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Feedback Friday 5-26-17

Jan 11, 2012
lightleaf101 on May 28, 2017 wrote:
For newbies theres the explorer boots, with give 1% universal resist. And that was just the boots. Starting out on my ice (who is only lvl 11 btw), I had used those boots along with a few other things for resist, and focused the rest on damage.
yes. there are a few things you can get, but MOST items low off barely help at all. I had a really tough time with some wizards until I bought 5, 10, and 15 level crown gear, then it became an absolute joke until about level 25 when it got tough again. it seems very feast or famine

Dec 21, 2010
If you've already played the game and want to start another wizard, I think a little gear would be good. I like how the there's been a lot of events lately, but could kingsisle bring back some older card hoard packs and lores? Like when the skyvern's hoard came back. For questing, I always end up excepting all quests, but then I can't tell what is the story quest, could that get a little highlight? This is a great game that I play often lol, new updates are always cool to see.

-- Lindsey Drake

Dec 31, 2009
You should have the quest to meet all the professors BEFORE you have to pick a school if that is at all possible. The quiz does is nice and all, but being able to know what each school does would be helpful.

Apr 05, 2011
I have been playing a long time now, since 2010 on the European server and 2011 on the American one. Did not know there was a difference. Had a level 60 wizard I had to abandon to start back up on the American Server so that would have been nice to know.

When I started these are some of the things that would have been nice to know.

1. A good explanation on how to get the best loot in boss fights in the help guide. I found out to kill the minions then the boss yields better drops from a fan site or the wizard central site just do not remember which.

2. A better explanation of how damage and critical jewels work. Was not explained very well by the help or update notes. FYI For higher levels critical is better than damage

3. A better explanation on how hatching works. It is still confusing when trying to get a good hybrid with multiple heals.

4. How important it is to learn how to craft. I have found some of the best gear is crafted not dropped.

5. How do discard treasure cards and snacks is done. found that out just recently and it still needs work so you can discard multiple items. I get a lot of cards from gardening that I do not want and get so much gold I have to figure out a way to spend it so I can continue without it being maxed out.

6. As you know Balance has no prism, understandable. An explanation of how do defeat a balance boss when you are balance would have been nice. Almost quit playing because of Belloq in Azteca until the team up concept came along.

7. Why no 10% pierce spell like the Dragonblade TC, still can not figure out that has not happened. All the other schools get at 10% Pierce for their school but not balance. Keep asking about that and still have never received a plausible explanation. Maybe Balance is just not played much by the staff.

Valerian level 120 Balance Wizard.

exp613 on Jun 2, 2017 wrote:
Perhaps tell me what all the symbols mean. Recently instead of the card saying "500 attack to all enemies" it now says stuff like "500 " or instead of just saying dispel it says "" and I have no idea what that means.

Perhaps a page in the spellbook or maybe that already exists and it can be updated?
Pssst. Check the help pages (the ? tab) under combat. That should help you out!

Thanks to everyone for the feedback, we'll keep these in mind. A new topic shall be appearing shortly!

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