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Feedback Friday 5-29-15

Oct 22, 2009
Hello Professor, I'm Devin DragonStone(wizard). I have a lot of good ideas. For example...Most of the castles have water areas, I was wondering that if we can fish in our own houses in the future. It'll also be great if we can buy pet training game stands in the crown shop or make a bundle that gives you a house which has a pet training sigil so that we can train our pets at home. Another thing is that if you can increase the housing limits(300+) because it's kinda hard for us to build our castles in the limits of 250 or 300[Midday Estate, (550 or 600) ain't enough either]. And it'll also be great if you sell a "PVP platform" in the crown shop for most of the castles doesn't have a dueling circle or not in the good positions for good looks. At last, it'll be wonderful if we are able see (our) other castles in the skies.

So here's the final result...
1. Fish in the water areas at home.
2-1. Train pets with game stands which you can buy from crowns shop like the other mini games.
2-2. Make a bundle that comes with a castle with has training features like (2-1).
3. Increase housing limits.
4. Sell PVP platforms in the crown shop.
5. View other castles upon the skies(change scenery of castle).

I/we am/are looking forward for these features to be in the game in the future.

May 13, 2015
I have the Mooshu house, the big one that has like 5 rooms... but that doesn't matter, all i want is when you have your own land/house, i want it to have like a realistic feel, like for example morning time going to afternoon then evening . or maybe adding season? but each house has a special season or day. like for example at the storm house, it only has the ability to automatically have a rainy day or stormy day when ever it wants...

Nov 19, 2014
Paige MoonShade on May 29, 2015 wrote:
I would love to be able to ride a train, Like you would around a park? Merry go round, Ferris wheel, Amusement parks things. Fishing, even have NPC's in your house.
I agree with her but like see more new pvp arena world?

sick with old one mostly show Avalon (to long of walk) "haven't made khrysails & Castle Darkmoor/ Aquila yet PVP arena world"

Jul 13, 2011
I'd like to be able to make signs that can be customized further that read "To (wizard's name) (other house)". For example, you're at Taylor Swift's Sun Palace and near a teleporter, it reads "To Taylor Swift's Myth House".

And directional arrows that are not customizable but read "Pagoda This Way"; one for each gauntlet and a battle ring, along with mini/regular games. That way anyone who ports to your house will know there is something there to play. If you make them craftable with fish, I'll cry.

(And the ability to sit.)

Aug 31, 2010
1. I would like to be able to dye furniture, becasue there is too much red furniture like the seating.
2. I would like to see a trophy case for those that PVP and are able to store them properly.
3. A little robot servant like the ones on unicycles in Celestia that would find you or your friends like pets do and ask a question of what can I do for you sir/madaam? You could choose to get a random energy prize, a rare reagent, mega-snack, types of elixirs, or possibly have a pet drop.
4. A wild west theme house based on a small town with the sheriffs office, general store, black smith, clothing shop, a log cabin style house on a hill right outside town, corral, a teepee that you can enter for prizes from the indian maiden, a baby cow pet, and a rattle snake mount; cowboy gear with cow chaps
5. A Wizard book stand that holds our tc's for each wizard that we do not want to get rid of and can get to fast.
6. Somewhere to store seeds that we are not using at the time
7. MORE BANK STORAGE. We have had multiple releases and add on that drop gear, yet there is no increased bank storage. (150 would be good)
8. A circus themed house with a ride that multiple players can get on like bumper cars or ferris wheel, with a pet clown, and a circus bike for a mount; ringmaster gear
9. I would love to see garden patches or farm patches something like the garden plot that can be crafted, but they have various flowers like rose bushes, tulips, butter cups and such or plots that have corn, beans, cabbage, tomatoes and so on. It would count as one item so that it could be a nice realistic decoration item for their homes
10. I would love to see something like a matching game that displays on the property like the pvp pad. You can choose 12, 16, 20 tiles that you and a partner can match up and who ever wins get the matched prizes they pick like gold, reagents, tc's, elixirs, energy, and so on. Give a badge for playing "x" number of times.
11. Make the castle blocks tradable

Oct 21, 2013
Something fun and unique in our castles would be portals. The theme could be something Krokotopian, with many islands. On each island would be one or two portals going to a different island, about ten islands. The title of the home could be something along the lines of; "The Lost Isles." The prize of the home would be in a hidden hallway, and it'd be a giant Ra statue that would come alive when collecting the prize.

Miranda Dreamsong Monica Spiritdreamer

Aug 30, 2010
Ok I have a couple of ideas. The first one, which I have been wanting for over a year, is weather. It would be SO cool to see weather in our houses! It would be kinda like the snowglobe, but it would cover the whole thing and it would come with the house. Also, you could change it, so you could have sun or snow or even thunderstorms! My second idea, which I came up with just now, is having rare reagents spawn occasionally. Both of these features would be so cool!
~Rachel Pixieleaf, archmage

Aug 25, 2013
I'd like to fish in private.

I wouldn't mind being able to train (and hatch internally) my pets at home.

It would be cool to have more attic space.

