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Feedback Friday 7-10-15

Aug 31, 2012
A lot of AOE spells could be shortened (especially Khrulhu and Mystic Collosus) I am also worried that forest lord might become the next Khrulhu .

One thing to add that I always notice and you may notice too. When casting a spell of a certain school against a creature of the same school, the spell hesitates for a second before the attack animation. For example, centaur freezes for a bit before firing a bow at a life creature. It would be great if hesitation could be removed.

Aug 31, 2012
Helenie Nightseer on Jul 14, 2015 wrote:
I was away from the game so long that a lot of the spells mentioned are new to me - but the Hungry Butterfly one is pretty long.
All the shadow enhanced spells are slightly longer than normal spells because they all focus on the animation of the spell and are often zoomed in. The caterpillar is cute though .

Goodness, look at all these responses! I wanted to thank everyone for chiming in, we're taking notes for sure. This is definitely something we want to look into in the future!

A new topic shall be posted shortly!

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