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Feedback Friday 6-15-18

Jul 14, 2014
Mar 01, 2009
I always wanted a snake mount in the game and has different colors for each school. An example of how it can look would be the boss from Azecta in Cloudburst Forest called Blighted Yaxche.. You can ride his back ,but the character is more like hugging his neck. As you walk the mount it leans forward and moves like a snake leaving a sand trail. If this is not possible at all I would like the snake from the Myth Spell "Snake Charmer" And the mount is dyeable. And maybe it being more then one player. A Quetza wouldn't be so bad either.

Jul 23, 2012
I think a pixie swarm mount could be cool (they could all grab the player and pick them up) or a pixiedust mount that made it so your your character could fly in a glittery cloud. Maybe there could be one fairy that would fly around the wizard and throw more dust on them during fidgeting.

Actually looking back on the clown car glitch that shrunk characters, pixie wings that shrunk a character down to doll sized would be pretty cool too.

Otherwise jabberwock and shadowock could be neat mounts.

Nov 15, 2011
Feb 19, 2010
How about
  1. a spider
  2. a chicken or rooster
  3. a kangaroo
  4. a zebra
  5. a panda
  6. a grizzly bear
  7. a pig

I would like to see the mounts start as a baby and evolve into adults as the wizard levels up.
Give it stats like 1% damage at each 20 levels. or resistance, or any other talent.

Jul 27, 2011
A new mount that I think would be a good idea would be a new three person or two person mount--an animal you could base this off of could be Cerberus or maybe Orthrus--making it dyeable would also be nice! Cerberus could be used as the basis for a three person mount, and Orthrus could be used as the basis for a two person mount. That's just an idea that I have, but I think it would be pretty cool! Thanks for this opportunity!

Jun 14, 2010
Any of the dragons we fought in Avalon, like the black and white dragons, or Catalan, etc...

Dec 24, 2012
Mystic Colossus is such an epic spell. I would LOVE to have it as a mount.

Apr 14, 2014
Imagine riding into Empyrea, either part, on a bat bot.

Or, if you prefer, a sani-bot.

I wonder how we would hang on...

Jun 01, 2013
A bear would be a good option or a chimera!!!!!

Jul 17, 2009
A black dragon and Fire spitter spawn dragon like you see in Avalon.

Dragons like the original dragon pet- dyable. (but not the colors the special bday ones to keep those special.

A fog unicorn.

Winged Catastrophe

any of the beasts (blaze, mythic, shadow, snow, spark, strange)

any of the hounds (but especially polterpooch)

a unicorn plushie

Aug 23, 2016
Ok this isn't a monster that could be turned into a mount. But I would pay good money for a mount that look like a '63 Ford Herse that Aegon Stanz has modified to search for Pekrons and Peculiarities. The license plate would read PEKRON-1

Steven Ghoststalker

Apr 18, 2014
I would choose the Handsome Fomori! It would be kinda funny to perch on the top of it just like the Treant mount.

These are fantastic suggestions, Wizards. I see that dragons and bears are quite popular, and my goodness, I'm not sure how we've gone this long without a Firecat mount!

A new topic shall be coming your way shortly!

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