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Feedback Friday 5-20-11

Oct 01, 2010
I would like it if you would change the cost of 5 pips from Elemental Defuse and Spirit Defuse to 4 pips.

Sep 20, 2008
Fix the life minion.
Give it lifebane back or raise its health to 500. Its only fair. I dont like it being able to cast leprechaun. I miss when it casted sprites.

My verdict take away leprechaun, give it back life bane and give it about 400- 500 health.

Feb 15, 2009
Dec 09, 2010
as a storm wizard i hate the minion we are given. it only heals and wards itself even when it doesnt need it and doesnt have a single attack move. its completly useless to use. it should have either lighting bats or storm sharks and focus helping the wizard instead of itself all of the time

Community Leader
Hum one thing I would love to change about any of my wizards school.
Well I guess its a question I have always had. Why does ice not get a Ice blade until level 38? When all other schools get theirs early on.

I would love to see Ice wizards get their blade much early.

Feb 13, 2011
Is the supercharge really has 20% to self destruct?
I have done two quick tests and it hit me 46% of the time in total.

May 27, 2010
There are two things I would like to change but I can't decide which.

Since I am Ice and I really hate the Taunt on Snow Angel I would pick changing Snow Angel's Taunt to like a Tower Shield to Team, no offense but what made you think Taunt was a good effect for Ices Level 58 Spell?

I am also not a big fan of Frozen Armor, why give us an Upgrade of a spell no one uses? I think a better upgrade would have been too Steal Ward, and make the Upgrade Steal Ward steal one Positive Ward from all enemies.
That's my two cents.

Feb 11, 2009
Okay, I am a balance wizard and I like being balance but there are a lot of things that could be changed that are downfalls to the great spells that balance wizards get. First, the most important, is the Spectral Minion spell and the Storn Minion part. The Storm Minion is useless because it cast spells only on itself and Taunt does nothing except an evil laugh. The other two minions are very different but very useful.
It would also be useful to have a spell that does something with Myth, Death, and Life since we have blades and traps for those spell types but only have spells that do balance or elemental damage.

Zachary Storymancer
Level 45 Balance Master

Aug 12, 2009
Professor Falmea wrote:

Here's a very broad question. If you could change ANY ONE THING (and just ONE thing) about your school of magic, what would it be?

Since I've got multiple accounts, I can speak from multiple school perspectives...

Life - The One Thing I would change of this school would be making it so the Heal Spells could be boosted with the Sun School enhancements.

Death - The One Thing I would change of this school would be to make it so that the Empower, Sacrifice, and Dark Pact spells don't activate your Death Blades, much like when you use the Minion kill spells of other schools.

Myth - The One Thing I would change of this school would be that Noble Humongofrog should have been a Double Hit to ALL instead of a DoT All. This would fall more in line with the rest of the school's spells.

Balance - The One Thing I would change of this school would be to give them a Prism that converts the next Balance damage spell into Random Life, Death, or Myth damage so that Balance Wizards are not stuck relying upon Spectral Blast and Hydra on Balance Bosses.

Ice - The One Thing I would change of this school would be so that Ice Armor and Frozen Armor could be cast on an Ally instead of just Self.

Storm - The One Thing I would change of this school would be to allow Supercharge to be placed on an Ally instead of just Self.

Fire - The One Thing I would change of this school would be to make it so that on Immolate the damage boost from Sun School Enchantments goes completely on the To ENEMY side, and not 75% on self, 25% on enemy as it seems.

Jan 09, 2009
Professor falmea, as much as I love the fire dragon spell as it is, the damage needs to be sorted out. The majority of the damage is done on the first hit, and that is generally when you get rid of the fire shield. So take 420 from the first hit, and turn the rest of the spell into 771 over three rounds. thank you.

Jul 23, 2009
Life needs a strong damage over time spell. We don't have one, and it would be nice to have something to keep off those irritating life shields that drastically lower the already weak attacks. I wouldn't want the spell to be a "number of pips=number of damage". Those just waste all your pips for three rounds. I would like it to be something like dragon or the snow angel.

Dec 02, 2009
If I could change anything about storm (my school lol) I'd give diviners more health points. Seriously. Sure, storm may have massive attacks, but we have the worst accuracy AND a tiny amount of health. It's kinda hard not to feel like this is a little unfair on us. After all, what's the point of having huge attacks if you're almost dead by the time you have enough pips to cast it?

Oct 31, 2009
So many life wizards asking for more damage but that is not the purpose of life. What I would change is the school auras (sanctuary, wildfire, gloom and doom, etc) Whereas death, life and balance help or hinder all, the elements and myth are selfish.

Sanctuary + to all healing helps every healing spell balance helping hands and fire link included and everyone has self heals. (does not affect death swap life but does affect sacrifice)

Gloom and Doom reduces to all heals so hurts all especially life but does not affect death swap spells.

Balance increases likelihood of gaining pip helps all players.

I would change these auras so that life also increases life damage and provides resist to death. Death also boosts death damage and swap health. Balance also increases accuracy for balance as well as damage increase. The other auras should also boost accuracy and resistance to opposite school.

OR I would change them to only encompass the caster of the spell but still be separate from the star magic auras.

Currently these auras help all that use those spells but as a life wizard using my aura could constitute suicide if my opponent can heal themselves as well.

Dec 12, 2010
Hi im Duncan Icespear and My school is Ice and i wish we had more attack power but still good health and accuracy

Dunacn IceSpear Lvl 38 Ice Wizard :D :D

Nov 12, 2010
For all schools, the ability to upgrade your minion through quests. A level one minion in CL of any school is just fodder for the creatures there.

Apr 23, 2011
i think ice wizards should get ice blade at an earlier level. this would help me greatle thx

Aron spritblade

Aug 04, 2009
I would personally like to see more balance between the schools it seems others a lot more powerful in every aspect, like take ice for example not only are ice's attacks weak but now other schools are getting extra resistance and now you can get pets with resistance, people are getting a lot more health and still doing the same amount of damage so now the thing that ice had to look at the bright side of was our health and resistance but now every school has it, so now we are really really under powered and any school can beat us now. I even hear about storm players making fun of ice players for being weak, and they wont let ice play in their arena teams or anything. To me its sad that it can keep going like this.

Nov 13, 2010
hmm, my school is fire, i cant think of anything wrong except maybe just a little bit more accuarcy, and btw i noticed a lot of people doing this post are saying there schools need to good in everything in a sort of hidden way. except storm or fire, havent seen anyone saying that for thier school, anyways thats all

This is some really great feedback, folks! I'm really looking forward to mulling it over with the design wizards. Look for a new post here shortly!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)