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Feedback Friday 6-22-12

Jul 08, 2011
Yes i know the spiral cup is already an item. I have completed everything in the game. I know . At the time, when i didnt know about ToTH, the ony reason i did Wysteria was for the spiral cup. I am not really a fan of anything else that goes along with the theme there, although i do want that piano

Feb 19, 2011
Paige MoonShade wrote:
The painting Dolly Salvador is painting. Maybe animated?
Blue velvet chairs and sofas
Any of the furniture inside the dormitory beds tables, ect , there are some really great planted ferns in that room too.
There is a kraken fountain Where the kraken head is on the wall and the fountain comes out further in the area of the schools.
The pillars from inside the schools.
Bookcases full of books
Food sacks for Pegasus
Ivy for walls
Paintings in Head Mistress office
Her desk
School flags/banners
Any of the beautiful rugs. We need new rugs
Fire places there are 2 types
Stainglass windows for each school
Pile of barrels
The bushes that you can click X and make them turn into things.
Misc flowers
The round counter from the library

One item??? Really??? Want it all!!! :D Okay will limit to top three things and what Paige said; 1 - Fireplace in dorm room, 2- blue chairs, 3- Rugs. Would love more options of any kind really. Appreciate you asking for these again. (I responded last time too.) :D VERY exciting! Can't wait to see! Love the new Villa!

Jul 27, 2009
A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
thejordanator wrote:
Well the spiral cup of course!

we have that already
no spoiler alert but its from one of the main questline in wysteria
aka after ya beat the tourneyment

i have to say the ninja pig toperias they are pretty good
it will be lolz for the gobler ones

also maybe wallflower decor
like how the yard birds are

Feb 07, 2010
The statues of helephants outside the tower of the helephant. Or if a smaller item is needed, the heart of the helephant.

May 21, 2012
I agree with a lot of the other posters with topiary, preferably interactive with a random shape ( 4 or 5 total shapes ) that could be "cut" every 12 hours or so.

Jun 08, 2009
I would like to see some of the fancy couches in the Headmistress's Office.

Jan 14, 2011
Let's see, I'd want...

A topiary, interactive, of course (Verne never did take back his magic clippers 8) )
The wysteria school flags
Flower aranging table

Well, you know how they have the music players, and the themes can either be put into the music player or used as housing items. Well, my idea is for the flower aranging table to be sort of like a crafting table. Wizard101 has some flowers for housing items, and you would use them at the flower aranging table. You could make flower arrangements to be placed in your home!

Jan 18, 2011
maybe i would like to have a fountain. or maybe a smaller size for my dorm From wysteria?

Adam Deathshard
Level 31 Magus necromancer

Jul 10, 2011
I have a previous post, but i want to add more ideas, and how you get it(I know I posted a lot for defeating tower of the helephant)

1. Goblin Flag; Beat Crystal Tower
2. Piggle Fountain; Complete the quest to purify Piggle Fountain
3. Centaur Statue; Complete Tanglewood Way
4. Pegasus Statue; Complete Pegasus Place
5. Topiary Bush; Complete the quest "Tip - Topiary"
6. Helephant Statue; Beat Tower of the Helephant
7. Maelstrom Snap Dragon Seeds; Beat Tower of the Helephant
8. Ivy League Seeds (crown drop); Beat Tower of the Helephant
9. Red Bell Pepper Seeds; Beat Tower of the Helephant
10. Flaming Wysterian Trophy; Beat Tower of the Helephant
11. Pigswick Diary; Complete the quest to get Beatrice Wildwind's diary
12. Dresser; Complete every quest in the Pigswick Dorms
13. Wysteria Theme 1; Complete Wysteria
14. Wysteria Theme 2; Complete Wysteria
15. Fountain; Complete the quest to go to fountain from Headmistress
16. Strange Portal; Complete the quest to stop strange portal
17. Crystal Cluster; Beat Crystal Tower
18. Tournament Hall Wallpaper; Win the Spiral Tournament
19; Spiral Cup (existing already); Win the Spiral Tournament

Hope these were good!

Wolf SilverSpear
Master Pyromancer

Jun 09, 2010
Everything I want has been covered here! If I had to choose just a few things, it would be the fireplaces, blue sofas and chairs (we NEED new sofas and chairs bad! lol), the rugs and paintings. Also the flower arrangement we do in the quest in the student dorms. There is just nothing in Wysteria that I don't like :)

Dec 10, 2008
i know this is not exactly an item per se but i would love the tunnel and room from wysteria's life classroom as a cool hidden area in one of the houses i like how that tunnel opens up into that spacious vine chamber and i think would make an ideal garden spot. i especially live the vine tunnel leading to the room

Jul 09, 2010
It's harsh for us to try to pick only one thing from the prettiest world yet.

Desperate for different chairs....and I do love the Wysteria Blue chairs.

But if I'm limited to one I'd have to choose a Wysteria House styled and finished like the Dorms with that great fireplace and the amazing windows and doors and moldings. I love everything about that room.

But unlike the Test Realm Wysteria House or the actual situation of the Dorms - - I'd want a large yard around it for pets and gardening. But boardered and nooked by Wysteria style plants, vines and walls. (But the natural topiaries or none at all, not the weird carved ones.) With a fountain and sitting area. And none of the village and stuff in the Test Realm house.

Maybe the green house addition I keep asking for :D out in the back yard - a crystal palace glass house for the plants - with birds that fly around and decorated with permenant ferns vines and Wysteria flowers in the sides.

Dec 31, 2010
I would like to see the lush rugs, chairs, and wallpaper found in the Headmistress office and throughout the dorms and shops in Wysteria. I would also like to see wall hangings and the source of all magic fountain!

Community Leader
Wynsome wrote:

One item??? Really??? Want it all!!! :D Okay will limit to top three things and what Paige said; 1 - Fireplace in dorm room, 2- blue chairs, 3- Rugs. Would love more options of any kind really. Appreciate you asking for these again. (I responded last time too.) :D VERY exciting! Can't wait to see! Love the new Villa!

Agreed. I could not pick one item. I have been wanting furniture from Wysteria to long.
Love your picks.

Jul 08, 2010
I'd probably want the teleporters from Dragonspyre, because I could get anywhere easily. Simple as that. ;) There's more but I just really don't feel like listing.

Aug 12, 2011
Dec 20, 2010
The beds in the dorm rooms, only bigger like the ones we already have. And, most importantly, the chairs and rugs. I love the look of the entire world and all the furnishings, but the blue chairs and all the rugs are my most favorite. (Of course, if we could dye our furniture, the chairs wouldn't be *quite* as big a deal... )

Also, a really fabulous painting of Wysteria that's a port to it would be cool, maybe as a craft item?

Nov 26, 2011
Jul 16, 2009
Jun 05, 2012
I would love to take the Spiral Cup home!
I LOVE you Professor Falmea!
Your FIRE student,
Scarlet Fireheart :)

...yeah, those Topiaries are pretty darn cool, aren't they. They topped my list too. ::grin::

Thanks to everyone who chimed in! A new Feedback Friday will be posted shortly!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)