A working stand up mirror would be amazing (yeh, so, I'm vain).

Aug 02, 2011
It would be cool to be able to open and close doors to "block off" different rooms. Also more interaction with different furniture would definitely be a plus, like a "sit" feature where you could sit down just simple stuff like that could add so much more depth to the current housing system.

Oct 22, 2009
Sry...I'm posting again because my previous reply might been rejected...

Here's more ideas...
6. We can collect reagents in our own houses.
7. Have custom sales which looks like garage sale. ~Open another empty store in the "shopping district/the commons" like castle tour or make another tunnel like pet pavilion~
8. Have further fishing spells. ~Some areas doesn't allow you entering the water so you cannot catch the fishes far away from shore~
9. Sell door castle blocks which you're able to lock it and unlock it.
10. Make wallpapers work on castle blocks. ~Castle block appearance isn't good looking~
11. Make the weather changeable like raining or storming at the different time of day.
12-1. Let us move(swim) upward and downward freely in the underwater areas such as Crab Alley.
12-2. Let us fly in the sky freely when wing-mounts are equipped.
13. Let us write text chat on the board/sign from the crown shop. ~The current signs only allows you to write menu chat which cannot tell more detailed words/sentences~
14. Sell "hide and seek house game" in the crown shop. ~Make more house games~
15. Make a "Wizard101(or Wizard City) past" dungeon which allows you to view the original structures and landscapes before being destroyed by the bad guys. <I would like to see the death school sitting in "Ravenwood">

Dec 26, 2013
I've always liked the idea of fishing at home. Not everyone has access to the Fishing Bundle. To further this I'd like to be able to have friends fish at my place... for a price! After all, if I stocked the pond I should get something in return. Maybe a pet snack, TC or reagent fee for each fish caught.

Jun 15, 2011
I think it would be neat if a "temporary address code" could be added to houses that are put up on Tours. That way, players who know the code can visit a specific house even if it's not on any leaderboards. The codes could be optional and would last as long as the house is up, which isn't permanent. If anything, the player could always remove the house from Tours or maybe reset the code if that option were to be made available. It sure would allow more of the worthy decorators who didn't make it to the leaderboards to be able to show off their homes and get some feedback, even if they aren't up for adding more users to their friends lists just for their opinions.

Jul 09, 2010
Animal Charity Pet Castle, pets, pet items, & add-on areas:

In past threads I've mentioned Pet Castle and Pet Bundle ideas, but tonight my sister & I were talking about the koala that tried to come home to his tree after the whole forest had been clear-cut.

What if there was a special Pet House that had the features it needed to be an attractive Crown purchase - and a portion of the proceeds went to animal charities? There could be special edition pets every month or quarter, when you buy them, a portion of the revenue goes to help that animal or situation whether it were endangered species, work with habitats or to rescue disaster pets or end animal cruelty. There could be special landscaping items, like eucalyptus trees and special add-on areas that are the habitat of a given set of animals - each type of animal could have the right setting.

I hope these items would be available all year, as I don't always have Crowns when a promo is going on. The charities could be chosen by poll or research

Links to the threads with lots of specific ideas for the Pet Castle & Pet Bundle.




P.S. remember The Honeybee Conservatory and others that support the habitat of honeybees

Jul 09, 2010
I love the ideas about a house with a train ride. It got me to thinking about a house for my nephew who loves trains.

His favorite parts of the game are creating the wizard, touring houses with the cat real-estate lady and sometimes dueling. I think he'd love it if it were a train with an engine, caboose and several different cars in the middle so it was kind of long. Here's a list of things that would make the train part ideal:

1. He could choose the colors of each car and change them later.

2. His character could enter the train and walk around inside and sit in seats for the ride - just like irl

3. It's styled like an old fashioned coal engine - but maybe it's got sparkles out the pipe instead of black smoke - since it's magical anyway - also realistic sounds.

4. He could look out windows and the scene changes as the train ride continues - just like riding a broom around your grounds now. And he could pull a cord (like on a bus) and stop the train and hop off and then hop back on again when he was done picking up a pet or moving his landscaping bits or finished with his gardens.

5. He could lay the tracks himself in any pattern or rout he wanted and pick them up and change it later.

6. There could be a resident NPC conductior he could interact with. He or she could have a small house that was their quarters, but when my nephew was playing he would always there driving the train. & available to help or chat :D He could be programmed with a dozen randomized greetings or comments so he'd kind of talk with my nephew and there could be a cycle of like 100 train trivia facts. When they interact the conductor would greet him and ask conversationally if he knew... or had he ever heard that... Kind of like Zeke but more.

7. The terrain of the house would be very important so the train ride wasn't boring. ... running out of characters so more on that next :D

Jul 09, 2010
.... continuing the train idea for a house for my nephew....

I think this would have to be a bundle house, since they are the ones with the most expansive grounds.
Regarding The Grounds of the Train House

1. His favorite things to do with trains is go through tunnels and over bridges.
So I hope there'd be several places to build bridges and go through tunnels.

