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Feedback Friday 5-27-16

May 02, 2009
Hmm, probably one of the mutation spells like Firezilla, Magma Man, Firey Giant or Lava Lord. Heck, even Crow might be fine for my Ivan Soulsinger clone.

Feb 07, 2010
The Rat Illusionist spell that attacks and puts up a Time of Legend.

Aug 03, 2009
I believ that bringing Elucidates back is a great idead, but only if it is a trainable spell available to everyone. Like Gargantuan and colossal.
The big issue people seem to have over elucidates is that they are "unfair", and yes it seems like so because they are only available to the few people that managed to aquire them some how given their rarity.
But if they were available to the vast majority it would rid the unfair advantage and allow for a greater deal
Of skilly when it comes to playing the game.

As for allowing it in pvp
Their should be some sort of limit to the amount of elucidates one can use.. Like in previous spells seen before, stuns being one example.

Like menrioned before item cards that come from pets like firebeetle and ice bird that serve as utility cards should be allowed to everyone as a trainable spell. Or at least one that you aquire through a quest.

Oct 12, 2012
I don't know how late this is, but the school themed Fules from Road Warrior would be pretty useful for blade stacking.

Nov 28, 2010
man0fbass on May 28, 2016 wrote:
I'm noticing lots of players asking for Elucidate and Simplify to be trainable. While this would be immensely useful in PvE combat, both spells are unhealthy for PvP.

A bit of history on the spells: They were trainable in the Celestia test realm, but KI removed them after lots of player feedback!
I understand. There are still people complaining about the Elucidate treasure card saying that there are people in PvP who are using it all the time to beat them.

It would be nice if the Arena changed whereby there's a staging area where you have to ready yourself for battle. What I mean by that is your gear is all stripped away and you have to suit up in Arena approved gear, and you have to reload your deck with Arena approved spells. That way KI can develop whatever they want for PvE, but when you go into PvPeverything you have that isn't approved shows up in red and cannot be equipped if it's gear, nor loaded into your spell deck if it's spell cards (including treasure cards).

I make it sound simple. It's probably not. But I really wish KI could figure out a way to do it. Then any suggestions PvP or PvE make that would negatively impact the other in the current universal format would no longer be an issue. PvE can make suggestions about spells and gear they want added to the Spiral, and PvP can come up with lists of spells and gear they want banned from the Arena.

Jan 13, 2015
Rather than having us pick a treasure card to add to our spell book, how about giving the professors at the arcanum a slightly different ability.

1. have the TC you want to train in your inventory but not configured into a deck
2. talk to the professor and pick train treasure
3. select the treasure card
4. pay a certain amout of crowns based on the level of the card - the higher the card, the more crowns it costs to train.
5. pay additional crowns if the treasure card was crafted.

Oct 25, 2008
Meowster444 on May 28, 2016 wrote:
Unicorn. I understand that Rebirth is a spell unique to Life wizards and that as one of two and the most powerful healing AOE it should remain exclusive to Theurgists to maintain their niche as the healers of Wizard101. However, giving other schools access to Unicorn would allow non-Theurgists to function as a healer for dungeon parties.

My own Balance wizard has played the role of healer for parties doing the Graveyard dungeon in Darkmoor with great effect but has always been forced to rely on Treasure Cards for the majority of the time. Using this method can get very expensive. Having Unicorn become trainable would greatly alleviate the burden of other non-Theurgists who function as healers without destroying the uniqueness of the Life school.
Speaking from the perspective of a life wizard I have no problem with any school playing "the healer role" within a group. The issue in this case is to what extent they can function as the said healer. The life school is valuable within the game because they function without the limiting factor of treasure cards. This limiting factor acts as a balance within the current meta to prevent the life school from being phased out. While unicorn itself may not be considered a very powerful aoe heal in comparison to rebirth, it actually plays a crucial role in life's healing arsenal. When fighting Omen for example (a long enough battle that it should exhaust most players side boards), the goal is not necessarily to keep your allies at full health, but rather to just keep them alive. Unicorn functions as a low cost aoe heal which allows for life to continually keep pumping health into its' friends giving them time to set up buffs needed to finish the job. You can also consider the effects this would have on the PvP meta, take a moment to imagine a juju spamming death who is now equipped with a versatile aoe heal such as unicorn. Such a change as this would almost completely phase the life school out of the game as that it would eliminate our role as the healer. Also, it is important to note that unlike damage stats, healing stats are universal. An ice wizard wishing to effectively utilize storm school spells cannot do so without taking a significant stats cut across the board. This also acts as a meta balance to prevent the ice school (which has huge base health) from utilizing spells like storm lord and triton with 100+ damage and 450+ critical. Imagine an ice with 7000+ health and 50+ resists wiping out critical Tritons dealing over 2k. Finally, one also has to question where this ends. As the game progresses into the future you can be sure that unicorn will cease to deliver adequate health. At this point, will players request a trainable rebirth? (Juju & Rebirth = no go )

Aug 18, 2011
Swven on May 28, 2016 wrote:
1. Unicorn

2. Rebirth

3. Tempest

4. Judgement

5. Deer Knight
You can craft Deer Knight, or get it as a drop. The others are "powerful class-defining spells" that should not be trainable to other schools, sorry.

