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Feedback Friday 5-1-15

Jun 13, 2011
Gemma Luna on May 8, 2015 wrote:
I've never had good luck with packs, and I don't like the "nickle and dime" approach to the game. If we pay for subs we should get all the content, and a decent chance at any item in the game without spending more.

I did the gauntlets on test and thought they were fun, especially Tanglewood, but didn't get anything worth 500 crowns and I can't afford to buy extra stuff anyway. "There's a chance of ______" Sorry, I'm not a gambler.
Yeah. I hear you. I would be honestly feel more comfortable if these Gauntlets would have their "once-a-day" variants, Gemma. I don't think the one-shot gauntlets are better than hoard packs. Sure, I like the adventures, but I don't feel very comfortable that we can only go through them once. They can keep the "one-shot" thing, as long as they add in their "once-a-day" variants to these new Gauntlets. Would you feel more comfortable if they added in once-a-day variants, Gemma? I would.

Jun 13, 2011
BrynnerOfReign on May 4, 2015 wrote:
I have to admit, I was skeptical of the one-shot gauntlets at first. An in-game friend gifted me several each of the gauntlets, and I've shared them with my other in-game friends, plus I've purchased a few myself.

These are a great example of how W101 should be in the entire Spiral. They were fun, engaging, quippy, and relatively easy to do without being loaded down with cheats, which makes it that much more fun for the entire family. Who wants to buy these and end up dying all the time because of the cheats? Not me!

I love Baddle of the Bands ..... the music, the ambiance, names of the characters, etc. Tanglewood had the plant puns and cute characters. Each have cool stitchable gear and other drops. The stats for the gear isn't very good at any level, so I only go for the looks.

I would like to see the crown price drop a little, maybe within the 250-350 range. This way, those that don't have many crowns will have more of an opportunity to purchase their own for fun with family and friends. Plus, I (and possibly others) would buy the gauntlet MORE if the price was lowered a bit.

I know that I have been negative about a lot of things concerning W101 over the last several years, but these gauntlets are an example of how I would like to see the Spiral worlds play out. ENTERTAINING!!!

I can understand that you're not too comfortable about cheating bosses & I mean no offense to your opinions, but where would the challenge be if there weren't any in W101's later worlds that we have been through today? Briskbreeze Tower introduced cheating bosses, & they made more onwards.

To place it nicely, the cheating bosses, while challenging, are all in good fun. Don't deny that.

Thanks for the opinions, Wizards! A new topic of discussion will be posted shortly.

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