2. spiral up a mountain and have a station stop at the peak - where he'd get out and do something fun... OH there's a map book where he can see maps of each world in the spiral. Turn to Dragonspire and there's the world view you get when you enter DS but if you click on an area you can see whats there and what it connects to - no more checking the wiki for a rout to a boss you no longer have a quest for! And as if it were a tour brochure - there could be points of interest listed or a voice over like the Book Quests have. This bookcould help sell the later worlds to players who haven't gotten as far as the map they are viewing.

3. a lake stocked with river dolphins and a wide variety of wildlife & the train could go under it and view everything in a glass tunnel.

4. Please don't make the estate an "old west" dust-bowl theme. Old trains went all over the world - the house needs to be worth decorating and the land needs to be pretty enough that other players would want to buy it too.

5. I love the amusement park idea if there were mini-games and rides the character could play and take. But it should be tucked back, hidden behind something so it was kind of a surprise.

The house could be a nice simple farm house like the floor plan of the Death House - but not creepy.

Pet : an enchanted living train engine - like Thomas the tank engine. It could have a face and personality; bend and jump like the Magic School-bus - & toot , puff & chug around It's a train so the talents would be about power - Pip, Damage & Proof.

Gear: Pip, Damage & Proof

Mount: an engine that looked different from the one in the house

Oct 22, 2009
Yet another great ideas for your future house

16. Sell guards(creatures) that protects your castle and any intruders/visitors will have to defeat them on a combat for the entrance doors to be unlocked.
17. Allow us to compress multiple castle blocks into single block for saving spaces.
18. Sell a storage room for you to store items(gears, housings, mounts, pets...) without limiting.
19. Enable us to dig underground tunnels or rooms.
20. Make a ladder which you're able to climb.
21. Sell a train or bus for you to ride around your house without moving(losing connection).
22. Make castles as big as Wizard City(with an enormous "lake" which is fishable)(with collectable reagent "fields").
23. Let us mark locations at home(mark multiple locations with multiple buttons).
24. Sell doors that works like tapestries and the doors are like castle blocks which are movable. ~Design for better appearance~
25-1. Make the secret passage castle block appearance less attractive for curious visitors always find out your secret room when walking towards the block. ~Make it look like regular/common wall blocks~
25-2. Start making secret passage floor blocks which works like traps.
26. Sell teleporters(housing) which looks more professional, bigger, high-teched and you need to press "x" to teleport to the destination for wizards often teleport away by accident. ~Make it like the teleporters in the Basilica~

Jan 30, 2010
Hai! I am Elizabeth GoldHeart (wizard)

And me and some friends love to hatch. But we always keep getting the same pet over and over. I think that there should be like a feature called:

Pet Swap.

It would cost maybe about 40 thousand or 50 thousand. But instead of a chance of getting the other persons pet. You have an 100% chance that you will get the other persons pet. That way. It doesn't feel like you waisted a ton of money for nothing.

I hope you have an icy day!


Aug 18, 2011
Seed storage, which I think is already being worked on :)

Pet ranch! Not a zoo (cages? that's like pet jail!) but a series of biomes, perhaps separate islands like the Floating Mts with different environments for each. If they load one area at a time, we could house many more pets without having too many loaded at once, so no lag. Instead of "in and out", have "out1, out2, out3..." Add a 'pet finder' feature that lets us look at pet details without having to pick them up.

Energy wisp maker. These would have to be low value, and only work for the home owner, but have something like +2 per wisp appear every few hours. Not game breaking, but a nice bonus when you come home.

Land, land, land! Now that castle blocks are more available, it would be great to have more area to build. The new AZ bundle is lovely (thanks for that!) but how about offering some large tracts of real estate we can develop?

Build your own castles is great. How about build your own train (as someone above suggested) or build your own water-slide or roller coaster?

Aug 18, 2011
Oh, an improvement to the Botanical Gardens: When you pull the handle that gives a reward and looks like it is providing a 'need' for the giant plant, it should provide that need for real to any plants in the area. I was rather disappointed that that feature was only for show, as it would be a fantastic bonus.

Jul 02, 2009
I think a castle that allowed more crafting slots or quicker timers would be an improvement. Being above Master should mean something. There could be a chance that the item used less or no resources.

Dec 20, 2010
Just casting my "vote" here for some of these great ideas.

Dying furniture items? Yes, please. :)

Bigger banks would be lovely too.

I really like the idea of being able to summon a mob to fight in our pvp arenas for practice, though loot would be nice. Maybe like a smaller and cheaper version of the mini gauntlets they recently added? (The gauntlets are great, btw.)

The train conductor's house would be a blast!

And maybe my favorite idea is the charity house bundles for endangered animals. One of the things I love about KI is the charity things they already do (mounts, pets, plants...) and I think it fits in with the spirit of KI, would raise awareness, and help out the animals, so, yes, I really hope you guys consider adding something like that. :)

These are great ideas, Wizards! I'll discuss these with the other staff when we talk about future additions to Castles.

A new Feedback Friday will magically appear... shortly!

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