Aug 18, 2011
I'd love versions of Storm Elf and Thunderbird that could be trained directly, rather than having to train off-school damage spells, then mutate them.

The "hit+bubble" spells - Brown Spider, Red Ghost, Rat Magician - could be handy, but I have two concerns:
1- would those be destabilizing in PvP? Pet versions are limited in number and can't be enchanted. Being able to damage, break shields, and change bubble becomes quite potent when you can repeat it.
2- would making them trainable devalue those pets, which some players have invested a lot in getting?

Would making spells like pierce and cleanse trainable diminish the "special" quality of each school? It's already easy to get them as TC. Mixed feelings here - It would be nice to have dark pact, school blades, guiding light, etc, but what's the point of having different classes if everyone can do everything? It's a fine line I think.

Mar 31, 2013
May 26, 2013
Mar 12, 2013
Remember, this is a spell you will be able to jam up to 6 copies of into any deck (and so will your opponent).
For this reason, I think unicorn, rebirth, and tempest are off the table. The latter 2 are kind of iconic for their schools and should not be everyone's go-to choices.

I would also not want to spend a train point on a spell just to have it be No PVP.

Fuel for your school would be great! Of course, balance might not get a fuel, or they might get the OP "triple hex" and then everyone would just train that instead.

I'm leaning toward having the Fluffies or the different Hounds become trainable for a point. Here's why:

  • Fluffy is a big truckload of damage, with no special after-effects. Giving every school a big damage AOE at level 110 does no harm.
  • This gives Death, Myth (colonnade Fluffy), Balance (obelisk fluffy), and Ice (mountain yeti) a big, dumb, solid aoe that is comparable to or slightly better than crow or Earthquake, maybe slightly worse than Ra.
  • Hound is a big giant DOT that eats all your pips. Using it to clear shields means you won't have any pips for a while to follow up. It's a decent trade-off between bunker busting and actual damage spike.
  • Schools that don't have a DOT will benefit greatly but it will not be the game-breaker at level 110 that it might be at a lower level.
  • Storm would get Monsoon Hound or Storm Hound, and Balance would get a proper DOT version of Big Bad Hound.

Potboiler and the other "furnaces on legs" spells are probably fine at level 110. They should pay close attention to the ancillary shields given by these spells, to make sure certain schools do not get a disproportionate amount of "hate". For instance, Chimenea drops a volcanic as part of its effect - shouldn't that be an ether shield?

Jun 13, 2011
Well, I think the treasure cards that could make well to be Arcanum Scholar spells would be...

Double Unbalance - Jaki

Double Quench - Ignus

Double Strangle - Qismah

Double Melt - Tarrak

Double Entangle - Zander

Double Vaporize - Baba Yaga

Double Dissipate - Ione

Lord of Atonement - Jaki

Steel Colossus - Jaki

Steel Giant - Jaki

That's what I can think about now. Hope I can think about more. So many spells the Arcanum Scholars should teach us...

Aug 25, 2013
They don't exist yet, but...

1. Mass Cleanse

2. Mass Conviction or Infallible?

3. Mass Stun Block

4. The ability to cast an aura on another wizard

Feb 28, 2012
May 07, 2015
1: sharpened blade

2: lord of night

3: all of the dispels

4: sprite swarm

A+ Student
Mar 31, 2009
I really like the Elucidate and Simply idea. Those would be great! I liked most all of the suggestions so far really, except training Loremaster spells, but we'll have to see. I would also like to see Gobble. Gobble is the heal spell from the Polymorph Gobbler. I think that Ice needs a healing spell. Even if it is a small heal.

Aug 25, 2013
sun girl1122 on May 31, 2016 wrote:
1: sharpened blade

2: lord of night

3: all of the dispels

4: sprite swarm
Aren't the dispels already available at one of the hidden trainers?

Sep 07, 2011
Swven on May 31, 2016 wrote:
They don't exist yet, but...

1. Mass Cleanse

2. Mass Conviction or Infallible?

3. Mass Stun Block

4. The ability to cast an aura on another wizard
Those would be nice, but seem OP. The same with double dispels and elucidate or simplify - ONE from a pet or amulet could be cool, but unlimited might be game-breaking. As crunkatog said, these are trainable, and could get out of hand.

I'd love to train Sprite Swarm on life. The Forest Lord mutates from Darkmoor would be fun, and not too destabilizing for level 110.

Thunderbird as a trained spell would be wonderful too.

Jan 15, 2008
Great ideas, everyone, and it's no surprise Elucidate is popular. ::grin:: We'll keep these in mind should we decide to add more spells in the future!

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