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Do you like puzzles in Wizard101?

Yes, I love them, more puzzles please!
58% [54]
They're alright...
37% [35]
Yuck, puzzles annoy me.
4% [4]

Feedback Friday 6-20-14

Jul 21, 2009
I enjoy the puzzles quite a bit. However, as others have said, puzzles that require speed can be very difficult for players with slow connections. Also, I find it somewhat annoying when people in dungeons just blindly rush at the puzzle and fail it without trying, causing a fight; however, I understand that this is sadly unpreventable. On the whole, though, I find the puzzles to be a very fun addition to the game, and I would definitely like to see more of them in the future.

Sep 17, 2012
I miss them. I really liked the puzzles in Krok and Marley, they just died away after that except in a few optional dungeons. There should definitely be a lot more puzzles to break up the tedium of blade blade hit...rinse and repeat.

Nov 06, 2013
sorry guys but there are people out there who have a real hard time with the puzzles, i have seen my daughter crying. because she could just not see the clues. remember the game has all ages and some have extra talents while some are a bit slower. wizard laura

Oct 22, 2011
I love the puzzles. It breaks up the monotony of mob mob mob, sigil, sigil, sigil, with really nothing else in between.

I've been posting for a long time about wanting to add different aspects into the game, including puzzles. It would be wonderful if there were more of them. I've always been able to figure them out myself.

More, please!!!!!!

Mar 18, 2009
It is because of these puzzles that Krokotopia remains my favorite world.

May 06, 2009
Yeah, I enjoy the puzzles. I still remember the ones in Krokotopia and Marleybone and I liked how you guys brought it back, big time, in Avalon. They're pretty simple and have there own challenges (the ones in the Spiral Geographic are pretty tough). I think you guys at KI should definitely invest in adding a lot more puzzles during any upcoming side worlds and worlds of the 3rd Arc.

Mar 12, 2013
One thing that's difficult for me is I'm often running 2 wizards on 2 windows. Puzzles such as the tartarus mazes are more difficult, if not nearly impossible, because of the running around.

If I'm not double-boxing, it's fine.

I'll also second (or third) the fellow who has issues with lag and the clams in waterworks. Sometimes the wisps you see and the wisps the game sees are off and you get pulled for running out of time, even if you are STILL LOOKING AT A WISP in the sequestered countdown area, while opening the last blue clam.

Looks like puzzles are popular! We'll put our heads together and think of some fun ones for the future. New Feedback Friday coming up shortly! ::grin::

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