrals and call yourself a true Astral wizard?
Randomonium: Each player is given a randomized deck of both on and off-school spells consisting of both trained and treasure card spells. Who can adapt the best?
Transformations Abound!: Every 4 turns each player Polymorphs into a random creature with pre-determined stats. For example, you could be a Colossus with high damage but low resistance or a Draconian with balanced stats. Make the best of the current situation to achieve victory.

Sep 07, 2013
Sorry for being so late.


The player is given one of each available polymorph. He can only polymorph, and use the polymorphs cards.

Oct 26, 2010
I have an idea: Ban shadow enhanced spells from PvP.

Alexander Lionhear... on Jul 15, 2016 wrote:
Battle Royale.

A massive cluster of a 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1; An all out clash of mayhem to see who's the very best
This one is very very technically difficult (we've explored the idea before) with the way our combat is set up in our corner of the Spiral, but if you're into that type of battle, you might try the Battle Royale mode in Pirate!

Thanks everyone for the ideas, we're working on some new things for the future, which a few of you touched on. We'll look over and evaluate the other ideas as well.

A new FF shall be coming your way shortly!

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