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Feedback Friday 6-16-17

Dec 31, 2009
cole spellslinger on Jun 20, 2017 wrote:
You can never have too many mounts.
Each wizard can only use one mount at a time, I have an entire house just storing mounts I will never ever use, so yes you can have too many mounts! As backpack space is limited, carrying them all around is really not an option.

Jul 26, 2012
I could see Cyrus Drake riding a basilisk. Their gazes are equally menacing!

Vanessa Mythdust on Jun 19, 2017 wrote:
Knowing Cyrus Drake as long as I have, I 100% could see him riding around in his dirty laundry basket. That way, he would be able to throw his dirty laundry at students as he rides by yelling "Have this cleaned by the time class starts!!"

Think about it. It's totally a Cyrus Drake thing to do. ;)

~Vanessa Mythdust
These are all wonderful ideas, Wizards, but this one made me literally laugh out loud.

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