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Feedback Friday 5-11-18

Jul 23, 2008
Would be neat if Zeke or some other resident would reward us with experience for collecting and turning in sets of gear from their respective areas.

An alternative to the typical way quest experience is rewarded. Instead of auctioning off that extra gear, give Zeke a new outfit and receive experience according to the rarity or difficulty obtaining the set. Prospectors new clothes.

Would have diminishing returns like instance dungeons and be an alternative to the quest queue. Which in my case, is quite large and growing.

Flint Stone

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
I do all the Zeke quests for the training point they give.

It would be nice if, at some future point, we'd get a little back-story quest on Zeke himself. For example, I recall he seems to have a brother or cousin at work in Dragonspyre (Crystal Grove). But other than that, we know nothing about who Zeke is and why he travels the Spiral delivering packages and collecting the Smiths, the Stray Cats, the Beetles, Blue Oyster Cult, etc. Is he a classic rock fan looking for memorabilia?

Alia Misthaven

Suzne on May 12, 2018 wrote:
I absolutely do every Zeke quest for the Training Point. I hope they continue!

That's all I really want (unless he would like to offer a new mount that can only be obtained by doing his quests)!

BTW, speaking of Zeke - I have sent FIVE reports to KI about this bug that has been present in the game since the last week of April and the update. Zeke is driving me completely insane. He pops up EVERY TIME I fight, every time I purchase or sell anything, every time I log in on every wizard to tell me I'm about to lose gold. I have emptied my backpacks. I have bought reagents to lower my gold totals. No good - he's still there.

This has GOT to be fixed before I commit murder! It isn't just me - look at FaceBook. A lot of players are dealing with the same thing.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll send this to our QA Wizards to take a look.

And thank you to everyone else for your feedback! It seems like Zeke should continue to offer training points in future worlds, and we'll keep all the other ideas in mind should we consider adding a little something extra at some point!

New topic coming up shortly.

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)
Nov 28, 2012
Aug 23, 2016
Due to a family emergency I completely missed this FF topic.

Yes, I do ALL the Zeke Quests.

Please do NOT change the training point bonus.

I love the fact that beginning with Azteca, Eloise also gives a quest.

I would love to see additional "search" Quests. Perhaps Shelbus Gruffheart could give an artifact hunt quest on each world.

Steven Ghoststalker

Jul 09, 2010
I always do the Zeke quests. It's true that once you get up there you don't need all the points you get - if you're a member, cause you get to clear your deck of spells you don't use with the Training Point Buy Backs.

but at the moment the Zeke Quests are the only contact we get with him...and I love Zeke more than any other NPC.

So, I'd probably always do his quests for fun ( I play the whole game) and for the interaction with Zeke, but it would be very cool if we got more to do with him.

He's been traveling a long time - everywhere. What if doing his quest greased the chat wheels and got him to talking about things HE knows about the area and the quest and the main players - gossip, trivia, back story, stuff the writers wish they could include but it just didn't really fit. Gossip and chatting are often pretty random and could include ANYTHING the powers that be thought needed to be cut for brevity or focus. He could have different responses to different things we do. If we

  • talk to him at different times of day Central US time
  • different days of the week
  • on holidays
  • return to lower world Zekes when we're at different levels
  • have picked up certain "likes" for him - like if we have a stein in our pack, it's a gift for him unless it's locked in our backpack. Like taking a favorite teacher a cup of coffee or an apple. And when he registers that he says something different than if we'd just come up with nothing. Each Zeke could "like" lots of different things and be triggered to different speeches - maybe even meet us in secrete spots for side quests or special conversations or take us to see different areas of worlds that ONLY Zeke can take us to and he ONLY does so if we trigger him with the right "like".

I just wish I could play with Zeke :D
Now that I think of it though, it would be really cool to go play with Moolinda and the Life Kola teacher too. And that cranky monkey in the entry way (forgot his name.)

Jul 09, 2010
Also, if it's too much to have each Zeke register our level compared to the world he's in and whats in our pack for his gifts - there could be craftable/crown item gift baskets that you interact with to put what you want inside and Zeke only responds to those items. And doesn't notice them if they aren't in the basket.

The crafting or purchase or equipping of the basket could trigger a otherwise dormant set of quests that the the quest arrow has to be turned on purposely or not at all.